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Rain, snow, ice and frost – and that’s the good parts!

It’s been raining  since about 11pm last night. I have not really had a lot of sleep because I have a crazy Foxy Lady with very sensitive hearing and the loud rain on the pergola roof convinced her that “The Sky is Falling!”. The Maltese Terrorist did , as any good terrorist should, just pretend […]

Cold with a slight frost in the mornings.

On either side of the driveway is an area about two feet wide. When I did the garden I did not attend to this mainly because I wanted to get  the granite and the wood chips finished first. I had intended to get to it soon, but the weather put paid to that idea for […]

Still raining

I wonder if the weather forecaster will comment about the average June rainfall because we seem to have had more of our fair share – and june is only four days old. The same is happening across the border in the state of Victoria where that had a month’s rainfall in two days.  Part of […]

Winter Rains Continue

It has not been raining too much – mostly during the night and early mornings, then dull and overcast for much of the day. Apart from planting roses, I have not had a lot of time to do much in the garden. Other things have made demands on my time this week – over and […]

A Rose by any other name…

Since I am not working today and since it is dry for a change there are two things that I need to do. I need to get the unit cemented in place so that I can start work on the Washing line area as soon as it is practical to do so.  The crazy paving […]