Lockdown Continues


Arose at the usual time this morning to the sound of a strong wind and heavy rain.. That kind of put paid to the walk. It rained off and on for most of the morning and to add to the discomfort the wind was bitterly cold. I put the heaters on, Benji settled back down in his bed and I covered him with a blanket and I settled down dressed and with a steaming hot cup of coffee. We shared the heaters – Benji and me.  Later on in the morning we had to brave the wet and cold as I took Annabell to Westland (masks on) and the  SA Pathology for blood tests. That didn’t take long as the place was empty.  Some shopping in the Supermarket and then home. Not a very exciting day and it is unlikely that the rest of the week will be any different. Although, having said that I  have to say that since the  lockdown began the case cluster has increased from 6 infections to 14 infections. However, the Premier is optimistic that we should be able to come out of the lockdown in the seven days as planned.. The day, other than the trip to SA Pathology , has been spent at home. The wind has died down but it’s still raining and looks settled in for the night.

The rain increased in  ferocity overnight as did the wind with gusts of up to  120KPH in some places – fortunately not here. I think we

Oh what fun…..

had gusts of about 70KPH and not all that much flooding or damage. During the day there was not a lot that could be done outside and since the rain was intermittent walks were short between showers.  Today, (day 6) the sun is shining, there are clear blue skies and absolutely not a trace of the wild weather in

the last few days.  Lots of damage in Adelaide and surrounding areas, but not to much here.

We are now in Day 6 of the lockdown and the Premier has just announced that the Lockdown will be lifted at Midnight tomorrow – Tuesday – some of the restrictions will remain in place for at least a further week.  By the sound of things I don’t think we will be re-opening the church at the moment. As a small church, we do not have the  capacity to accommodate a 4  metre gap between people – and singing is still banned.

With all the running around  between hospitals, doctors,  driving to Adelaide and back, x-rays, scans and MRI,  I stuffed up ONE appointment  For some reason I  believed we had an appointment today at 10AM and I got ready for it. However there was a nagging at the back of my mind that something was not quite right, so at 08:30 I telephoned the clinic and found out that the appointment was for Next Monday 2nd August. That was bad and good – bad that I had made that mistake but good because it was an appointment for me  not Annabell. The Filofax wasn’t wrong –

The Swans at the Wetlands

I was. Anyway, no harm done but will be a lot more careful in future.

I have been walking Benji around the district, which has been good – when it wasn’t raining or blowing a gale –  but once the lockdown is lifted we should be able to get back to the wetlands on Wednesday and Thursday. I know it seems longer but really 2 turns around the Wetlands is actually less in terms of distance covered than the District walk we are doing. However the reason for changing to the wetlands was to get away from other dogs. But then I met  some lovely people and that has been great. I miss our 6am walks.

Lockdown day 1 – Walks and shopping.

Back area this morning.

Took Benji out this morning for a district walk  and, since I decided on a rest from the last few days, I had him out in the stroller. The reason for the District walk and not the Wetlands, was that my son borrowed my car yesterday. He called me to say that his brakes needed attention and  he had to get to work. He returned the car just before 10:30 this morning. I  told him that  we had a medical appointment at 11:30. While he was here there was a NEWSFLASH – as from 6PM this evening South Australia will go into lockdown. Yes there have only been five cases but we know how quickly it can spread so mandatory masks  immediately and the lockdown for  a minimum of seven days. After 6pm we are to stay indoors unless out for essential reasons. Not really very sure – is walking the dog an essential reason??  I think so but does the State Government?  o:)  Well, apparently so. – exercise is a valid reason for leaving the house.. However, there are restrictions  : I can travel no more than 2.5 kilometres and the wetlands is more than 7.5 klms. away.  I can exercise only once a day outside and for no more than 90 minutes, so taking him on a district walk  is about 40 minutes. This means that  I am well within the area and time limits for two walks – and I have to wear a mask outside – easy. The sunrise at the back area  was really great and I was a bit miffed that I could not get down to the Wetlands this morning because the sunrise there would have been spectacular.

Of course it will mean a lot of changes within the State and for some businesses it might just be too much and they will not reopen. The Flight Centre in the Shopping Centre is a good example. When all this is over I think we will be looking at a fair number of tax increases to pay off the damage (financial) that covid-19  has cost the world-wide economy. Of course, it’s not all bad. I am feeling very self-indulgent these days. With a massive harvest and  nowhere to sell them, there are  Avocado’s by the bucketload available in the

Part of the Main Entrance at Flinders.

supermarkets right now, with the prices as low in some shops as 65cents. Generally though $1. Anyway, that’s all very well,  but I have to tell you that smashed Avocado on toast for lunch is quite nice.

Annabell saw her doctor yesterday and I was called in halfway through the consult. I was called in because the information that was required was in my Filofax. It turns out that

Feeling a tad indulgent

Flinders had not been keeping Annabell’s doctor up to date and informed of what was happening. He knew nothing about the MRI and I had the dates, times and the appointment letter in my  diary. Once he had that information, he called Flinders and asked why he had not been kept informed and what this  MRI was for.  Seems that there was nothing wrong with the X-rays and everything is in place. The purpose of the MRI is to determine that the  cancer is still where it was first  detected and has not grown nor moved any.. If it has I think surgery may be suggested, but that’s a decision Annabell has to make.

As usual in this part of the world, mention the word  close or even Long Weekend and people panic buy. Throw the word Lockdown into the mix and the result is chaos. According to reports and  news, less than two hours after the Premier used the word Lockdown ( there I said it again) and shelves in the supermarket were being emptied of stock. People must be expecting to use the toilet a lot since the toilet paper shelf was emptied, despite the Premier and the Supermarket owners telling everyone not to  hoard or panic buy because we have plenty of stock and it’s not necessary – they did anyway.

