Wetlands and Dogs

These last few days Benji has been very reluctant to go out for out early morning walk. I can understand this – it  has been very cold. I thought that I would leave the walk to later in the morning – say 8am instead of 6am. I also thought it might be a good idea that we go to the Wetland instead of a local walk. It was a cold but lovely morning this morning and the  ponds at the wetlands were like glass – no breeze at all – not a ripple.

Wetlands this morning

However I  decided it was not such a good idea. There were a good number of people about and all of them had a dog, or dogs/. Benji does not get on well with strange dogs so the walk really wasn’t much fun for him. I think we will just stick to the local area in the morning and go to the wetlands in the afternoon when it seems to be a lot quieter. The interesting thing was that all the people with dogs this morning were males.  If I want to go to the foreshore I have to remember to take bags with me as the council has not yet replaced the dog waste bags that it removed for the upgrade.

Benji is a rescue dog and we have not known what his true age was.  In October of this year it will be

Hello peeple..

four years since we adopted him. At the time I was told he was three years, so plus the four we have had  him, that would make seven. I always felt he was older and it turns out I was right – he was born in November 2010, which means he will be nine years, not seven, this year. All of this is academic because in the end I don’t care what age he is, he’s my boy and I love him dearly. However, it may go a ways to explaining why he is so reluctant to get out of bed and get out of the house at 6am on a winter morning – and – I shall have to take the pace at which I walk into consideration and slow down a tad. Of course the reluctance to get out of  bed and get out of the house on a cold winter morning could simply be a kind of human trait, since sometimes we are pretty reluctant to do similar ourselves. I had out longer than usual last night and he actually did slow down and he seemed to me to be a bit tired, so I lifted him up on my shoulder and carried him for a while. One of the neighbours asked  “who was taking who for the walk?” After a little while I put him back down and he seemed to have a lot more energy

This coming weekend is the weekend of the Whyalla  Show (Fair). The RFDS will be on display again this year but  I will not be attending this year as I will be in Adelaide for a Presbytery Meeting. We have Yogi here! Jim took what is believed to be a slight stroke and was taken to hospital. Fay is spending much of the day there so she asked if we would look after Yogi for a few hours. I said I would and went down and collected him at 8am this morning (Wednesday) I  said before that he has not been a well dog and he has certainly lost a fair bit of weight and he is crying a lot, but that could be because this was all so sudden and he is anxious  and does know what is happening. At the moment he is a sad little dog, but Benji and me will look after him for a bit.. Yogi was only here for a few hours and he “cried”much of that time. I held him up on my lap but I had to be careful and not put Benji offside.

As it turned out, Jim did not have a stroke – not even a minor one.  He underwent a brain scan an ECG and various other tests and when they proved negative he was allowed home. When I took Yogi back home Jim was

Benji at the Long Beach

sleeping.  He will check in with the hospital every few days for a little while to make certain everything is ok. However they really don’t know what caused the turn he had. Fay was chastised by the doctor because she drove him to the hospital instead of  calling an Ambulance. Her comment was that  the ambulance can take too long to arrive and is was  quicker to drive him to hospital.  That’s a worry…


Adelaide, Hospital and Cockatoos.

Just for fun: The Rundle Mall Pigeon

The journey down to Adelaide was not all that different from the last two trips, roadworks, delays, constant changes of speed limits, all making

No idea but I thought they looked nice.

the trip  very much longer than it should be. Still it was fine weather and being a Sunday, not too much traffic, so the convoys were not too large. The new overpass and bridge at Port Wakefield are almost completed so that’s a great improvement to time and safety.  We reached Flinders lodge early afternoon and once  we were booked in and  I had her settled, we were able to relax.  In the evening after I cooked dinner, I managed to watch my Lego Masters program on TV. Early bed and  a rise  at 05;00, washed and showered and a taxi ordered for 06;00 to be at the hospital for 06;30. I stayed with her until she was taken at 08;20 then made my way back into town.  Had brought my camera with me and wanted to see if I could get it checked. I thought it had been damaged after being knocked off the table by the grandson. Anyway, it was checked and I am thankful to say that the camera itself was fine—no concerns there.  However, the lens was a different matter.  That required a minor repair to fix but it was that  which was causing the photographs to be fuzzy. I was also told that the lens (Nikon 18-55mm) was on its way out and it  should be replaced in the not too distant future.  I also found out that the 18-55mm lens is no longer made by Nikon  but I could still get a replacement if I look hard enough. The Camera Shop didn’t have one or I would have bought it then.  I did some other shopping and made my way back to the hospital to wait and collect Annabell.

