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For those who have been watching, I finally managed to get a couple of hours sleep in the recliner, some of that sleep with a dog on my chest. By the time Annabell woke me it was almost 10am so I had about three hours sleep. Still, as they say in Australia – Better than […]




It is now 2:15 on Tuesday morning and we are right in the center of a major thunderstorm. Benji is not happy with the thunder and lightening overhead, so I’m sitting beside him and talking to him a lot. He has never been bothered before but then it’s never been overhead and as loud as […]



Is it January yet??

I have often said that some years ago my house was the last house in town – after me was empty bushland. Since the resources and mining boom new houses were built – so I am not the last house any more. Apart from two new private housing estates,  land has been bought and houses […]