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Mute Monday.

Not quite mute but I jut had to share these photographs. Sturt’s Desert Pea is not the easiest flower to grow. It is an Arid Lands / Desert plant and I just put two small ones at the side of the front garden. Look what happened!!  I am quietly happy… And— there are little buds […]

Spies, Cakes and Scones

A recent comment  sent me off on a strange thought pattern ( well, yes, it doesn’t take much!)  and  I started to speculate on whether or not the Federal Government have a Secret Police (K9 Division) because it was only after I wrote the piece about  Federal Bullies that The Man tried to trip me […]

Bullies and Babies

Ok, going backwards here. The Federal Government has used its vast powers against farmers in the north of South Australia to take control of their land and they have used the term “National Interest” to force through Compulsory Purchases  and give the defence force a bigger play pen.  Not far from here the Feds took […]

Adelaide – Again (2)

In a recent post I said that I had some Carpal Tunnel problems and seven hours behind the wheel of the car ( after I was geographically misplaced)  was just too much. Anyway, coming out of that Herself, ever the thoughtful person, was in the chemist and saw a pair of pressure gloves made from […]

Adelaide – again (1)

Adelaide: The trip down was again quiet and uneventful. However, there were to accidents on the way down, both in Adelaide  – one out at Bolivar and one further in towards the town. By the looks of things no one seems to have been injured. I managed to get everything I needed to get done. […]

Play Pens and cancelled functions.

The RFDS have a very busy period this weekend and today they are out at an auction in another part of the area – yet another property that has been taken over by a compulsory purchase order for use by  the military. This is even more land that is now closed of to the  rest […]

Pergola Roof and Dumped Dogs

Firstly the news that it was the cyst showing up again,  so that was a great relief and we can star calming down again. I was thinking about going down to Adelaide this week but since it is to be raining down there most of this week I decided against it. Adelaide can be cold, […]