Adelaide and back again !

It is not an offence to  lie to trace connection investigators – they are not police. However, the police and the state government are looking to see if there are legal ways that the person could be

My precious ( again)

charged for all the millions of dollars damage and the disruption to lives that this lie caused.     However, it was not all so serious. I said that I went  back to get bread and the shelves were empty. Panic buying had started. Anyway, I went back down early the following morning – now wearing a facemask –  and because of the  performance of some people, there were police officers inside and outside the supermarket. Whilst waiting I talked to one of the Officers. I told her that there was never a point in my life where I ever thought I would be standing talking to a police officer whilst I was wearing a black mask…. Life is definitely strange. We organised with John to come over Thursday, Friday and check in and feed Benji. All being well, we should be home mid afternoon Saturday.   Cannot say I am actually looking forward to the hospital visit but not for any reasons you might  think. The temperature on Friday and Saturday  are both going to be over 40c and I have to drive on  both days. Just as well I have a good A/C in the car.

Flinders Drive and the entrance to the Medical Center

After a number of conversations about the fact that the Flinders Medical Centre is  generally unknown to me and I have no idea where I am going and that the traffic in that area is very heavy, we decided to go down tomorrow (Thursday). If we leave it until Friday morning, all it would take is one setback  or traffic delay and  we could miss the appointment and goodness knows when we would get another. Specialists are not an easy group to pin down. I spoke to John and he is quite happy to come over after work on Thursday and look after and feed Benji. He will also take him for a short walk. Same on Friday and he will look in on him Saturday morning. As I said, it’s not the best solution but  I really feel  a kennel would be a lot for him to  cope with. I have an old shirt all prepared ( I wore it for a couple of days) and will set it down on his bed tomorrow morning.

The drive down to North Adelaide was quiet and uneventful. We stopped twice, once for a break and coffee and the other for fuel, arriving at just after 2pm. I got Annabell settled in then I went into the city to do some shopping. We had a quiet Thursday and in the morning the hospital telephoned ( they have my mobile (Cell Phone) number) and asked if we could come in earlier as they had two cancellations. We did that and the people, doctors, nurses and support staff at the Clinic were wonderful and could not do enough for Annabell. I was really impressed!  By now I suspect that most of you realize that Annabell has cancer.  However, the good news  is that it it is confined to one area – has not grown and has not spread.

Somebody was glad we were home.

That’s the first good part.. The second good part is that the cancer is in the lining of the womb and  the  specialists (Cancer & Gynecology) now feel that surgery  that was discussed  is not necessary. They have another choice and we (collectively) have decided to take that choice. It will mean  back and forth to Adelaide every three months for the next year.

Friday was not as bad as we had feared. It was hot but it did not reach the predicted 41c. Likewise Saturday, but I thought it best to get away early before the heat set in. I also have to say that I achieved a first for me – I drove from North Adelaide to home without a stop – just under 400 klms. Left North Adelaide with a full tank of fuel. John was still at the house when we arrived at 11:40 and he stayed for lunch. To say Benji was glad to see us is an understatement. It is now Monday and I still can’t move without him following me to make sure I am not escaping again  :o) And if he is not with me he is with Annabell, guarding her.

Bread, Lockdown and Pizza Shop.

The letters we had been waiting for arrived this morning and the appointment for next Friday at Flinders is still on.  The clinic is not included in the lockdown – indeed, none of the hospital emergency services are. Annabell forgot to get bread yesterday and by the time she remembered  and I went back down to the supermarket, the shelves were empty. However, I went down as they opened and got her two packets of bread rolls- which she prefers. I got my bread yesterday but Annabell doesn’t like my Rye Bread. With the lockdown we are not allowed to take the dog out – actually we are not allowed to go out unless  it is within the restrictions rules – which my trip was this morning. Anyway, I would not have been taking the Boy out since it was 37c yesterday and is 38c today and in the high 30s tomorrow. With all that’s going on I thought it would be a good idea to try and kill myself. I did this by climbing up a ladder to trim a tree. I jumped on the bottom rung of the ladder to  make sure that is was grounded well enough. There was no movement so up I went. Got almost to where I wanted to be when the left leg of the ladder sank into the ground and the ladder over-balanced. The ladder went down and me with it. Nothing too serious, – one  cut and  some scrapes. The cut was cleaned (by me) and bandaged also be me. I really didn’t need a bandage because it wasn’t all that bad, but I tend to bleed and it was for that more than anything else.  I thought, “sod this, it’s too blooming hot to stuff around out here”so I left the ladder where it was and went inside  for a cold lemonade. Seemed like a good idea… We are now on the second day of the lockdown and it seems like forever ago when things were “normal”.