Sad to say that we were told at the hospital  that the  treatment does not appear to be working so they may not continue with it after this three month period.

Also pretty.

The cancer

Feeding the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

has not grown nor has it moved, BUT  it has not shrunk either and after nearly two years of this treatment there should have been some movement but there is not.  Don’t know where we go from here but at least we have  three months to think about it. I suspect the  Innovations in Cancer Clinic will call us before it’s time to go back down again.  Actually, we will have to go back down again anyway to have the units removed, regardless of what happens from here.

The weather, as I said was great on the Sunday travel. We had good weather both Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday I went into town and  out to the hospital since they had not signed the forms that Annabell needs. That took me a couple of hours.

All over the railings. More further along.

From town I  went directly to Norwood and did some shopping for her there.

On Monday evening I fed the birds—four of them. On Tuesday I counted 25 Cockatoos around the railings with more on the roof. I don’t know what will happen once this place closes down in September.  On Tuesday night I packed the car with most things and on the Wednesday after we  finished packing and tidied up the room, we were on our way by 6am. We had breakfast at Port Wakefield. From there until almost ten minutes from the house, Annabell slept. She does not even remember me stopping at Port Augusta to go into Big W to check out their Lego kits. I guess she needed the sleep – it has been a busy,  and at times, stressful two days for her.  I did say good weather Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but I drove home mostly in the rain on Wednesday – mainly showers and rain-bands but some were quite heavy. Less that an hour from home and the rain

The Benji

had gone and the remainder of the journey was with sunshine and bright blue skies.  To say that Benji was happy to see his peepel home is an understament. Took him ages to settle down and I had difficulty unloading the car. As soon as I moved towards the door he was at my heel. I wasn’t going out that door without him.  It was good to be home again and I miss him.

Anzac, Hospital, Benji and Cats.

April 25th.

A fairly quiet long weekend and a public holiday.  Monday 25th April (Today)  is ANZAC Day, a day when Australians and New Zealanders give thanks for the sacrifice  those in the past made to defend and preserve the freedoms that we generally take for granted today. I attended the Dawn Service at the Memorial Gates  this morning and I  saw that  whilst there were quite a few people there ( a reasonable size crowd) I did observe that there were very few young people  attending. At the end of each Service the Australian and the New Zealand National Anthems are played.   On the way home, I stopped off  at Maccas ( which is always open) and bought breakfast for my travelling companion and me.. I have chicken nuggets in the freezer , but this was Special and he deserved a treat. Besides, nuggets are very useful to hide medicine inside. The pills the Vet gave me to give to him are fairly large antibiotic so I find it easier to cut them in half and  use two nuggets,. Just as well he really likes nuggets. At 06:30 Annabell was still asleep – which is good.  I did talk to her, briefly at just after  7am then she went back to bed.

The Kittens.

During the course of this week I will get things sorted out and ready for our drive to Adelaide on Sunday Morning. My Nikon Camera is  needing to be looked at so I have to remember to take that with us as well as the Canon – which I am using along with my  Cell Phone. I have decided  for the present to use the term “Cell Phone” mainly because it’s much easier than writing things out twice..  The other

The little Kitten

day I wrote that I had somehow acquired cats and then discovered that I also had kittens wandering about. I have found that cats and kittens seem to vanish for much of the day then in the afternoon and for most of the night ( I think) they gather to sleep on the park bench. Still haven’t figured out what the nose rubs between Benji and one of the cats, meant although I have been told by someone

that it is part of an animal greeting ritual. Does this mean that Benji and the Marmalade Cat are now “Pals” ? I don’t see it but you never know. I do know the kittens run and hide whenever Benji or I appear. I know where they hide and it’s quite interesting. There is the barbecue and there is the barbecue cover, which covers the unit right down to the ground. This is where the kittens run and hide – underneath the cover.  The two photographs, well,  all the photographs of the cats are taken through the  window. Just as well the window is clean after all the rain and wind we have had these last few days.

