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Emergency.- sort off……..

Well, not as such – no one is in danger or trouble – although I don’t know about trouble. Most of the posts that are arriving in my inbox are being deleted, sent to trash or sent to spam – mostly spam. I do not know why this is happening but I have lost much […]




Peace, Joy and Love for the New Year

Trip to Port Pirie Pt. 2

Having had lunch at the Tin Man, we had a bit of a walk before going back to the car and heading off to Port Augusta. He did his usual – curl up on the front seat and go to sleep – whilst I concentrated on the driving. On arrival at the Port I managed […]

Trip to Port Pirie Pt. 1

Thursday and the wind died down at 10:30 only to start up again a short few hours later. The second stage was short lived and all was quite until the rain started and that has been going ever since. Because of the high winds battering the state with the resulting dust storms again, a health […]