We are not allowed to take the dog out for exercise, however, if I choose to go to the shop for essential food items, I can walk there( wearing a mask) and take the dog with me. That’s fair enough but it means that I would have to tie Benji up somewhere outside whilst I do  the shopping – and that I am really not keen on doing.————— Anyway – things do happen fairly quickly and the lockdown which started quickly on Thursday and was to last for six days, ends midnight tonight (Saturday). In routine testing and investigation it was believed that  a new cluster was developing. This was based on information given to authorities by an employee of a Pizza Shop. Based on the information he provided the government moved quickly to contain any breakout – the lockdown – whilst the authorities began the tracing of the customers, delivery driver and so forth. At it happens, the person concerned lied and the lockdown and all the followed was based on a lie. When this was discovered the government moved just as quickly to end the lockdown. Officially it ends at midnight, but to all intents and purposes it is over now and people are out and about. I took Benji out for his walk last night and again this morning,. We live in a strange world. According to what I am reading, there is nothing (officially) that can be done – it is not a crime to lie to these health investigators – they are not police. To say that Adelaide is a tad annoyed is an understatement and it is unlikely that the business involved will survive..


Sorry about this – with all the confusion I must have pressed “publish”instead of “Save


Keyboards, Adelaide and hot days.

My “New” keyboard

Annabell didn’t like her computer mouse. I, on the other hand, wanted a new keyboard.  About mid-morning we went off to the  shopping mall. I found a new keyboard that I was happy with. Asked for advice I helped Annabell to get a new mouse, but since she had a cable mouse perhaps time she got a wireless mouse and perhaps treat herself to a wireless keyboard. After searching around we found a good wireless mouse/keyboard combination , so she bought that.  ( I know,  where is this going??)  When we got home I unpacked and unboxed my new keyboard. Annabell looked at it and said she wished she had seen that because it’s a keyboard she would like – good, sturdy and large keys. Well, tough, it’s mine so there. Not working?? Okay  — yes I gave it to her and I took the mouse/keyboard combination, which I am using now.  Nah it’s not bad and I can live with it. Annabell is happy with the other keyboard and that’s good. I remember the lesson my dad taught me – “it’s no loss what a friend gains” She’s happy…

Second strange incident. This evening, after the news and the weather report (39c tomorrow) I took Benji out for a “Block Walk” just a short(ish) walk around the block. We moved about six feet when he dug his front paws in and refused to move. He relaxed so I moved off again, less than a foot or so and the paws dug in again. I figured he just didn’t want to go walking so I turned around to   go into the driveway. He didn’t – he walked right past the drive and kept on walking, In essence we did what is generally the morning district walk and he walked quite the thing.

Wednesday 11th: We did not go out yesterday. I had to go to the shops for some things for Annabell and the  boy was not happy because I didn’t take him with me. I couldn’t – not leaving him in

It was a wee bit wet.

a car at 39c – even with windows open. Apart from which, most of the day it blew a storm – very high winds. In the evening the thunderstorm started and continued through much of the night. Today ? Well, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the trees are in blossom. perhaps I just imagined the storm!  “Indian Hills” I really did try to comment but  three times it was deleted. I liked those signs.  (still having a problem with Had a telephone call from the Clinic at the Flinders Hospital. I have to take Annabell down there  on 27th November. The Surgeon wants do do some tests before he organises the time and date for her surgery, which will be at the Flinders Cancer Clinic. I had to take  her up to the Emergency Dept. at the local hospital last night and she has another  UTI – and, according to the tests – well the comment the nurse used was “raging” However, they  gave her the necessary medication and the doctor signed a script, which I got  for her this morning.