A friend has suggested that there is a danger that the adult cats will take off leaving me with the kittens.   I don’t think these are feral cats but I will certainly keep a close eye on what is happening. It could well be than the cats are not getting any rest with all the noise from the neighbour’s place. Well, they call it music but we wont go into that..

The hospital (Flinders) called this afternoon – four calls, doctor.  nurse, anaesthetist, and the nurse again. We have to go to the hospital here tomorrow for blood tests the results of which will be faxed to  Flinders. The nurse did say that she was sending an email to me with all the admission details, but thus far – nothing. Will have to watch for it over the next day or so.  We  have had the blood tests Adelaide asked for so we will have the scans done a week tomorrow when we return from Adelaide,. Monday and Tuesday  look good days – Wednesday warm and dry for driving home but at the moment Sunday looks a bit wet and windy for the drive down.. Still, early days – it could change.



Hospital, Vet, Cats and Kittens

Drove to Port Augusta yesterday to take Annabell to Big W. She had tried to get the things she wanted here without success so she thought we could try Port Augusta, Sadly this didn’t happen and she didn’t find what she was looking for. But, despite the delays and the constant speed changes – 110 – 80 – 60 – 40 -25 as well as a convoy, we had a good family outing – all three of us- Maw, Paw and the Bairn, (translation, Mum, Dad and the Child – well, actually a fur-child called Benji) We had lunch at the Port, which I wont say much about, and then we drove back home. It was a nice couple of hours and got Annabell out for a little while and along the way we listened to The Seekers and John Denver, while Benji was quite happy to curl up in the back seat. I did take him for a walk along the jetty, so that wsn’t too bad. The new bridge is coming on well and the approach roads are being sorted out now, so it’a all
Flinders Cancer Innovations Clinic

coming together nicely. At the end of next week  we head off to Adelaide  and then the Flinders Medical for day surgery. This coming Tuesday we are confined to the house to await telephone calls from the Nurse, the Specialist and the Anethitist , so that should be a full day.

Sunday morning and we  drive to Adelaide. I should like to think that we might have some free time together and go into town and perhaps she can get some of the things she is looking for, but it is unlikely – drive down Sunday – surgery Monday – Tuesday day of rest and telephone calls from the hospital to check that she is ok, Wednesday AM we drive back home. I certainly have some free time while she is in surgery but there asre some things I cannot buy. The thought just occurred to me that we could make a detour at Port Pirie and go into the Shopping Centre there and see what they have
Back in the stroller for a little while.
Taking Benji to the Vet this afternoon. He seems ok but I find him very lethargic and he scratches a lot. I have given him his flea and tick treatment each month so this puzzles me a bit. Of course it might be just his age – he is 12 this year. Yes I know and it is still confusing – the rescue people where we adopoted him from had him born in 2012, which makes him 10 but papers obtained by our Vet say he was born in 2010, which makes him 12. I grew up on the understanding that a dog ages 7 years for every human year, but I don’t think that is true anymore and I am not sure what the current thinking is.  — Just looked on line and according to the chart I found if he is 12 he is 64 and if he is 10 he is 56.  He is under 20 kilos so he is classed as a small dog. So it would seem that he is not quite as old as I thought he was. If it gets to the point where he can’t walk as far as we do, I will  get out the stroller and  still take him out in the fresh air.  At the vet today he weighed in at 9.4 kilo, which is a bit down from the 10 kilo last visit. The Vet was unsure just what the infection is but he took some blood gave him two injections. He also gave me a course of Antibiotics to give him for the next ten days. Also decided to take him out in the stroller on the long morning walk for a couple of days. Will still take him walking for the evening walk.
Suggestions Welcome.

