Home for the moment.

We returned home on Wednesday after the unexpected second trip to Adelaide and the day surgery. Although as I said, I did manage to spend some time on Tuesday at the Marion Shopping

The Flinders Lodge

Centre. Now we just wait for the reports and the telephone call to let us know what is to happen next and if, or when, we are due back in Adelaide. When we left the hospital my intention was to push the wheelchair to the train station, get the train back into town and a taxi from there to the Lodge. The  Hospital were not at all happy with this arrangement in that  if anything happened you cannot turn a train around as you can a motor vehicle. So it was a taxi from the hospital to the lodge. Getting home was a concern in that we discovered that several dog toys had found their way into my case. No idea how they got there and the fact that they had Marion tags on them must just be a coincidence.  I’m sure Annabell believed me!!  On the Friday I went to the garage to see what was happening to my car. It seems the initial assessment was incorrect and it was not the ignition system as thought so the replacement was removed and my own system restored. The company called Ford and asked their advice on the problem. They suggested it was a unit that assists the computer to operate and that seems to have broken down – but whatever the reason, it was not working. So a new unit was sent up from Adelaide and to install it required two sets of keys – it also requires two people and the keys must both be synchronized, failure to do so, renders the keys useless and means a new set of keys and the programming and the cost of new keys.. And yes, before you say anything – I figure I might have been cheaper  and probably less stressful getting another car. However, all that aside, I may have my car back on Monday or Tuesday. I am beginning to feel really bad about having this car for so long. I did not think anyone expected it would be this long that I would have the  car.

We were due to go out to a function last night but Annabell was weary and tired and I will not go on my own without her, so I stayed at home. I

The normally placid Nepean River.

worked it out that it was better for me to stay at home and keep her company than have to field all the necessary questions about her health. :o)

Strange kind of day yesterday. I was out walking with the dogs and I thought about what I would write. I would remark that it is Autumn and the day was a very warm and sunny 32c with just the most gentle breeze.  That was in the mid-afternoon. As the afternoon wore on the sky darkened, the breeze became decidedly chilly and next thing we know we were in the middle of a major thunderstorm. Haven’t seen so much rain in ages. There is major flooding in several of the Eastern States and it is believed that the  major fronts are heading in this direction – one from the north and one  through Sydney. And Sydney is in  a bit of trouble in that one of the major dams is expected to overflow.— The dam has overflowed and the staggering amount  of 450 gigalitres will be released. There is talk of an evacuation of Penrith – and that’s serious. Thus far, 18,360 people have been evacuated

Up here there are no rivers to flood and if there is any flooding it will be at the roadways as the floodwater drainage system get overloaded. However, for the moment there is really no serious rain on the  present forecast.  Shortly after lunch I went  by taxi to the workshop and collected my car – all tickity-boo ( all repaired) So it is a happy Monday, now that I have my car back. This afternoon I will take the Toyota,  make sure the fuel tank is full and  then return it  to its owner. Annabell has bought Rene a small gift of Swarovski Crystal  as a “Thank You.”  Without that car we would have been in trouble and would have had to cancel Adelaide. We are most thankful for her kindness.

Return to Adelaide (apology to Elvis)

The trip down to Adelaide (Monday 15th) was again uneventful. Some problems in getting to the Greenhill Lodge and trying to cross lines of traffic on a main road. I am so thankful for Traffic Lights and I was able to do it very quickly before the lights changed. Once I got Annabell attended to I went for a short walk around he area to plan my ” Escape Route” for Wednesday and the crossing of two lanes of traffic on a fairly busy road. However, I do intend to start out at 05:30 so it should be reasonably quiet at that time in the morning. I will get her home and home ad hope this will be the last trip at least several months. I have to say through that this Greenhill Lodge is easier to get to that the Flinders Lodge irrespective of the traffic lane cross. Not quite as good perhaps since Flinders Lodge is newer and more modern, but Greenhill is currently being upgraded and half of the lodge is closed down which is why there were no places available at Flinders this week.

The other problem I have here is that there is only one bed in each room downstairs. There are two beds in each room upstairs, but there is no lift and stairs are just out for Annabell. However, there is a fairly large recliner chair which can make a half decent bed for me. Did that last night (today is Tuesday) and although it was not the best idea, nor the most comfortable, I did get a decent sleep. This morning we get the train out to Flinders Medical and she will be admitted for Day Surgery. I will wander off for a few hours to the large shopping mall at Marion. I’ll spend some time there and then get back to Flinders and wait there until she is ready to go.

