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The Dark, the Ghost and the Rosebush

Friday:  The workmen came this morning to fill in the trench. That’s all they were contracted to do – they have no idea when the concrete work will be done. Still, at least I can get the car back into the driveway – I think – I haven’t tried it yet. —– I have just been […]

Trench, Gas and a T-Rex

Last night my son suggested that after I have done the backup (which I have) I should do the factory reset and reinstall myself. Not keen on that idea. I was reading on line – always a dangerous thing to do – of people who did just that, made a stuff-up of it and locked […]


Adelaide and a Dinosaur

Just after 1:30 pm Andrew picked me up and we headed off to Adelaide. We drove directly to Port Wakefield before we stopped for coffee and something to eat. From there we drove to Adelaide – Andrew to his hotel, me to mine. Fortunately both were in South Terrace – The Chifley and the Sage […]


The line in the sand is here!

Finally, we have a government. As expected the government has claimed victory in the election with the opposition conceding defeat. It has been a very tight election with a rise in the major voting stats for the  minor/independent parties. I think part of the message is simply that the people in general are fed up […]

Bastille Day!!