This is a kind of “Motherhood” statement  “I am a dog person!” This does not mean that I don’t like cats, I just don’t have any and I really don’t want any – I have dogs in my life, not cats.  I would never encourage cats but at the same time I would never harm them or cause them to be harmed. So I was more than surprised to find that  a cat and her partner took up  residence in my back yard and were sleeping on a park bench. This  shock was  even greater when I discovered that not only were there two adult cats but there were also three kittens.  I know, I know, it’s  not a good idea to feed them, but the thought of the babies going hungry upset me, so yes, I put out a bowl of milk and some cat food – which I bought at the supermarket. Not sure if I did the right thing but I can’t just let the kittens go hungry.

Der Anfang vom Ende – Perhaps.

Sorry , but this appealed to me!

Childred are invincible and for the most part,  immortal or so they believe. We once were children and we believed this to be so. As we grew to adulthood, we began to understand that  to all things there is a beginning and an end and  generally our first

Sunrise over my District

taste of the reality of life was the death of a loved pet. With me it was  a road accident that killed my Westie. The odd thing is in all my years since and with all the dogs I have  cherished and loved over those years, there has never been another Westie. The nearest I came was “Misty” a Maltese/Westie Cross.

As we get older we recognise many milestones in our lives. Changes take place and we can – generally – see where a certain change had its beginning.  Things are changing for me now and I can point to where these series of changes began – 3am on Saturday the 4th December 2021 – the time and date of Annabell’s Seizure. Yes I expect the  information that she had cancer played an important part in the events that followed, but the 4th December was the main catalyst. This is when I began to devote much of my time to looking after her.  This has not gone down well in some quarters. I have not neglected  what I am supposed to be doing in the church- although I did take time off in the early weeks of her seizure,  but a complaint was made to the Moderator that I was not fulfilling the duties of my position . Actually, I think what they really mean is that I was fulfilling the duties of my position and doing all that I am supposed to do, but not doing all the  little extra things, I used to do. This is all by a small, vocal and influential minority and a Moderator who lives over 1000 kilometers away from here and whom we have not seen since the pandemic began. Irrespective of

The Easter Bunny  and helper at the Shopping Mall

what the outcome will be, I am of the opinion that a  way back from here  may not be possible. I have no regrets I believe I am filling the  promises I made in my Job Description  – For Better or Worse / For Richer or Poorer / In Sickness or in Health/ Until Death do you Part.

The weather here has been very mixed.. Over the last week or so we have had better warm and sunny weather for Autumn than we had during the  summer. Having taken  Benji to the Gardens I have already said that they were being well used – which is great. Over the last two days the weather has not been so good, cold, cloudy and raining. The oddest thing is that when I have gone out with Benji we have missed the rain.  I mean, we went out last night for our evening walk and it started raining just as we reached our driveway and shelter.

My Nikon has been damaged. No matter what I do the photographs are  very fuzzy. I spoke to a photographer and she tells me that it is

Flowers at Ada Ryan

possible that the camera has  either been damaged (unlikely) or the lens has. Either way I  will leave it aside until I take Annabell to  Flinders next week and spend the free time I have at the Camera House in Adelaide CBD and get them to check it out.  I think I will have to use the Canon for a while. Of course I used the Canon for long enought until Annabell boiught me the Nikon as an Anniversary Present. Still, that was over three years ago so perhaps it really is overdue for being looked at by a camera technician.

Annabell is  fairly well  so that’s always good. She finds the mornings “difficult”as she does not sleep too well, so mornings are not her best time. This means that other than my morning walk with Benji, I am confined to the house until she does get up. Once she does sleep, I leave her sleeping. Means-  have trip to the  shed or the garage –  will mobile phone carry!!   Advice to me: (by me)  In the midst of all of this –  Always remember the words of  John F. Kennedy “Forgive your enemies, But never forget their names”

Cockatoo, Strange Flower and Ada Ryan Garden.

Friday April 8th.