Poor Benji – his people abandoned him for three days – then they came back – now they have abandoned him again for another three days. I hope this time, though, we will not have to leave him again for at least three months. Annabell and I have had a discussion regarding this tripping to Adelaide and we believe that the next visit will be the same as this one. We come down Thursday and Friday for tests and examination, go home and come back again on the Monday and we were considering staying down here for the duration. I worked out the costing taking fuel and accommodation costs and meals into consideration and we will be very much cheaper if we go home on the Saturday and return again on the Monday. Annabell expressed concern regarding me and the stress of so much driving. I am quite able to drive to Adelaide and back, every three months.

Wednesday 17th. Left Greenhill Lodge at 05:30 this morning and covered the 330 miles in a reasonable time, allowing for a half hour stop for coffee in Port Wakefield. It was a good drive home, clear weather all the way. Annabell managed to nap a couple of times.

Oh I don’t know with this new WordPress system. I am having difficulty in finding anything and doing anything. Don’t know why they changed it. There was nothing wrong with it in the first place. There must be an alternative somewhere.

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Adelaide – Back and Forth.

Nightly visit by the Cockatoos to Flinders Lodge

The drive to Adelaide on Thursday was uneventful and quite pleasant.  Getting to the Flinders Lodge was fairly easy. Once I had her settled in, I walked up to Norwood and did some shopping. Was interesting walking past  the Norwood Church, which is where we hold the conferences. Anyway, did the shopping and started back to the lodge. I took a wrong turn at the north end of Norwood Parade. Of course, I never get lost. From time to time I have become geographically misplaced, but never lost. Anyway, I made my way back to the lodge, After dinner we had a quiet evening. Annabell read and watched some television and I pottered about on the laptop. Can’t really do a lot since most of the programs I use are not on the laptop.

Friday afternoon and a taxi to the railway station. We used the wheelchair and into the station. There was only a short wait before the train came in and we boarded. Spoke to the train driver and he wanted to know if we would need the ramp put out. I said not and we would manage just fine – which we did. The  train journey was quiet and   took us on the extension and up to Flinders within the 37 minutes.   As it happens, I had made a mistake when I was last down. I assessed the distance from the train station to the main entrance of Flinders Medical, which I had walked,  but as it happens, the Cancer Clinic is only half that distance so we arrived in plenty of time. Not that it really mattered because the clinic was running late and it was 50 minutes before she was seen.

Overall, everything seems to be fine but the Surgeon is unhappy with the progress and would like to see it happen a lot quicker than present. That being the case we will be back down on Monday for Day Surgery on Tuesday and instead of 1 unit they will insert 2 and leave them for three months – we hope. I say hope because although I am very concerned for Annabell.  Travelling back and forward to Adelaide so often in a short space of time is tiring – (650 miles round trip)   The Flinders Lodge is fully booked  this coming week so we are booked into the Cancer Council Lodge  at Greenhill. I’ll have to find out how to get to that one.

Since the computer crash before we left for Adelaide, nothing seems to be the same. I lost  WordPress and I have this program. Not entirely sure what it is but it does say WordPress so I suppose this is it. I am having  problems with it – which is fantastic because what I need right now is more problems, otherwise I might get bored.   :o)  However, it will have to wait until the return from Adelaide this week. Take care all.

Things fall apart!

I used the sroller for just one day. After that, Benji was fine and quite happy to walk. I think, perhaps, he just had a bad day, but it is fair to say that he enjoyed the experience. However, Annabell said that I really have to come to terms with the fact that he getting on in years. If the adoption papers are correct then he will be 11 in October.  I have said  to several people already that my car will not be ready for some time.  I went to the repair place, and the electrician (Auto) has been off sick and from what I saw, not a lot seems to have been done to the car.  I did retrieve  Annabell’s parking permit, which we need.  I will have to go and see the  friends who loaned me this car and  ask if they will allow me to

take the car out of town –  to Adelaide – since I have to take Annabell to the clinic next week. Driving around town is one thing, driving to Adelaide and back is something different. It’s not something you can just do without asking if it would be ok. As it  happens, it was no problem and  I can take Annabell to Adelaide as planned.

I am taking Annabell to see her doctor this afternoon as a follow-up from the visit to the emergency dept. at the hospital on Monday. I also want a note from him to allow me to  borrow a wheelchair from the hospital for the Adelaide visit – unless, of course, I am forced to cancel it. I should know the answer to that very shortly. The good news is that I will be taking to Adelaide next week. There is no problem with me taking the car to Adelaide and back. This is a long weekend here in South Australia so I will pick up the wheelchair on Tuesday Morning.

