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No roses here.

Have no idea what the meeting is about on Monday afternoon, but I do know ( by email)  that the venue has been changed and instead of using two venues – North Adelaide and Norwood the entire Assembly will be held in only one venue – Norwood. Just as well the hotel I picked was […]

RFDS, the Man and Orchids (Triffids)

I only found out very recently that there is a Royal Flying Doctor Service – Support Group,  in Germany. They raise funds, just like we do – for the RFDS of Australia. To date the German Group have raised over $110,000.  I thought this was pretty amazing. In order for the group to be legally […]

Peas, Roses and Orange Blossom

Nationwide our youth unemployment is, according to a recent press release, in the region of 21%. As a nation we are on the horns of a major dilemma – actually a twin dilemma – youth unemployment and age pensions. About to be announced in the National Budget this month  is the decision to raise the […]

Garden, Hugs and anti-social me.

There has been serious precipitation for ten hours now and if the weather heats up just a tad, I might go for a swim in the back garden – no I don’t have a swimming pool  :o) I may have to take a trip to a laundry and throw the dog beds in a drier. […]