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Wednesday again!

Annabell tells me that sometimes ( a lot of times!!) the way I say things or the way I write things, tends to annoy and irritate rather than amuse – which is what I actually intended. Perhaps it’s best I don’t comment at all. Much safer I suspect..   :o) Advertisements


Back on my own again.

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday)Dougal went back home. Even after only two days I was a bit sad to see him go. Benji and Dougal got on so well together. Annabell was amazed. It was a lovely day and I was sitting on the garden swing, rocking it gently back and forth – Benji sitting at one […]


Walks, Fete and and second dog.

Getting much lighter in the morning, but not all that much warmer. The days, however, are warmer and we had a little taste of summer when the temperature climbed up to 35c. That was exciting!! The following day it was 28c then fell back to  normal early spring temperatures of 20(ish). However, high 20s – […]

Wednesday – with words