Always My Boy!

Son John has just called me and let me know that he has had a close contact with a person who has tested positive to Covid-19, so he has to isolate until such time as he can organise to get tested himself. I guess that means we wont be seeing him this weekend. The covid cases continue to climb in South Australia and we are almost 7000 new cases per day, and the socialists want to remove masks next week and remove all restrictions. Civil rights groups are taking the  Government to court  for its imposition of mandatory vaccinations for certain job groups, police, teachers and school staff and retail staff. We are in a

This is our Cockatoo at the Gardens

situation one week before the end of term that schools are having to close down because there are not enough staff to cope with classes with so many teachers and support staff across the state  testing positive to covid. They are practtically  begging retired teachers to  return to teaching to help them out and get them over the crisis. Perhaps if someone  could give the socialists a good shake to waken them up to the fact that the previous government put the rules in place for a reason – to keep the people of South Australia safe. Up until now it has. Now with the continued increase in cases,  coupled with the removal of almost  all restrictions, SA is no longer the safe haven it was.  Thanks guys!!

Things are strange. As the rain and rainstorms continue to  bomb New South Wales and parts of Victoria with more flooding and  much “re-flooding” South Australia has warm, sunny 30c weather yesterday, 32 tomorrow and 34 on  Monday. After that we may have some rain, but not a lot. That’s good – a wee drop of rain is good for the garden.

On the subject of gardens, I have been taking Benji to the Ada Ryan Gardens most days. In this lovely weather I would like to drive out to the lighthouse or Port Douglas, but we are thinking about  130 klms round trip.  I  filled the car up on Thursday and that set me back $117 so can’t do that too often and drive back and forth to Adelaide. However, the gardens are still looking good despite the fact that a lot of the flowers  have died, but it’s still a good walk  in the shade of the big trees.  It being, as I

Strange Flower

said, a warm, sunny day, there were several picnics at the gardens and there was also a jumping castle. The barbecue area was empty but there were long tables set up with food and drinks and lots  of coolers. The children seemed to be having a great time. Benji and I wandered away to the far side of the gardens and  stayed away from that area.. However, I think it is  good that the gardens are being used for what they were designed for more often.

The Boy and I comtinue our walks.In the morning we set off in a kind of half-light that brightens up fairly quickly and  it’s  saylight when we are on our way back.. The evening is dark all the way so I have reduced the distance and the overall time of our evening walk> I don’t think he is too bothered as long as we get out together.

Dogs, Birds and Word Press problems.

The run down to Adelaide was slow due to the roadworks  and the duplication of the main highway. The drive through Port Wakefield wasn’t all that much better with the bridge works and the access roads still being constructesd. However, what is in operation  is good and has certainly  cleared the deadly intersection that caused so many accidents – and a few deaths. All of this takes time so we are going to be stuck with these dalays and road closures for quite some time to come.  Once we reached the  city I was able to stop off at Officeworks and get Annabell the new computer that I promised her. We set the computer up in  the room for her to have a look at and yes, I did remember to bring a monitor, keyboard  and cables with me. It’s a Lenovo – 16gb Ram with a 512gb hard drive+ 2TB drive. I only took a small(ish) monitor down with us but once we get everything sorted out and set the things up, I will give her a much larger monitor. I did  get her to play with my laptop for a bit before a decision was made – laptop or desktop – and  she was not too comfortable on the laptop- more used to a keybnoard. So, a desktop (Tower) was the final decision..

We only arrived back late Wednesday afternoon and I have hardly had time to stop.  Everything has just been a mad rush since we got back. We also have a tentative date for the next day surgery of  Monday May 16th. Although this is the date we have been given, I’m not too sure about it as the day surgery is generally a Friday = but we’ll see.

We have been home for a week now and already I am starting to organise things for the  three days and the day surgery in May. Had a call from Canberra about a document they want signed. Seems the document is on its way, I get it read it, sign it and send it back  by return post. It has to be there by the 18th April and it’s not here yet. I think Canberra is unaware that the postal service in South Australia is run  by the Pony Express. The clocks went back on Sunday so we are back to normal time rather than daylight saving. Benji got a little bit anxious when he believed I should be serving him dinner, but I compromised and gave him his dinner a bit earlier than normal in the new time. I will slowly work it back to the new time..

