Thank you to everyone

My sincere  thank you to everyone for your  kind thoughts, hugs and expressions of sorrow. My only real consolation is that her illness did not drag on  and that for her it was over quickly. She was admitted to the clinic on Wednesday and died on Friday. To say we were shattered is an understatement, but in time we will think more of the good times and fun we had with her, indeed with both of the dogs,  and less about this dreadful week. Again, thank you all – you have been very kind and thoughtful and it is very much appreciated.



Update on Chienne

Chienne  when the world was very young,.
Chienne when the world was very young,.

Chienne had a bad night – vomiting, labouring for breath. The Vet worked with his staff trying to stabilize her but the infection overwhelmed her already weak system. With everything that was happening to her the stress was too much and her little heart gave up.  She died at 12:50 today. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts, hugs and kind words. It was all very, very much appreciated.

Update on Chienne

Chienne was taken to the Vet this afternoon. She is not a well girl. She has a serious viral infection and  has been admitted to hospital. She has been given antibiotics and is on a drip. She is dehydrated and very weak. I was a bit upset because I thought  it was my fault but I was told that these infections can happen very quickly and there was probably nothing I could have done. At 14 years of age we just have to help her to fight by looking after her and giving her the medication    that will help her fight. She will be in the hospital for at least 48 hours – perhaps over the weekend – but I will be able to visit her.

Home again – Chienne Unwell.


The flight from Dubai arrived early but there were delays through Customs and Immigration so it was about an hour before she was able to leave the airport and come over here to the hotel Being in a wheelchair because of the broken shoulder, she was the last person off the aircraft. Why was I not at the airport to meet her?  Simple really – my nieces –

The Entrance to the  A L B G
The Entrance to the A L B G

in Scotland – arranged for their mother to be picked up by a car at Adelaide Airport and brought here to the hotel. ( Very nice!)  She is looking well and I will have to do some things for her – nothing major just buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt. As I said the other day, when we leave and head for home depends on how she is feeling in the morning. I expect to stop in Port Wakefield for food and fuel.

Pt. Wakefield / Tin Man / Arid Lands B.G.

Yes, we did go as far as Port Wakefield and then stop for about an hour. Our next stop was  The Tin Man  but only because I wanted a bottle of water. From there to the Arid

The Tin Man Road House
The Tin Man Road House

Lands Botanic Gardens and  five new plants. I have put two of them in a planter and I’ll do the rest in the morning. I think it was after 1:30 when we got home and Herself wondering where we were. Sat with Chienne for a little bit whilst she made a fuss. I took her out for a walk.  It’s been a long day and I’ll be glad to get my head down. Tomorrow I have a Fundraising event for the RFDS, so another long day. Didn’t find out who won the Grand Final. We had sold out and packed up before the end of the game. It had been a long day from 9am to 4pm, but fortunately I wasn’t on duty until 11:30. With the temperature reaching the low 30c  by mid afternoon,  it was a tad warm after the cold and wet of winter. However, back to cold again this week I believe. The family came over for dinner last night and  Andrew & Trish will take Catherine  up  to the Flinders and have lunch there. Herself and I have the Church Fete this weekend so we have to be here for that. Also I have to look after the money and get it banked on Monday. I took her touring up in the Flinders last time she was here – actually we covered much of the State that last holiday.

I have been up since the early hours (3;45am) of this morning. What with all that went on from Thursday onward – the traveling and other things, I zonked out last night quite early. Herself, being the kind,  thoughtful person she is,  left me sleeping. So, I slept for about six hours  and woke up – and have been awake since. Not too happy about that.  Yes, ok,  I am happy about being awake and alive, just unimpressed with the timing aspect.

Can’t for the life of me think why but the song “Another one bites the dust” keeps running around in my head. :o)

Chienne relaxing
Chienne relaxing

Chienne has been ill and for a while during the night I was fearful that we would lose her. This morning she seems to be much better and she has been sick a number of times. Her breathing is better – less laboured –  and she has been drinking water. I  think it is something she has eaten – can’t think what, but after being here with me for most of the night she is now outside. I carried her out  earlier but she is going in and out on her own. For a good part of the night I had her on my lap, comforting and cuddling her.   As I said she is much better. I will go down to the shop and get some puppy food and see how she goes with that. But I will keep a very close eye on her over the next day or so.

New Year.

Here is this part of the Southern Hemisphere,  it is 19:28; the sun has gone down and it is Sunday 13th September 2015. To Rachel and all other Hebrew Friends, I wish you  the very best for the New Year. I hope the coming year is filled with Joy,Gladness and God’s Blessing.


On the Road again!

side01Still working on the area at the side of the Crazy Paying. I have, as I said the other day, completed all I have to do for the moment, but once I get settled down a bit I’ll make the change I want. However that’s not likely to happen until the crazy paving area is underway. In the top planter I have Purple Lavender  and in the lower planter I have White Jasmine.  I will get some more plants when I am in Bunnings. With my black thumb I don’t expect them to last.  However, I take comfort from the fact that you can’t kill river stone  :o)  Also, on the way home I’ll take Catherine for lunch at the Arid Lands Botanic Gardens and perhaps get a few things there. Well,  depending on how she is and when we leave Adelaide, it may well be afternoon tea and scones.

I went down to buy a set of car stands which were on special for Father’s Day   ( today only 60% discount) Couldn’t find them so asked an assistant who went off to look for them. Little while later he came back – “Sorry Mate, that’s a typo error, we don’t actually have them” Was not very impressed. Didn’t think it was worth the effort to  kick up a fuss since I’ll be down in Adelaide on Thursday and will hit Bunnings Thursday morning, so I’ll have a look then. I wanted a Ryobi Cordless Drill and  these are only sold by Bunnings so the Boys gave me gift cards for Bunnings – I’m very easy to please!!!

Only two days left and I am off to Adelaide. The weather looks to be good – 20c Thursday / 24c Friday so it will be two good days for driving.  Depending on the traffic and time, I would like to be able to stop somewhere along the way and take some photographs but the point here is that the road is much the same and I have just about taken

Bells Beach where the Australian Surf Championships are held
Bells Beach where the Australian Surf Championships are held

photographs down and back many times. Which is why I am looking forward to the meeting in November. This will be held in Mount Gambier and I have not been there before.  My family lived in Drysdale, Victoria for a while and I was out there a few times. Last time I was there was for my sister’s funeral. I drove to Kaniva, stayed there for the night and drove to Drysdale in the morning. My Brother-in-Law decided to take me touring the Bellarine Peninsula and out as far as the Memorial Arch at the start of the Great Ocean Road. We also  went to Bells Beach and Fort Queenscliff. Alan never got over my sister’s passing and six months later the children moved him to Adelaide. I was against this move but not my decision. He was comfortable and settled where he was and his friends were there.  His health deteriorated  and died 18 months later.

Going off to pack for the morning – and no, I do not travel light, one holdall for clothes and things, and another for cords, chargers, laptop, Modem. The camera batter is on the charger at the moment, but I’ll still take it – you never know…