Road Trip, Benji and Baby

My Almond tree in blossom

Some Wetland Birds

I have just returned from two days in Adelaide. Conference this time was at Para Hills. The drive down was uneventful and the weather was excellent. The most frustrating part of the journey was the Main North Road and the roadworks that had the traffic banked up. Anyway, that was not so bad but I think watching snails overtake us was a bit depressing. Got cleared of that and was going well until King William Street and the roadworks outside the Festival Center, then more road works on the way to Bunnings at Parabanks. This is good because I know why there is never enough money to upgrade and repair country roads when everything is being spent in Adelaide. But as our Socialist Government keeps telling us “It’s good for South Australia” although how all this development in Adelaide and the million being spent on upgraded tram lines – in Adelaide – benefits a country town one thousand kilometers away from Adelaide in the far north of the state, is way beyond my comprehension. But then, not living in Adelaide, I don’t understand these things. But even at this conference – the first since the sale of Arrium –  and people asking me how things are in town now that Arrium is sold.  “Things will  be better and there will be more confidence in the community, you’ll be doing well now” – but what they think about is a sort of instant gratification and that’s not how it works. Many jobs were lost, those who survived had to accept 10 – 15% pay cuts, Westlands, the largest undercover  shopping area outside Adelaide still has over 30% of the shops empty and we still have over 600 houses up for sale and some of these are homes that were taken over by the banks when people could not pay their mortgage. Yes things will change, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Recovery will take time and the new owner will have to do something that helps to increase

Hello peeple..

the returning confidence, because, it is presently fragile and I believe it wont take a lot to damage it.  On 1st September there is a “Meet and Greet”rally to be held in the Ada Ryan Gardens. The RFDS will be doing the catering as part of our fundraising.  We hope to have the opportunity to meet the new owner, talk to him and have a photo opportunity.

Annabell kept telling me every time I called her that Benji was not a happy puppy. He hardly left my room except to go outside and come for his food. If the doorbell rang he would come charging through, stand looking at the door until it was open. Annabell said you could almost feel the disappointment  when he saw it wasn’t his daddy, so he turned and went back to the room. He really misses me when I am away from him. But it’s a two-way street and I miss him too.

Four Hours Old

On  2nd June of this year, our grandson (Connor Logan)  was born. I no longer feel quite as isolated from certain conversations as I did. However, it’s not all solved in that my grandson is a mere  three months old whereas most of the people in the church have grandchildren that are married, have children, or are out in the world carving out a life for themselves, some are serving in the armed forces. However, my grandson may still be a babe at his mother’s breast, but he has life ahead of him;   a world with all its new technology and wonders waiting for him to discover. In spite of the crazy people and events, the world is still an exciting and wonderful place. The chaos and events taking place in this era,  will, I believe, pass and by the time he is ready to go out into the world, it will be an even better place than it is now.

Part of the shopping center has been blocked off and a large new shop is under construction. I understand it will be a new variety store. I’m not really fussed but if it is big enough it will create employment and perhaps it will signal the  rebirth of the shopping center and fill many of the empty shops.  This is a development that I look forward to seeing.



Seems fair enough



Yup = that’s me…..


Wild, Wet, Winter.

Well, there you are, Benji is back home to his own bed in the living room again. He almost has free run of the house. Still a bit concerned about my room door when it’s open, but other than that he is  adjusting  well. Although we all get on with Yogi, we wont be looking after him  for the time being,  so everything is his for the foreseeable future.  There was a RFDS fundraising event on over the weekend (29/7) and although I wasn’t  on duty, I went down anyway  to give a hand if required. It was fairly quiet but I stayed and  had a chat and a coffee. There’s going to be a fair amount of walking and mini-road trips this month as well as a conference in Adelaide. The mini road trips —– well, for the month of August Annabell is hosting the ladies Coffee Evening on a Tuesday and the Ladies Coffee morning on a Wednesday, so a fun month. On the bright side – a scone month!! This week, however, I’ll be home all week at least and because  it’s been a while since she was the hostess,  I help her to get everything organised.

The  dry warm(ish) winter weather we have had up here in the  north of the  state came to an end with cold, wet and positively winter conditions today. I don’t think there will be many ladies here this morning. I did my good deeds for the week. As I said, it’s raining so I went out to the carport with an umbrella and when the ladies drove up I went out with the umbrella to  shelter them from the rain as they came in. Next week I start to get ready  for the Conference, which, at least, is in Adelaide

Today is Friday and there has been no word from Annabell’s doctor, so we assume that everything is ok and the report was good. Of course, he still could call, but it is less than likely now – a week and more,  after the ultra-sounds.

