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Cricket, Paintings, Poems and New Year

I liked cricket. Notice the word “liked”. I used to sit up to the wee small hours of the morning to watch the Test Match in the UK. I loved to watch the skills and the sportsmanship of Ian Botham, Clive Lloyd. Vivian Richards, Graham Gooch, Dennis Lillee , Rod Marsh, Alan Border, Richard Hadlee,  […]

A society addicted to “Celebration”

Christmas is an event that takes place from 1st. November to 30th December. Almost immediately after Halloween we start to see Christmas Decorations in the shops along with plum puddings and fruit mince pies. By the end of November and early December the whole thing is in full swing and the advertising machine is on […]

email, lost mail and Birthdays

23rd December. Firstly I need to say that I seem to be having  strange problems with my email – and it’s only a recent problem. I asked about this and I am informed (not yet verified) that MS Outlook will stop working if you do not upgrade to Windows 8.1. I did the Google thing […]

Arid Lands, Animals and Bugs.

It had cooled down a little when I left to travel to the gardens, thus it was quite a pleasant drive. I spent some time in town first, bought some pens and a M&M Dispenser. Fill with M&Ms and it’s ten cents to turn the handle for a small handful of treats. Ok, so it […]

Heat, Chienne and Road Trips

After discussions with herself  and the fact that the temperature is going to be  extreme , I telephoned Adelaide and cancelled my booking. I will not be going to Adelaide after all. Probably just as well. The high to extreme temperatures will cover about two thirds of the continent according to the Bureau  of Meteorology  […]

Heat, Yattering Birds and Road Trips.

According to the weather forecast, Thursday is to be around 42c, just the ideal weather for a drive to Adelaide and beyond – not quite as good as Infinity and beyond, but this is South Australia after all. Today it is supposed to be 37c yet, according to my outdoor thermometer the mercury is nudging […]

Dogs, Medication and the South Road

There is really not a lot (continual wind not withstanding) of things that frustrate me, but twice now I have had someone visit but I have no idea how to return the courtesy. Work Press tells me that  Fred Bloggs thought etc. but there is nothing else – no place for me to go and […]