Wetlands: Benji: Closed Church

Flinders Innovations Clinic

The modern way of thinking is that if something can be corrected or cured without the need to resort to major surgery, then that is what will happen. The major surgery then becomes a “fall-back:” option.  This is what Annabell is going through.  The Innovations Centre occupies a fairly new and large area in the Flinders Medical Centre..  It also,  has a very nice and well stocked cafeteria. When Annabell goes for her consultation and exam, I  go down there and wait for her. I let them know where I am and they bring her down to me Then we head back to the Lodge.

As you may know Benji was attacked by a large dog and required medical (Vet) attention.

Not  very long after that he jumped down from a chair and landed badly. We thought it was just a sprain because he was still walking and seemed to be in no pain. We expected that the sometimes limp would be gone in a short while. It was not, so an examination by the Vet showed that he had torn a ligament. I had to take Annabell to Adelaide and Flinders so Benji’s surgery was delayed. It was a couple of

weeks.  When we returned from Flinders I had some things to do with Annabell, so it was after that he underwent the surgery. With only a short break he has been in the stroller since after Easter, I have had him out a few times and walked with him, and when he has tired, lifted him and put him back in the stroller. However, he has been getting stronger and today was a great day.

It started off not too good. I was up and dressed as normal but he refused to move. No amount of cajoling would encourage him to move.. So I just went back to working on the computer and downloading the new Covid-19 Plan for the church and working through the implications of that.  I decided that I wanted to go for a walk,  so I got ready and I had no sooner reached the door than he was at my side. I thought “Oh now you want to go out” Anyway, out we went = harness on,  no stroller – and we walked a total of 2.17 miles and he was fine. I kept thinking that we would turn back any second now – any second now – but he kept on going and by the time we finished at home, we had covered 2.17 miles. and he never flinched. I was very impressed. Love my rascal so much. Between the two of them, Benji and Annabell,  I have been fairly busy since Easter.

Our borders remain closed to the other mainland states. Thus far South Australia has stayed clear of the new wave in

The Wetlands Island

NSW and Victoria. The church has been closed this week and I have the feeling that it will be closed until this outbreak in Victoria and NSW is contained. We have told the congregation ( by telephone) that we will let them know by Wednesday what is happening. However, with New South Wales recording 100 cases a day it is unlikely that there will be much change in restrictions for at least two weeks..

After yesterday I thought I would give the Wetlands a try and I drove  there  with Benji this morning  and I did not take the stroller.  We generally do two full rounds of the Wetlands but this morning with Benji walking and the rest of the AM gang delighted to see him walking, I cut it down to one and a half turns which was a total of 1.68 miles – which, to say the least, is impressive.  Not for me – but for Benji.!! He has really done well these last few days, so I think we can “retire” the stroller for a while.

Doctors, Hospital and the District Court

Saturday 10th.

Over all it has been an interesting week – well for us it has. As you know we closed the church last Sunday because of new restrictions. As it turned out I spent much of Sunday at the hospital with Annabell.  The boys came over to see her in the evening so she spent a little time with our grandson. Monday we had an appointment with the Doctor . He decided that the safest course of action at the moment was to put Annabell on anti-biotics for a month and see if we can get on top of these UTIs. There was also another examination that Adelaide wanted completed so  Annabell’s doctor organised that to be done by one of the female doctors. Tuesday we saw the lady doctor but she was unable to  determine what was happening and the instructions from Adelaide were that if this could not be completed satisfactorily , then an ultra-scan needed to be done.. Hay-ho.. Wednesday – hospital for an ultra-scan. Now she had been told how much water she had to drink and I can verify that she did as instructed. We even brought a bottle of water with us in case. Too involved now…

It was completed and the results sent to her doctor and to Adelaide.   Also the Covid restrictions in South Australia were lifted effective immediately. There are still border restrictions but that does not effect us too much.. The white on the map are,  South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, all other states are locked out and our borders to them closed.  Thursday – already?? I’m sure yesterday was only Monday!! Anyway, Adelaide telephoned and informed us that they had had a meeting regarding Annabell’s case and it was decided  that since everything was stable, they would leave things as they are for the moment. However, the  Adelaide Clinic visits on the  20th and 21st are now cancelled and new instructions will be sent by letter but, unless anything changes, they plan to do a special procedure in September.   I had to telephone Adelaide and cancel the accommodation booking. For the third time in nine months Annabell has been summoned to do Jury Duty . For the third time, the doctor has sent a letter to the Sheriff informing him of Annabell’s medical  condition and referring to two previous letters regarding this and that she requires on-going Specialist treatment in Adelaide.

The end of the month is the Photography Group’s Photograph  Exhibition  and I am trying – in between everything else – to organise my photographs for that. I have five that I am reasonably happy with but I haven’t managed to get time to label them and  frame them. I need to get that done before this coming Wednesday — which is Bastille Day!  The frames are standard – everyone has the same frame so that people look at the photographs and not the frame they are in.  Sometimes I really believe that if it were not for my Filofax I would sink without trace. Annabell calls it  my “Brain” where I go – it comes with me.

It’s now Sunday am and this week just seems to have flown through and here we are, standing at the brink of a new week wondering how we got here so quickly. I hope this coming week will   be quieter than the week just gone. Indeed I have the feeling that after this  new week is over things may become very much quieter.


Connor and the Porkers in Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Benji has been doing well. We are still using the stroller but I get him out and walking for  part of the way around the district.  He walks until he starts to slow down and fade, so I put him back in the stroller for the remainder of the way. Otherwise he is still quite active around the house and the  garden and makes good use of his Dog Door. After this last week of being poked and prodded,  Annabell is not too bad. She is a bit tired but that’s to be expected.  Connor – hardly seems like four years since he was born..