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Happy Thanksgiving to All


Wordless Wednesday

Blue Lake, Padlocks and Bridges of Paris

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but if I did, I apologise. Some weeks ago it was discovered that there was a serious electrical fault in this area so  teams were brought in to examine the pipes – mostly by a  sort of x-ray machine. After several hours it was discovered that the […]

The lady is wearing her blue dress

Friday /Saturday 14th Nov. I am in Mount Gambier, which as I said before, is about 900+klm  South-West of home. I arrived here yesterday afternoon after a five and a half  hour drive from Adelaide, where I stayed overnight. My accommodaying is quite pleasant and spacious so I  am comfortable enough. In the morning I […]

Wordless (sort of) Wednesday

Post storms and mining.

The place is slowly drying out. One Mall shop is still closed as repair work is being done, everyone else is back in business until the next belt of rain – whenever that may be. But it’s great – $56 Million upgrade and the roof leaks !!  The garden is drying out and once that […]

Wordless Wednesday