Cockatoos – again.

Currently there are two Cancer Council Lodges – Flinders Lodge and Greenhill Lodge. Annabell and I stay in Flinders Lodge and that’s where I will book for the May trip. This will probably be for the last time since both lodges have been sold to developers and are currently leased back to the Cancer Council. However, the new Multi-story Lodge should be ready for August/September so that will be interesting. I  will be sad when Flinders Lodge closes since I will miss the nightly visit by the Sulpher Crested Cockatoos.

Not sure about that :o)

At the moment it is unsure what will happen with respect to the Commissioner to the State Assembly and the Presbytery. I have been doing this for so long and part of the reason for that is that there is no one else. We don’t have the qualified person to take over. If we fail to fill the position, then Assembly will appoint one of its members to act on our behalf and that person may not have our interests at heart. The position itself is not too great a burden  nor do I mind the driving to Adelaide and back five times a year, but each  trip means two days away from Annabell. That’s what bothers me. It is amazing how your mind-set changes. I am like a yuppie  ( I said “Like”)  I cannot go anywhere without my mobile (cell) phone. I have turned the car round and gone back home because I forgot to lift the phone If I go outside to work, my phone goes with me. If Annabell gets into trouble and calls me I need to get back as quickly as possible. This is why I stopped going to the Wetlands in the morning. My reason tells me that if Annaberll had another seizure. she would not be able to use the phone, I realise this, but it’s not changing what I do or how I think. All very strange.

I am trying to respond to posts but we have gone back  to “your WordPress account has expired” then it deletes what I have written.  So, please understand that I am not ignoring anyone. Not all posts so it’s like being blocked from certain posts. Decidedly strange.


Out and About Again

The birds in the main cage

Benji and I are still wandering through the Ada Ryan Gardens.  I  am getting some questions about how I took the photographs of the birds in the Aviary  when the bars are so small – was I allowed inside the  unit just to photograph the birds?  The answer is no, I was not and like all other people I took my photograph outside  the cages. However, there is a way of  by-passing the small squares of the cage and producing a decent photograph.  I have to say that the gardens are looking really good, well kept and looked after. However, I did notify the council about the lack of “doggie

Have no idea what these flowers are but I liked them.

bags” in the main dispenser and the fact that I had to drive to the foreshore and get a few bags from there, then drive back again. Council were good and responded quickly and the  dispenser was refilled. Well, it stands to reason that they would because the Gardens are popular but I have to say that there are people who are  not so considerate of others and refuse to clean up after their dogs. Anyway, went down to the gardens with Benji this afternoon and true to their word, the dispenser is all filled up.

It was an interesting afternoon in that I did not realise that there was a free concert on in the foreshore park and the place was packed – lots of children – not the place for a Benji, so we retreated back to the gardens where it was quiet . Summer here just didn’t happen but

Don’t know what this is.

autumn is proving to be really much nicer. The temperatures have been good with just enough  rain to keep things watered and fresh. The only fly is that we have had a State Election and the Socialists won. This means that for the next four years of non-events we will have the Socialists claiming that they were left such a mess by the previous government that they couldn’t keep any of the  promises they made. And in order to fix the mess they left we have to impose new taxes although we said we wouldn’t. Same old, Same old… They have a reputation of continual and reckless spending – some of which our great grand-children will be living with.

