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New Year

I hope everyone has a great New Year and that 2017 will be all you hope and pray for. I hope this works, if not, well Happy New Year to everyone from John, Annabell, Benji, The WaWa and the visitor new-year Advertisements

Blizzards and Binders

The storm went on for the night and into the early hours of the morning. The WaWa slept as did Benji – Yogi not so good, so I ended up staying awake looking after the dogs – well at least my two –  until I finally fell asleep myself. This morning I was up and […]

Bringing Easy Home

* Reblogged from Tails Around the Ranch* While today is normally referred to as Wordless Wednesday, as we all know, sometimes a few words just need to be spoken but words for today’s post comes hard and tears flow much easier. Today we acknowledge our favorite Weim is now back home where he should be, with his family. […]



Just a note to say that wild storms and flooding have been forecast for tonight and tomorrow  in the Upper North (us) Mid-north and Adelaide down to Mount Gambier. Rainfall of 55mm plus and winds of about 90-10o kpm. Should be an interesting 26 hours and it’s chucking it down at the moment and has […]

Boxing Day and it’s raining again !!

38:35:40:41:32 – No that’s not some secret number code – it’s not even  Bingo numbers – it is the local temperature for the next five days. After the second 40c on Sunday it drops to 32c with rain and possible thunderstorms for the next two days. The boys and I were out early (5:30am)  for […]

Hebrew Festival