I did pick up the wheelchair. Last time I did this it was so simple, not so this time. Telephone calls, forms and  more telephone calls later, I finally signed to accept the wheelchair. At one point I actually went away and had a coffee in the hospital tearoom until the permission came through. Anyway, we have it now.

Today I will get the car packed, last minute arrangements for the boys to look after Benji and tomorrow we set off for her  appointment at the Flinders Clinic. Tomorrow after I get her into the hotel and settled I want to go into town to do  a few things. I am supposed to go to the photography  club this evening, but I’m not sure I will.

Anyway, to bring you up to date, my computer crashed and I lost most of everything. At the moment I have got some things back although not quite what they were. I have also lost nearly all of my bookmarks which were part of Opera. I suspect they are still around the computer some place but I can’t really do anything until I get back from Adelaide at the weekend. Even this is not the way it was. WordPress  is very different from before. I just tried to upload a photograph – that didn’t work too well – as you can see  :o)  LOL I’m not even sure that I will be able to post this – although I expect so. And, NO I am not growling – just making observations.

Cars, Dog Stroller and Cars.

What now my love, now that you’ve left me, how can I live through another day?

It has now been seven days since the car was towed away and the  repairs started. The unit for the ignition system was supposed to be over here from Port Pirie yesterday and, I imagine, fitted yesterday and today. I would like to have the car back  sometime today, but, to be really honest, I am not very hopeful. Today, being Friday, summer officially ends in two days and Monday 1st March is the 1st day of Autumn (Fall)  Summer begins on 1st December and ends on the last day of February, a total  of 90 days and from that total we have only really had 14 days when we could say “Summer is here.” A total of three heatwaves – 5+4+5-  there has been a lot of rain, there is flooding in Queensland and people being evacuated – cyclones in the north have meant heavy rain here accompanied by high winds. In fact I don’t recall seeing all that much on the weather charts but high winds. Well, that’s not strictly true, sometimes the forecaster  forecasted  “damaging winds 95kpm+)  I answered a comment by Tippysmom the other day and I said it was a nice day with a gentle breeze and it was for about half the morning before the wind increased. I took Benji out for a walk and before I was halfway through the walk I was struggling  and ended up carrying my hat rather than wearing it. In fact, the long range forecast is for more rain

I am concerned in that it is not very long before I have to take Annabell to the clinic at Flinders medical and I still don’t have a car. Yes, I realise that the  visit to the Clinic is ten days away but that’s wont stop me from worrying. Yes I worry, it’s my job  :o)  I worry, Benji does the relaxing – we share the load – that’s what friends do!

Lovely day for a stroll

I am beginning to believe that the birthdate on the Adoption Papers for Benji – 2010 –  rather than the Microchip birth date – 2012 – is the correct one. That would make him 11 this year. I have noticed that he is starting to slow down just a bit and it was very noticeable this morning when he started tiring and dragging towards the last 200 yards of our morning walk. I thought he looked

so tired that I lifted him up on my shoulder and carried him the rest of the way. This afternoon I wanted to go for a walk and he came with me. We had not gone far when he really started to slow down. I turned around and came back home. I got the  “Dog Stroller” out of the garage, cleaned it and put a thick blanket in there for him to sit on. Lifted him him in,  attached the harness and off we went. He loved it, sitting there watching everything around him and still being out with his daddy. Can’t get better than that. ( I have to mention that it is over 34 years since I pushed a pram for any distance and I forgot how tiring it is on the arms)  I also took a bottle of water and a collapsible bowl so we could both have a drink.  Well, yes, I got some looks from passing motorists, but who cares. Benji was comfortable

John & Rene’s Toyota Camry which I am now  using.

On the subject of friends, a member of the church heard that I did not have a car so  she phoned another friend who telephoned me. She asked if it was correct that I did not have a car at the moment and wanted to know how I was getting about. I said either I was not or I  was by taxi. She said that they have a spare car and I was welcome to use it. I said it was ok and my own can should be back soon. I thought that was that until she  and her husband dropped off a Toyota Camry in my drive. They handed me the keys, said it was registered until June and I can bring it back when I no longer need it. So there we are, I  have a car- now  I can take Annabell out as needed. Just as well since I ended up at the Emergency Dept. at the hospital with her  last night. She was not a well girl – had another infection.