Today ( Monday) was shopping day and since Annabell was still not the best, we went shopping in the morning so she could get home and rest. Once all was done and I made lunch I took Benji out for a drive. We drove out to Iron Baron, which used to be a mining settlement.  It was a good 50+ klms from town  and had a good camping ground. I sometimes  went out there and spent the night – usually a Friday night when the  Club was open. Since those days,  the mining operation  ceased, the people moved out. In 2011,  before BHP reopened the mine, the township, school, houses,  sport courts, swimming pool and the Community Club, were all bulldozed –

Once there were houses here

nothing, not even rubble, remains. Everything was dumped in a large pit at the far side on the mine. People who work at the mine are brought in by bus, or drive in their own cars – 55klms from Whyalla, 48 Klms from Iron Knob – another small mining town.  There is a series of  continious hills of various sizes that begin about 40 miles from here and run  for about 50 miles. They are very

With mum a few years ago.

rich in Iron Ore and there are several mines in that area. These are where Andrew heads for when he is on call – most of the time. I have a photograph of my mum somewhere when she was about 17 and ready for tennis,. – probably around 1929/1930

Yesterday was a really nice day for the Iron Baron drive. Today is cool to mild with some rain – not a lot and not really rain, more “drizzle” than actual rain. As long as it stays dry for the drive to Adelaide on Monday coming, I don’t mind too much . We don’t think the visit to Flinders Medical will be anything other than a consultation and an exam and to make arrangements for the next day surgery. At least, that’s what we expect, but you never know…

Peaceful Odds and Ends

Lismore New South Wales

The Eastern States, particularly Queensland and New South Wales  have been suffering the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury and  it is still raining. Dams are now overflowing adding to the already flooded areas. Some places  where the water had receded and clean-up had started, are now flooded again. Once again there is the blame game and  heated discussions on  flood plains and building houses. From what I remember from geography, large tracts of the Australian Landmass  are classified as “Flood Plains”  including this area  where we currently live.           Why don’t we flood? Well, the levy bank, an extensive storm-water drainage system    and the fact that there are no creeks nor rivers in this area all helps. South Australia is the driest State in Australia.

Thus far we have spent much of this week back and forward to hospitals and spent from 9am to 11:15 am in hospital for tests

Still my boy.

and a consultation. To be fair they were not all for Annabell – one was mine. I had to go for a blood test that required fasting – generally not a concern. However, this time: Annabell had to be at the hospital a 9am for an ECG. Anyway let’s go back a few steps.  My  test required fasting, so I  did not eat after 7pm last night (Wednesday) At 7:30 I was at the camera group meeting, returning home around 9pm. I did some work on the computer for a while.  This morning (Thursday) went out with Benji at 6am, made Annabell’s breakfast then brought my dairy up to date. Left home at 8;30 and took her for her test at 9am. The results of the ECG  were taken to Mr. Alam, the Cardiologist. Then it was my turn.  All in we spent about three hours  at the hospital.  I was just a tad hungry having had nothing to eat since last night, so we stopped off at Hungry Jacks (Burger King in the USA) before going home – and yes, we did get something for the boy. He is still looking after his Mum. We go out for our walk in the morning and when we get back, he waits for me to give him his  breakfast treat and that’s the last I see of him. He goes into Annabell’s room and stays, looking after her until such time as she awakes and gets up.

Monday and today (Tuesday) have been relatively quiet. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head back to the hospital for an EEG and that’s us clear until next Monday when we head off to drive the 477 klms. to Adelaide and her appointment at Flinders on Tuesday. In better times we could have left Tuesday morning and still be in time for the appointment on Tuesday afternoon, but watching the news on Monday night and the traffic backed up for  nearly 10 klms.at Port Wakefield because of the roadworks, Monday is the safer bet.

Much of the flooding  in the Eastern States has started to recede but it is still raining.  Certainly not as bad as it was to create the flooding in the first place, but still rain. We

Outside of town. Not much to see.

here in South Australia have had no rain worth talking about although, as a State.  we are still recovering and repairing the damage caused  by our rainstorms a few months ago.  This weekend is the weekend of the State Election, so we have letterboxes full of election   stuff, much of which is taken from the letterbox directly to the recycle bin.