My drive to Adelaide for the Conference was uneventful (as was the meting itself)  but although I did manage to get some shopping done much of what I wanted – ( tools,batteries etc) was still

unavailable. However, now that the state borders have re-opened, goods should start moving again.  Most of the time I travelled with the A/C on. Things have changed and I  wasn’t able to get the bus into town from the hotel. The public transport in Adelaide no longer takes money. In order to

Just Because

travel on public transport in Adelaide  you needs must have a “Metro Card” and I didn’t. In order to get into the city I had to find a newsagent and buy a metro card – then then the next step was to put funds on to so that cost me more. Still, it does not expire so I can use it when next in Adelaide – in  two weeks time. Actually, if I hold on to it  I can use it any time I am in Adelaide, provided I remember to  put funds in it.  We have a bit of a concern in that South Australia  is now a “Covid Hot Spot”with 22 new cases in the northern suburbs and spreading. The authorities are moving quickly to contain the first outbreak since mid May, but a lot of new restrictions have been re-introduced. We don’t know if we will be allowed to travel to Flinders Hospital next week. I will try and find out what I can today.  It’s a added worry we really don’t need right at the moment.

Benji has not been out walking for a few days, what with me being away overnight,  the 38c / 39c and then 44c  temperatures it has been a tad on the hot side for his paws. Monday evening was the first time out since last Thursday. I also took him out this morning and found it a b it on the “fresh” side but no doubt it will warm up during the day,

Hospitals, Gardens and WordPress

Ada Ryan Gardens
Also Ada Ryan Gardens

Monday Nov. 2nd. The ultrasound  took place last Friday morning and we should have the results – or at least the consultant will have the results tomorrow. When we get them is another matter, Although having said that, he has been pretty good in keeping us informed when he has been here. He is not resident here. But this scan should tell us where the ‘infection ‘is  and how widespread it is. At this stage the results seem to indicate that it is in one area and not widespread, but one never can tell with this.  I attended the RFDS Meeting last night and   drew back from any further

major involvement  for the time being. Some things I  will continue to do because  they are done by telephone and do not require me to be somewhere. I have put my name down for the Men’s Christmas Dinner as has Annabell for the Women’s Christmas Dinner not knowing if either of us will be there at this stage. Everything is very uncertain until we know what is to happen.

Annabell is still very unwell and will require major surgery but the ultrasounds and the blood tests have been quite encouraging, so now we  just wait for a bit. Yes we do have the results but we need time to discuss them with the boys. At this stage we don’t know if it will be at the Royal Adelaide or the Flinders Medical Center – this  will determine where I will stay when I am down there with her. I understand that the Flinders have  a couple of houses that can be rented for a short period so if it is the Flinders I will organise that. If it if the Royal Adelaide I  will probably stay at the Princes Lodge, which is where I will be staying this weekend – maybe!!

’tis a hard life – all this walking

I will need to get back on to WordPress again and see if they can fix my problem.          I can read all your posts – no problem there – if you comment on my post, I can reply – no problem there either. Howeffer, if I try and make a comment on your posts – ah, that does present a problem in that, I can’t. So it’s not that I have not been reading your posts it’s just that I can’t comment on them. When I try to do so,  it tells me that my login to has expired and the  comment is terminated. I haven’t been ignoring people, I just can’t get in touch with you. On the other hand –

Me likes this

perhaps there is nothing wrong with and you are all trying to tell me something  :o)

As an aside, I liked the Spinach and Cheese Ravioli  recipe and have downloaded and printed it ( see, I do read them) . Depending what happens and where I go, I will take this with me and perhaps I will be able to use it as a quick meal when I am on my own. Since Annabell cannot have tomato products, I  can make it here but it would last me for a few days – and – I suppose that’s good. I love pasta but hate lasagna – strange…

I have booked the hotel in Adelaide for the Conference  but I also indicated that I could cancel at a moments notice and that seemed to be fine after I explained why this might be happen.  I made a comment on a post this morning –  Tippy Tales, –  which was good. Perhaps the problem is rectifying itself.

Benji  is well. Like the rest of us he is getting older although his enthusiasm for early  morning walks has not diminished, he is not so great on mid-

More Gardens

afternoon walks and a couple of times an night I have gone out on my own. We stopped going round the back on the Wetlands to feed the geese and ducks mainly because the path has been upgraded with  gravel and he has soft paws and the gravel hurts, so we stick to the main  paved paths. Some may say I spoil him – not so – I just look after him a lot.