Wetlands, Stroller and Adelaide.

Benji likes his new Pet Stroller

The wounds from the attack have cleared up and the fur is growing back, so there is no on-going concerns there. However there is a concern in that we know what is causing the limping on the right back leg. It appears when he jumped off Annabell’s chair to run to meet me when I came home,  caused more than a  sprain when he landed badly. Examinations  at the Vet. show that he has torn the ligament.

Presently he is in no  serious pain but I have to go to Adelaide this weekend so I will get him booked in for day surgery as soon as I get back. I cannot do it before I go since Annabell would not be able to look after him, as would be required. And here was me thinking that a few days in the stroller and he would be as right as rain. Oh, I have ordered a new stroller/ walker since this one is doing him good and killing me  :o)  This one is way too low for me. Pushing  it for any distance is really painful on the arms. I thought at first  that it was mainly because it was many years since I pushed a pram, but it’s more than that – the lowness of the  unit itself. So, the new stroller should arrive on Friday and that is 105cm at the rear – the pushing end. I think that will be a lot more comfortable;  well for me. Benji just  goes to sleep in the mornings. The new stroller is larger giving him more room to spread out and it is easier to set up and collapse

Morning has broken at the Wetlands.

We do not go walking around the area at the moment. There are too many dogs. We still go out at 6am, but I drive to the wetlands and we do our walking there. There are quite a few people there at that time even although it is still dark – mainly female walkers and joggers. They are all very friendly and Benji has a bit of a fan club.. I was asked to go with the Wellness Group on a Friday morning, but they have several people with dogs, and dogs are what I am trying to avoid at the moment.

I was given an old camera – a Canon Power Shot S1 IS.   I was asked to take it to a shop in Adelaide that deals with Camera equipment and the best offer I got for it was $25. It is a very old Digital Camera – good in its day and has been well looked after but it was suggested the best I could do is donate it to  an op-shop and let them get a few  dollars for it. I didn’t and I still have it. I was  instructed to get the $25 and donate it to the RFDS, so that’s what I will do. There is also an old tripod that goes with it, but that’s not all that great, so not really worth anything – I wouldn’t use it.


The drive to Adelaide was uneventful, although there are road works everywhere – and I mean everywhere, the  Port Augusta Road for about  30 klms. The main North Road. the Port Wakefield Road – three places including Port Wakefield itself. The  road works are so extensive, with single lane traffic and in one place, a convoy system. I was at meetings all day Saturday and did not arrive home until after 6pm. Annabell was a bit concerned because she knows I do not like being on the Port Augusta Road  at dark because of the problems of Kangaroos.  Not a good idea to hit one at 110 KPH.

The Old Canon Camera – still in great condition after 12 years.

The funeral I spoke about in a previous post is this coming Wednesday. I’ll travel down Wednesday morning and come back home Thursday Morning. Benji wont be too pleased that I am going  away again, but  there we are and unfortunately it means delaying the operation on his back leg for another week. Yes, today this is a fairly simple day surgery but he needs to be looked after until he is recovered and Annabell – unfortunately –  can’t do that.

Benji, Walkers and a mean daddy.

Benji at the Ada Ryan Gardens.
Ada Ryan Gardens

Benji has almost recovered and his fur is starting to grow over the closed / healed wounds. All this is good. What is not so good is that a new person has moved into the area and he and his  wife / partner have two big white dogs – Pitbulls – and  they were out with them this morning and he was struggling to keep his under control and with the size and power of that thing I was concerned. The reason Benji got attacked is that the  German Shepherd broke out of the harness. These things are a lot more powerful than a German Shepherd. Yes I am quite sure that the harness in this instance would not be a flimsy thing, but can I really take that chance. That dog was really trying to get away and my concern is that he might  be powerful enough to do just that. If that happened neither Benji and I would have any chance at all – and there were two of them.

That being so, I have decided tomorrow to  go for our morning walk to the Wetlands. There are numerous paths we could take so we can be out of the way. I might even start to introduce Benji to gravel.  I don’t know, Benji is not in any way an aggressive dog – perhaps these other dogs are just jealous of his good looks  :o)

Annabell has not been so good these last few days and she has another infection. I had her up at the hospital and then at the doctor the following morning. I will just have to keep an eye on her over the next few days. Still some time before we head back to Adelaide. Her doctor is going to contact Flinders and find out  some more information. I have to head off to Adelaide in two weeks for the quarterly conference – leave Friday – back  late Saturday afternoon. Gives me the opportunity to get some shopping done on Friday afternoon. Annabell wants me to get some things for her at Salisbury and at Spotlight.

The swans at the wetlands.
At the Ada Ryan Gardens. Do not know what they are.

A telephone call from Adelaide today and I  believe I might be going to Adelaide a lot sooner than expected. The  Senior Elder that I spoke about some weeks ago and said that she had stopped her medication but that she was still with us, may not be  very soon.  She has been moved to Palliative Care and  has a few days at the most. Mind you I had a friend who had brain cancer and was given  nine months, died 16 months later. Cathy  saw her son married and her grand-daughter present her with a great-granddaughter and that’s all she wanted so she stopped her medication, When  she stopped her medication and it was expected she would last no more than a few weeks ( over four months) I was asked to go to the funeral in Adelaide and represent the church.. The week after I head back down for Conference and probably two weeks after that – the Clinic with Annabell. A very busy month.

Bit of an upset last night. I snuck out the back door and went for a walk. Benji was not impressed that I had gone out without him. Annabell says he barked at the  door for ages, then lay down at the door whimpering. Poor thing – the ghost of his past must have paid him a visit. Anyway I wont do that again. So why did I do it in the first place?   Well, he has recovered from the attack so that’s good. However, we are not sure what he has done but he seems to have done something to his back lag and he is limping badly. I have to lift him in and out of the car, or on and off my lap in the house. We don’t know what he has done and his back leg has been stretched, prodded, pulled and poked and he never batted an eye, but he was limping badly and  and seemed to be in some discomfort. So we have been keeping an eye on him and I have been taking him out in the walker. That, let me tell you, is hard going. It is low and plays havoc with my arms.  I already had him out, so I went out on my own. Yes, I know, I am just a cruel and thoughtless person.

You’re just mean, daddy…