Back for a little while.

Yes, it has been a while since I was last on here. It’s been so exhausting and so much has happened. Annabell had yet another seizure and again the “E” word has ben banded about. The problem with all that is that the brain scans keep coming up normal.. So, the reason for the seizures continues to elude us. However, she is now on anti-seizure medication similar to what is given to an epileptic. We have been home for a week and I am most unhappy. So much so that I insisted that she make an appointment with her GP. She didn’t – so I did. Since these changes in her medication her legs have swollen, she is unable to get on her shoes and has difficulty walking. I am also concerned that the hospital people stopped her insulin injections, so we need to get that sorted out.

Christmas (I know, months ago) was not quite as organised as it generally is. We managed, but only just. Generally, we have Christmas lunch here and Annabell and I attend to that. However, because of Annabell’s medical conditions, the boys decided that instead of Christmas here, they would provide and organize Christmas, but for reasons which are too complicated to go through, that didn’t happen and I spent most of Christmas morning driving around trying to find open small grocery shops to try and get some supplies. I did manage to get two cooked chickens and I had enough potatoes and veg. to get me out of trouble. I managed to put together a Christmas Lunch – not the greatest, but sufficient- with Christmas Crackers – and I even managed a desert of fruit and ice-cream.

Everything went fairly well for a while. I resigned from church – all offices and positions. A period of 35 years of service came to an end. It happened quietly and without a great deal of fuss. These last few years I felt I no longer belonged, so I made the decision to resign. Not an easy decision to make but I felt it was necessary and I am – almost – a full time carer for Annabell. Oddly enough, I feel more relaxed than I have felt for some time. Early February and she took another seuzure And this was the worst one yet and during this I began to realize that this was like everything I have read about a Grand mall Seizure. Her lower are became almost black as her shaking continually pulled out the needle and drained blood into her arm. The para-medica had the dickens of a job trying to get a needle to stay in the vein. She was removed to the HDU at the hospital where she remained for six days, then a further five days in the main block in a single room – not that that means anything – most of the rooms in the new wing are all single rooms. I spend most of the time in the hospital. I came home to feed Benji and feed myself then went back to the hospital. And yet, the brain scans come back fairly normal. I had a major virus in my main computer and my understand was that the virus had infected everything, so the decision was made to purge the entire computer – saving nothing. I really, really did not enjoy making that decision since it destroyed all my photograph, documents and the years of blog documents. So, all my blogs are gone. I wasn’t even sure how to get back on line again. I am presently using the old laptop which is still serviceable and is a Windows Machine. I will get the main computer up and running again – in the fullness of time. Well blow me down and pick me up – I can’t remember how to add photographs…………