Raining Still (2)

I still  miss that little face
I still miss that little face

There has been some flooding but the rain seems have stopped for the moment. The RFDS function at Mitre 10 was a loss and our function at the church was reasonable. Not well attended but in the rain I never expected it to be and the fact that the carpark was closed off didn’t help. At the moment I have not seen any reports of property damage only  road flooding and the town cut off for a while. Both of my water tanks are overflowing so that’s good. * Diversion*  There used to be a saying “if you ever hear that the world is going to end come to South Australia – everything takes 50 years to get here”. Well not quite fifty years but three months at any rate – the time until Father’s Day in South Australia.  Sorry if I seem to have neglected to say anything but since Father’s Day does not happen here until September, I forgot. 

There is a doctor who writes an interesting blog and in a recent post she said that she is a terrible

nothing too bad and not in town - access roads.
nothing too bad and not in town – access roads.

single parent – the children go to bed when they feel like it, pizza every night, heaps of movies, no bath, no dishes done and sleep in street clothes. I thought  I would mention that I was available for adoption, but everyone seemed so serious in their comments and it was a tribute to her husband, that I decided just to select “like”and leave it at that. I thought my frivolous comment would be out of place. I felt like the Joker from Batman “Why so Serious?” or at the very least Frank Sinatra  “I tried being serious once, all I could get was construction work”.  But the interesting thing was that it was only in reading that  post that I discovered that today in Father’s Day in The United States. Yes, other posts came in too but that was the first. I understand holidays and special days that are specific to the USA  — 4th July or Thanksgiving — it’s the days we “share”that confuse me at times —  Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.   Mother’s Day in particular because you have a day in the USA, which is different from the Day in the United Kingdom, which is different from Australia.  It’s all very confusing – I feel like Paddington “I am a bear of very little brain and long words confuse me”.

Most of the flooding has subsided and the rain has finally stopped. The sun is shining and the ground is starting to dry out. The forecast is for no rain at least for most of this week, but then I believe weather forecasters make things up   :o)  If the new concrete path at the church is to be done, the concreter will have to clean out the  channel and get rid of the water before anything can be done and once it is done it will take at least a week to cure.

The WaWa is still attacking Benji and I  believe that  none of what is currently happening was ever taken into consideration. With BJ being such a placid and lovable dog we made the assumption that he and the WaWa would get on well together. On that premise I made the promise that I would look after the WaWa for Sooah until she returned. However, the WaWa has been a one girl dog was treated her like a baby, who has now bonded herself to Annabell and sees Benji as a threat. Bj is paying a high prise for my promise.

I have started to put my ideas for the back garden onto paper and I still think they will work. I don’t accept  John’s comment that some of my ideas are too big for the available space and I wont accept that until such time as I get to Bunnings and see the things I want for myself.

And as I leave I have to say that it is Tuesday and it is raining again. If people want the rain, please come and collect it. We’ll give it to you free of charge. I would be delighted to swap you for some of your snow, but people in this area would probably kill me if I did   :o) By the time summer gets around we shall all be nice and brown – not suntan – rust!!

10 thoughts on “Raining Still (2)

  1. Oh John, I confess, I laughed at loud at your observation about joint holidays (and specifically about commenting on your adoption availability). That cracked me up. Sorry about the continued rain. It seems like Mother Nature is extra cruel this year-it’s been hotter than bloody blue blazes in the Western US, with flooding in Texas and assorted tornadoes in the Midwest. Seems like we’re all irritated about our “Mother.” Stay safe and you can expect a bucket in the post soon for returning some H2O back to the desert. ;) Snow will be sent as soon as its arrival which after a week of relentless heat can’t happen soon enough. I know, what a complainer I am, as today is the first official day of Summer and we have a ways to go until cooler weather prevails. I can only hope the monsoons are on target for the end of July. ;)


    1. I think just about all of Australia has been drenched – some areas more than others. The Eastern States took a bit of a beating. Rain and snow forecast for various parts this week. If what you are saying is anything to go by, I am not looking forward to summer this year. Anyway, we have passed the Solstice and from this point on the days will start to get a bit longer.

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  2. I hope the rain goes away, we have a lot of wet-nesdays here too… the streets sometimes look like the channels of venice :o( it is sadly super difficult to include an I’m-the-n°1-dog in a family with another dog, maybe you know a breeder in your area? they often have to solve such problems, when they get a dog back from clients and maybe such a pro can help you to make it easier for Benji?


    1. More rain forecast for the second part of this week but as long as it’s just rain and not a repeat of the thunderstorms we had last week, that should be ok. Apart from her dislike of Benji the WaWa is a very playful dog and she is a funny little thing. But yes, she sees herself as No..1 dog of the house and Benji as the intruder and the threat to her mistress – Annabell


  3. Yep you have copped a bit of rain..it has skirted us..we have had some but more would be nice..the ground at least may cope a bit better from the gentle soaks it has had..i am sorry Benji is still be persecuted by the WaWa..trying times indeed …


    1. Some localised flooding outside of town but nothing much in the town itself. The forecast is for rain during much of the second half of the week. Honestly I cannot remember as much rain as this for quite a few years. Both my water tanks are overflowing – which is a good thing.

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      1. I agree water tanks overflowing is great!! we are on town water but must get tanks..we never bothered as we never had rain! if i install them it will come..or something along those lines :)


  4. Maybe Benji could wear a padded jumpsuit until the Wawa calms down? The poor little guy deserves extra treats and hugs for putting up with all of that abuse.


    1. You have given me an idea and during the course of today I will look out the Thundershirt I got for Chienne and see if that will fit him. It might help. Thank you.

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