The weather here has been in the mid 30s for much of the last  few days. I still take Benji out and we still go to the Ada Ryan Gardens. As I said before the trees are large and thus the  shade is good for a walk even on the hottest days and there is a dog  watering place as well as a water fountain. The council has provided and maintains the free  barbecues, so at times it can be a

Another pot plant

popular place for a fun family outing.  Once in dim dark days beyond recall, we held Sunday School picnics and outings there – we had games, adventure puzzles, food and drink for adults and children, things that the children had to go and find – and always an adult or two went along with them so they were not alone. They were great, fun filled days. Sadly they are now gone and we have no children at all in the church and,  as I said before, we are in decline. and I  think we only have a few more years before we will close altogether. Annabell was the last Secretary of the Women’s Association, which we had to close  due to lack of ladies to take up office positions.

The family still comer for dinner on a Sunday evening. Thus I have my work cut out. Annabell assists ( changed days she assists me instead of me assisting her) and we get through the evening. Connor (Grandson) can be a bit of a pain at times but that’s what children do As I said, I have not poisoned anyone  – yet…


Gardens, Birds and an Ark.

This Meeting is now in Session!

It’s not that I don’t want to write, the  problem is that I have been doing nothing to write about. Well, that’s not really true as you can imagine, but I rather suspect that  you really don’t want  continual posts discussing the health and well-being of Annabell. I have not been going anywhere – except to hospitals and doctor clinics, –  so I have not a lot to write about.  I have kept up my  daily walks with Benji and they are going well. We are still covering  around 33-37 miles (50 – 60 klms) per week. I have made  what turned out to be a major change in  the  walking system – i.e. the position of the Fitbit.

After  the attack on Benji  in Easter 2021, followed by his operation,  I was using the stroller, I complained to my son that  I was annoyed because using the stroller meant that my arm was not moving so the Fitbit did not register steps. My son  suggested that I strap the thing around my ankle. I was a bit sceptical , but I tried it and it worked. However as soon as I came back home and put the stroller away, I changed back to my wrist  and I never really investigated it. About a couple of weeks ago I decided to investigate the results of having it on my ankle and found that in a week I had increased my steps and my distance overall.  I went from 87,000 steps per week on the wrist to 106,000 steps per week on the ankle. But then, there have been a number of doctor and hospital visits this last week and that built up the steps, so it’s not all due to the change of the Fitbit.

Benji at the Gardens
Ada Ryan Gardens








There have been serious floods in New South Wales and in Queensland. We have friends in Lismore – which was badly hit. The MacDonald’s own a vehicle workshop and garage and with the impending flood they cleared out the workshop and the office. However, there were two cars that could not be moved, so, they got them onto the car lift and raised it to full. They had predicted a 12 metre flood but what they got was 15 metres. It’s still raining and flooding because the  ground is so  waterlogged the rain has nowhere to go. There was some flooding in Adelaide, but nothing on the scale of inter-state. There is more rain predicted this weekend and parts of Sydney are on alert. Concern has been expressed with respect to the flooding and the fact that a good percentage of the houses in parts of Australia and built of what  once was and is starting to be again – a flood-plain. Annabell agreed about not building on a floodplain until I pointed out that this is where are and that is why there is a large levy-bank running the entire length of the town. In fact, when we had the heavy rain for a few days a month or so ago, the water was backed up behind the levy bank and children ( mostly teenagers)  were  using surf boards to play around in the water.

Summer – such as it was – has ended and we are now into Autumn (Fall)   and here we are in day  5  already. Out of all of this there is a sort of silver lining. The  continual rain has filled all the dams and the water catchment area are over-flowing which means that if after this we go into drought  (probably) we will have more than

This cheeky pose is still my favourite.

enough water stored up to cope better than we did last time, so we can keep the restrictions down to a minimum.

Update on Annabell: She is  reasonably well at the moment. She still gets  very tired and  mornings are not the best time of the day. It is  three months today since she had the seizure and we still don’t know what caused it. All the tests thus far are fairly good but her doctors are still doing tests to try and find out the cause. In  two weeks we head back down to Adelaide for consults at Flinders Medical. She has complaining that her computer is playing up so I will use the time down

A life on the Ocean Wave

there in Adelaide to see about a new computer for her. The current one I think  we got from Noah when he had finished navigating the Ark.