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The Bridge, the Hill and a Starship

Other than church, I am having a day of rest. Tomorrow at noon I go into the hospital. All being well I should be home tomorrow evening. Yesterday I took Benji down to the wetlands, mainly because I wanted to do a nosy at the progress of the footbridge. I swear the Forth Bridge was […]

Here, There and Home

MustafaAdelaide; The drive down from home was uneventful and quite pleasant until I reached the Tin Man. I still had the best part of half a tank of fuel but I wanted coffee as well as fuel. Fortunately I went into the service station before I did anything or I would have really been in […]


Thursday Thoughts

I was not going to do another post until  I got back from Adelaide. I leave in the morning and will be out of touch for a few days. However, it’s a grand old day – the wind is blowing fit to burst and I sit here with the very loud sound of chainsaws in […]


Hospital, Benji and assorted hackers

The weather over the last few days has been fairly mild – 19c – 21c which means that I have been able to get down to the wetlands. We  normally do two circuits of the wetlands before we head for home. The foundations of the new bridge across the main pond have been constructed and if […]