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Wet Wednesday

From about  the middle to the end of last week the temperature was in the high 30c low 40c and hot outside so I did little work other than keep up the watering to the plants in the evening. This week I have been called in to work for the first two days and today […]

Autumn is a commin’

Amazing the end of summer already. Apart from a few blasts of heat ( like this current blast) it has been a fairly mild summer. There have been a few days of extreme temperature when the mercury has reached the low 40c but all-in-all it has been fairly mild. Although, having said that, the mildness […]

Progress – I think.

Once herself rises I am going to head off to Port Augusta – about 48 miles east of here. I  want to visit a particular shop then nip into their Garden Centre on the way out of the city. I don’t expect to find much, but it’s a different place to go and look at. […]

Washing Day again

Over the weekend my son and I drove to Adelaide (478 klms) and went out to Ikea and Bunnings. John bought  some nice chests of drawers and I bought a walnut bench for my office. From Ikea we drove to Bunnings and I bought the 12 meters of green outdoor carpet that I wanted for […]

Rocks in the head

The previous owner had a thing about rocks – big rocks. Not the teeny weeny things you  casually  flip from the ground into the trailer. No, this is the kind of rock that  takes really serious effort to move.  To continue with the upgrade of the front garden I need to have these rocks moved […]

It’s a dog’s life.

We have two dogs, which I sometimes refer to as my associates, or the assistant gardeners. The oldest, Chienna, we have had for ten years. We bought her when she was nine weeks old. Two years later we rescued a little Maltese and he has been with us ever since. When I refer to my […]

Dance like a Butterfly.

Ali had his ditty “Dance like a butterfly – sting like a bee”  Dance like a butterfly is to constantly move around – to flirt from space to space – and that’s really what I am doing. I cannot start the washing area until such time as I go to Adelaide and get the 12 […]