Hospital, Adelaide and Flinders Snow.

Benji & Yogi

Saturday and everything has started off quietly. Let’s hope it stays that way. From today on I have “cleared the decks” of all unnecessary activities and will stay at home for the week.  Between Annabell and Benji I will have much to keep me occupied. Annabell has blood tests first thing on Monday morning and then an Ultra Sound on Thursday morning. Benji seems to have  damaged his paw so I have medication for him in the form of a spray. However, in order to make sure he doesn’t  try to  get rid of the medication I will put a medical collar on him for a couple of days. That should cheer him up no end! This weekend is the practical weekend of the photography club – dinner on Friday ( missed) meeting this morning, followed by the AGM, then a workshop. Sunday and  a photo shoot day out at Wild Dog Hill and although there wont be another AGM for a year,  there will be other practical days as the days get lighter, longer and warmer. I cancelled everything

The blood tests are clear but there is something showing up on the ultra-scan and the doctor does know what it is so he is going to organise Annabell to go and see a specialist as soon as it can be arranged, even if it means I have to take her to Adelaide to get it done. Other than that she seems  fairly well. I will be a lot happier in my mind when we get to see the specialist and those results. I agree they could be bad but at least we will know and we  work with that.  To ensure that this week was a good week, I was dropped at the last selection and neither of my two photographs will make it

Rundle Mall, Adelaide

to the Calendar  for 2021. Annabell said that it was good even to be just considered and be in the selection process.

The weather has started to warm up and the last couple of days have seen our temperature to hit 30C, which is fairly nice but would be nicer if it were not for the continual wind. We have not been too bad but Adelaide has had trees ( guess what species?)  crashing down on houses and cars. No one has been injured but there has been some damage. James was cleared from the Hospital in Adelaide a day earlier than expected. He flew home last night and picked up Yogi today. The news broadcast has reported widespread flooding in areas where there has hardly been any rain for a few years, so a lot of people are happy. One little farm boy had never seen rain before. Also

today here is Badge Day for the RFDS and tomorrow and Sunday are both fundraising days with four activities planned in four different places.  Annabell is still not the best, so all-in-all it has been an interesting day to match an interesting weekend.  On Wednesday I went down to Adelaide. There were things I needed to do that  had I had put off. Annabell was ok so I left on  the early morning coach and came home that same evening on the last coach. There is still social distancing applied so there are only 20 people allowed on the

Nice and peaceful.

coach at any one time. This means that all double seats are actually single seats with the front  two rows blocked off. Leaving Adelaide we had 12 people – after Port Pirie we had 5 people and after Port Augusta we had 1 – me.. Adelaide was cold and not very pleasant and the camera shop I wanted was closed because of the Covid-19 Virus.

Benji went gaga when I got home. I ended up sitting on the floor with him jumping all over me. I  couldn’t be sure but I think he was glad I was home. Thursday I took Annabell to see the visiting  Specialist. I had to get her a wheelchair because with the Covid restrictions, sections of the hospital have been closed off and considering the distance of the detours, it would have been too much for her to walk – so I got the fun of pushing her uphill on a wheelchair  :o)   Anyway, I have to take her back again on the 9th Oct. and if all is well and the results of the biopsy are known then there may be an operation on the 22nd. Hopefully  after the biopsy we might know what the problem is.

On a final note, Spring hath Sprung bringing with it, rain,  high winds, cold and more cold and more rain and to make sure that we don’t miss out on anything Mother Nature

Not my photograph.

decided in her wisdom that the  Flinders Ranges would look much nicer covered in snow, so that’s what happened. We missed out ( as usual) but there was also a dusting of snow on the hills overlooking Port Pirie. For us it was a very cold few days.

We have a funeral on Wednesday. Not a member of the congregation but the young son of a member of the congregation and it is at the funeral parlor not at the church.I was going, of course, but now I have been asked to take part in the service. Of course, I said yes – don’t know what I am doing  but I still said yes. I had planned a quiet week before the hospital appointments with Annabell. Not much chance of that now.. Oh well, things happen !!

Flinders Ranges
(not my photograph)

Spring has Sprung..

The Wetlands towards the bridge.

Spring be here! With the warmer weather and there being no restrictions, the wetlands has become a busy wee place. There are a number of reasons for this, the weather is nice, it’s quiet and peaceful and the kiosk is very popular. The food is good, well cooked, tasty and reasonable priced. Benji likes his Ice-Cream so when it’s been warm  and we have completed our walk I have taken him to the kiosk, bought a dog portion in a  cup for him and a cone for me. I get Rum and Raisin, he gets Vanilla. We have not been around to the ducks and geese for a little while. Benji has been having a bit of a problem with his paw so I thought it best to keep him off the gravel path.  The serious gravel at the back of the Wetlands going down to where the geese are, I generally carry him over.  Irrespective of the weather, the Wetlands has become the  ïn” place at the moment and although the walking areas are  fairly quiet, the kiosk is always active – and the Ice-Cream is nice.

Yesterday  was a lovely day, hardly a breeze and 24c – really nice and yes, the Wetlands was packed. There was not a parking space to be had. I drove through drove to the foreshore and

Looking up the hill instead of down.

we spent the afternoon there. There was more seagrass than there was sand but what sand there was Benji enjoyed. We left just before schools ended for the day and were able to miss the traffic through town. Today – another nice day – the Wetlands was busy but there were spaces in the carpark so I parked there and took Benji for a walk, doing our figure of eight (8) We start off at the bridge and go around until we reach the other side of the bridge, – we cross the bridge and walk in the same direction, returning to the bridge and  completing a circuit of the area. I took a few photographs and we went home. At home I removed the disk from the camera to load

The New Jetty – still not complete yet. Should be open in a few weeks.

the photographs onto the computer and had lunch. After lunch the boy and I took off to  Hummock Hill and the Foreshore. I tried to take a photograph and could not – I had forgotten to get the disc out of the computer. I  drove up to  the Electrical Retailers and bought a new disc – I needed a spare anyway. From there we drove back to the foreshore and Hummock Hill and spent the afternoon there. It was a lovely afternoon and the place was quite busy with a good number of people around.

This week was the AGM of the  local  Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and I was asked to resume the role of Secretary- which I did. Annabell wasn’t terribly happy, but although I have had concerns I feel that the organisation and its goal is bigger than petty differences. Anyway, due to Covid  the group has not been operational for  four months so it was a fair break. Time to get back to work. Having said that, we have had three funerals in the last four weeks (the latest this afternoon). We hadn’t even started this funeral today when we were told that another of our friends had died. Sad, yes, but we wont be involved with that.

It’s only Wednesday and already I want the weekend to hurry up and get here. It’s been a very strange week – funerals aside –  and up to a point Benji has not been given as much

Spring Gazinias

attention as I would like. Sunday, sometime  after the boys had left, I ended up taking Annabell to the hospital; Monday the RFDS AGM: Tuesday, Ladies Coffee evening: tonight just

We will have Yogi back for a few days next week.

too tired to do much and Annabell wasn’t feeling the best.  The funeral today took a lot out of her. The Church Newslletter/|Magazine is due out next week. Well, that’s not going to happen! I would like it to but I am less than halfway through it. I do want our magazine to end up like the State Magazine to which very few contribute – which is very sad.

I had Annabell at hospital at 1am this morning and I have to take her back at 8:15 this morning when the two doctors are on duty. She is not a well lady and I am concerned about her. Acording to the nurse this morning she may require a whole bank of tests to determine the problem, so we will just have to look after her and support her. I need to be at church, but other than that I will cancel all my activities for this weekend – Annabell is more important.