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An interesting summer all round.

We are sort of like a pocket of calm  in the midtst of chaos – an island of sanity in a sea of madness, if you like. Bushfires, tornadoes and cyclones happen in other places. Extremes of weather (other than heat)  do not happen here. We have the occasional rain storm and high winds that […]

Tornadoes, Cyclones and Bushfires – it’s all go around here!

I suppose all countries are strange in their own way but Australia seems to be strange in every way. South Australia is scorching, Victoria is burning, parts of New South Wales are burning, Western Australia is wet and Queensland,  battered by cyclones and a couple of  tornadoes is flooding, battered and bruised. At the Australia […]

When enough is really enough!

Everything seems to have calmed down  for the moment and the cool change has allowed the fire fighters to bring  the two major bushfires under control. This has come as a welcome relief for the fire crews. The dogs have been good these last few days and they, like us, just wanted to try and […]

Lakes, Parks and Forest Fires.

I finally spoke to the people at the garden centre to try and identify the tree outside the house and  it would appear to be a “Paperbark”, so called because  the bark peels off like sheets of paper.  I decided to consult the  Garden Shop people after someone suggested that rather than a tree it […]

It’s an ugly tree, but it’s my ugly tree.

Now that the temperature has continued to drop (at least over here) I will try and get down to Adelaide during the course of this coming week. I have things I need to get done and my brother-in-law is back in hospital again so I would like to get out and see him. There is […]

So far – so good!

The interesting thing about Australia, in general, is the many contrasts and the way things can change so quickly – from normal to catastrophic in the blink of an eye. Only a  month or so ago, we were having heavy rain and thunderstorms – now we are in heatwave conditions with homes and property being […]

Change is good – or so I am told.

My life has undergone a bit of a change. On 31st. December we  locked up the church and the hall, made our farewell to the Session Clerk and set off home. We had only just finished lunch when we had a telephone call to tell us that the Session Clerk, Mrs. Mashford, had had an […]