This morning (Saturday 5/8 ) the RFDS are running the football canteen and a BBQ for the Junior Football. I will go up and see what’s going on. I did the last one so I am not involved this one, however, I do attend when I can so I can take some photographs for the Newsletter and perhaps the Web Page.

All day there has been this state-wide warning about a wild winter storm about to hit South Australia – heavy rain, which will cause flooding, and wind up to 125 kph. It is now 9:15 pm on Saturday

Wee bit storm

and I have just came back from a walk with Benji and whilst it is cold, there is not a lot of rain nor wind to talk about. Perhaps it will sneak quietly through when no one is looking. Sunday and still nothing here, and nothing on the news server. Either the  severe weather front has died and not coming or it’s still to come – not sure which. Not that it is going to effect us anyway. However, we are getting a little bit of the rain – just a few moderate showers nothing wildly exciting. As long as it stays like that I will be quite happy.  The “wild weather”is supposed to be over by Tuesday, which, I hope, means fairly calm weather for driving to Adelaide and back.  Monday 7th. and there is not a word about any storm on the News Server. Well, yes we had nothing up here but there is nothing in the news about any wild/extreme weather  elsewhere. Yes there are  stories on the evening news about trees being blown down, but that’s not unusual in winter. I mean, in Adelaide if you sneeze too hard either a branch or a whole gum tree falls down.  There may well be  some news as the day progresses, but nothing at the moment.

Scone gone!!

I am thinking of disowning my son – the younger – The Systems Engineer. How could he do this to me?? After all I’ve done for him, he ups and pinches my scones!! Of course he was not alone in this – someone had to help him carry out this dastardly deed- some female who will remain  anonymous. Can you believe it?  I mean, stealing a fellow’s money is one thing, but his scones?!?  – well, that’s just beyond the pale.



Seems fair enough..


Arid Lands, Dog Friendly and Hospitals

Been a long day. Need rest!

The house these last few days has been very quiet. I have gotten so used to the WaWa , barking and running to greet me that I miss her. Benji is there but he is not the demonstrative  dog the WaWa was so his greeting – whilst no less loving – is a quiet affair.  Since the departure of the WaWa last  Thursday Benji and I have been out and about again – the Beach several times and the Wetlands several times. I would like to go to the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens for some new plants,  but dogs are banned from the area, so I could not take him with me – which is a pity. South Australia is largely behind everyone else and we have – to my knowledge – very few places that are dog friendly. Some places that are supposed to be “Dog Friendly”have so many restrictions  that it’s hardly worth while – unless you are towing a caravan or a driving a  motorhome. There are some places that are catching up, but it’s a slow process. However, I am heading off to Adelaide in ten days so if I get away from Conference at a reasonable time and make  thee Gardens before they close.

A lady – Samantha Grant – writes about her travels in Scotland with her husband,  her Westie and sometimes her daughter. In reading her posts I have been amazed at the number of places she has gone to that are “Dog Friendly” many of which I associate with my growing up in Scotland.  I think it’s great but I have to confess that such a concept  as dog friendly would never have been considered when I was growing up in Scotland. You were more likely to be shouted at “Get that +#$$%y animal out oImage result for no dogs allowed clipartf here ”  It’s certainly changed days – and changed for the better in some instances.

Still on the subject of dogs, Benji is much, much happier, and it shows, but he still stops and looks before he comes into the living room and jumps up on to my lap. I did put his extra bed back where it used to be but he hasn’t used it yet. Even today, when Annabell come in to my room, he grabbed one of his toys and started squeaking it at the open door – It may take him a while but he will get used to the WaWa not being here. Oh, and we will not be looking after Yogi after all, so Benji has the house to himself (apart from us humans)  for the foreseeable future.

It is now  eight years since Annabell was cleared of the Golden Staph Infection that put her in three hospitals for months.In the last hospital there was some concern that the amount of drugs she was being fed was starting to compromise her liver and kidney functions. So here we are, eight years on and I now have to take her to hospital for x-rays because her recent  blood test shows that there may be some problem with her kidney function.  She was about an hour or so in the clinic where she underwent an ultra-sound on both kidneys. We should get the results once the doctor gets the report – which will be posted directly to him. The following evening I had to take her to Physiotherapy, so both nights were take-away dinners – and my diet went out the window  :o) Anyway, at  least we have the weekend to wind down and relax and the  report


should be with the doctor on Monday. However, she said herself that she feel fine so we are not expecting anything too drastic.



Works for me.