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The sun has got his hat on.

The weather has warmed up again and I have been back out in the garden. I am working on  the Crazy Paved  area and trying to decide what to do with it. The blemishes make it unusable for herself. It had been my intention to make this her clothes line area but the  ground is […]

Welcome home. We missed you…..

I was only away for four days but it might just as well have been a month. The dogs set up a racket when I drove into the driveway and even before I emptied the car, I was on the floor playing with them.  At times I think I sort of felt like  General Custer […]

Round 2 begins

This morning dawned fresh and clear and until about an hour ago it was still so.  About then I started to see that the sky was dulling down and dark clouds were slowly moving in and sure enough, here we are in the middle of another thunderstorm. This is passing strange – we don’t generally […]

The Right Call!!

I was booked to go down to Adelaide this weekend, but everything conspired against me.  I was going on Thursday, which would have been a day early, so that I could visit  family in hospital. The Temperature soared to 42c and I decided to  put the trip off for a day.  Then I received a […]