Work, Chocolate and little twisters


I have been called into work three days this week and decided that I am not available for the last two days.  I said that my garden is starting to get messy because I have not had the time to look after it, I should  have added that my room is also like a tip. I have  brought back paperwork from Adelaide and have not had the time to put it away before I was off again.  I really need some time to get things organised before starting again – i.e. heading south in the general direction of Adelaide. When we were in Adelaide last week, Herself  just wanted to go back to the hotel and rest after the journey and the tests. I took her to the hotel, got her settled and made sure she was ok. I then took off into town for an hour or so to do some shopping – mainly stationery that I can’t get at home. I wandered into David Jones and saw this display of Chocolate. Talk about “Death by Chocolate”. There was also a display of Marilyn Monroe, in Chocolate, but it was just too crowded and I couldn’t get near to get a good look and not the time to wait around.  Probably just as well!!

In the morning I will make a start on the garden and hopefully get rid of the bulk of these weeds. I also need to sort out the Sturt’s Desert Pea which has been sort of running wild and has overflowed into the driveway. The Arid Land plants are doing well, at least I think they are. I will know better when I can get to see them better through all these weeds. We have just had so much rain recently that the weeds have just taken off. The weather has been really odd and a tornado – not the big scary  ones like America gets, but big enough to cause a lot of  damage  on the outskirts of Adelaide –  touched down not far from Bolivar.

I’ve cleared the bulk of the weeds away and refreshed my Arid Lands Plants – which are doing well. I am also in the process of creating two new  raised flower beds alongside the garage. I had some thoughts about placing the flower beds on concrete but then I came up with the idea of using the wood chips as a draining agent  rather than a mulching agent – covered the bottom in a good layer of wood chips then the potting mixture on the top of that. Anyway, that’s

Masses of flowers!
Masses of flowers!

my theory and what I have done. I just have to see if it works  :o)  And the Sturt’s Desert Pea is taking over everything at the front — Joyfull with its bright green and bright red flowers.  I had to cut it back a little because it had spread out over the driveway and people, including me,  were driving over it.

Hospital, flowers and space invaders

The Lower Flinders Ranges
The Lower Flinders Ranges

First of all, the good news is that the tests Annabell (herself) underwent were clear and the doctors are pleased with her. We still have to live with other things but she is doing well and we don’t have to go back again until March of 2015 – which is great. The weather in Adelaide was cold and  added to the fact that she does not travel well, it was a difficult two days for her. It was a difficult day to be down in Adelaide and there being no parking available at the hospital I had to drop her off and then go find a parking place – which I did – about a kilometer away.  I parked then walked back to the hospital, then reversed the process when she was finished.  The time  was not all that crash hot for me either – five trips  in four week at 760 klm per trip is 3800 klms, and it’s  about time I had a break  from travelling.  Apart from the Sturt’s Desert Pea, my garden is suffering because the weeds have started to take over and I have not had a weekend nor time during the week to get it sorted out. I’ve done some but I need to spend some serious time in there over the next week or so. We stopped into the Arid Lands Botanic Garden on the way through, but there was nothing ready yet and the Desert Pea  they had was smaller than a seedling so it needs some more time. I’ll  be heading back to town on the 26th, so the travelling is not quite over yet for a little while.

The drive home was fun and we joked, when passing Bolivar (the Extreme end of Adelaide),  that we were leaving civilisation behind us and heading into the ” Badlands” – “Bandit Country”. Too many people have the idea in their heads that they just about need a helicopter gunship as an escort if  they leave the security of the Metropolitan District and head north .  It was also interesting for in that when we were at the start of the journey she realised, for the first time, that all the pastureland she could see on either side of the road to the horizon on either side,  was now military property. That aside, she slept most of the journey down and back, which was good.

I was up to my wee eyeballs over the weekend with RFDS Fundraising and other things and on Monday I was asked to

Some people call them 'Top-Notch" pigeons.
You invading my space, Bird.

work – which I did. I have this weekend free ( at the moment) and I should be able to get into the garden and attend to these weeds. I miss my little associates when I am away. I even miss him standing,  staring off into space and barking. He’s silly! I have even watched him barking at birds that have the cheek to invade his air space. I didn’t have a photograph of a bird on the fence, but I thought this would sort of give you the idea. It’s a Crested Pigeon – cute – but still a pigeon.

Hospitals,clinics and Sturt’s Desert Pea.

Masses of flowers!
Masses of flowers!

I do not have Wallabies and Kangaroos in my garden. I do have two dogs and the occasional wandering cat, which sits high on a fence and teases the dogs.  I’m not a cat person, but she/he is a lovely creature.

