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Arid Lands, Dog Friendly and Hospitals

The house these last few days has been very quiet. I have gotten so used to the WaWa , barking and running to greet me that I miss her. Benji is there but he is not the demonstrative  dog the WaWa was so his greeting – whilst no less loving – is a quiet affair. […]


Sooah and Kongsoon reunited: life post WaWa

Wednesday mid afternoon and I was sitting in the Doctor Waiting Room with Annabell. Annabell was due to see him. My mobile (Cell) phone was on buzzer and it started to buzz. I took it out and had a look at the message, then handed the phone to Annabell to look. She was just as […]

Tearful Thursday

Monday: Benji and the WaWa Tuesday: Benji and the WaWa Wednesday: Benji and the WaWa Thursday 5am: Benji and the Wawa Thursday 6:15 am:  Benji


Botanic Garden, Tartan and Arrium

When I returned from Adelaide and calmed down from the slightly chaotic days afterwards, I  spent some time in the garden. On my way back from Adelaide I stopped in at the Arid Lands Botanic Garden and bought three new native plants. Also, when I was in Adelaide I drove to  Bunnings at Modbury and […]

Bastille Day