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Happy Thanksgiving


Weather, Mice, Men and May Babies

Three and a half days – that’s how long I was away – three and a half days. The way Benji reacted you would think I have been away for three and a half years. He went absolutely ballistic – the WaWa wanted to say hello but he charged right at her and knocked her […]

There and back again – again!

The drive to Adelaide and then on to Mount Gambier was completed in beautiful weather;  an average of 34c. I spent Thursday in Adelaide, and, as I had promised myself, I visited Miss McGregor at the nursing home. She is in the locked (closed) section so I was escorted in by the Chaplain. I have […]


Road Trip and Ice Cream

The weather today was a warm 34c. I took the Benji on a small road trip of about 100+ lkms – wandering around the region and ending up having Ice-Cream at the Foreshore Cafe.  He had a small tub I had a Cornetto. Well, we sat outside since we couldn’t go inside in the cool […]