This week I head back down to Adelaide again. This will be – at least – one overnight stay, however, there is a possibility that it could be two, depending on how the meeting goes on Saturday. At this time of the year I will not make the long drive back home in the dark. The further north you go the more chance there is of wildlife on the road. If you hit a Kangaroo  the damage to an ordinary vehicle would be extensive – perhaps not quite so bad in a Jeep, but still cost a dollar or three to get the repairs done. I was told that there is a device you can fit on the front of the vehicle that will deter a kangaroo from coming near you – emits a high frequency noise – or something. Must look into that.

As expected the meeting went on until late in the afternoon and it was almost 5pm before I got back to the hotel. Fortunately they did have a room for me. There were some very contentious issues that were not entirely resolved and will have to be dealt with again at the next regular meeting in October. The space between will give people time to reflect on these issuses and, hopefully, come up with solutions. I arrived home Sunday afternoon and on Monday I was called into work – something I could really have done without.  On Thursday I head off again to Royal Adelaide Hospital and take herself for tests. Not looking forward to this because she is not a good traveller and the tests will tire her, so even although the hotel is nice, she will be glad to get back home.

Once back home I have to organise a fundraising event for the RFDS this Saturday. I think I have rostered myself on for that one and provided everything is ok, it should not be a problem. If it were summer I would be back home tomorrow night, since it would have been light until about 9:30pm.

Always something new at David Jones

Anyway I kind of feel like John Denver ” All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go” and  we take off shortly for the RAH. Her first appointment is not until 12:45 so that gives us enough time to get down there and get parked and make our way to the clinic. Depending on how she feels at the end of the day, we might have time to go into town for a little while. My son is staying here for a few days to look after the dogs.

Now the Wallaby!! Sorry.

Meet Rufus

The previous post was incorrect in that I forgot to remove the Wallabies part from the title. The Hospital part ran on (ok, so I’m long winded!!) more than I meant it to and I took the part about the Wallabies out. In essence it was that a friend  who lives in Tasmania has Wallabies who are frequent visitor to her garden. Recently she noticed that one the regulars ( she named him Rufus) had been injured – probably an altercation with a car. She called the Wildlife Park who sent out two wardens. She assumed that they would tranquillise  the animal and attend to his injuries. No so – under Tasmanian Law it is illegal to discharge a firearm (tranquilliser gun is a firearm)  within 200 meters of any dwelling.  Instead they tried to hand capture the the already stressed animal.  I can think of many  things I would like to do, but trying to capture a Wallaby (fully grown) by hand is most definitely not one of them  :o) She sent me a number of photographs and I’m sure she wont mind if I pinch one of them.

I see Kangaroos  from time to time and I keep a tight lead on the dogs. These silly  things would take off after it or them And I would be unlikely to see them again.  About 20 feet away from the end of the road  a fence has been erected  so we don’t see them as often as we used to – which is sad in one way, but in another it keeps them safe and away from any traffic since it can get busy at times when  strange people think this is a through road out to the main highway some  seven kilometres away. They stop at the end of the road and come back. I have redirected traffic several times when out with the dogs and pointed them in the direction where the road does go out to join up with the highway.


Desert Flowers and Wallabies

desert pea
Sturt’s Desert Pea

The Sturt’s Desert Pea has really taken off and I am  very pleased about that.  For a long time I was somewhat disappointed with it in that it was just green with no promise of flowers. Then  yesterday morning there were flowers and little buds everywhere on the plant, so I was really happy about that. Perhaps the  Arid Lands plants that I have put in the back will take and grow. That would be nice.  Although having said that the Sturt Desert Rose I planted have not really done anything, but considering how quickly the Pea started to flower, I’m still hopeful.  I’m a little bit concerned about the tree out front. Workmen repairing the storm water drains have dug into the area and exposed part of the root system – never a good thing to do with eucalyptus. Fortunately the weather has been fairly reasonable This morning I was called into work so I head off there later today. Herself had not so great  a day yesterday. We’ll see how she is this morning. I wont be going in to work until about 11am.  In ten days I will take her back down to the Royal Adelaide Hospital for her four year check-up and to make sure everything is  still fine.  Four years ago she had a golden staph infection that made her life – interesting!.  Oh yes they killed the  infection, but in doing so they got to the stage where they were pumping so many drugs into her that they started to compromise the liver and kidney functions. All in she was over  four months in three different hospitals, our local hospital and then  two in Adelaide – the Royal Adelaide and then a rehab .hospital for a further four weeks. I spent much of that time travelling back and forth and since I was staying there for days at a time, I left the car at home for John to use and I went down by coach and stayed at a hotel close to the hospital – or at least within walking distance.   Couple of times when one or other of the boys was not available, I had to put the dogs into  the local  RSPCA Kennels. Ok –  but they were really glad when we came to take them home I have to go down to Adelaide for a conference next week and the following week I go back down to the Hospital with herself.  John  is available to stay for a few days. We believe everything will be clear and we can return home and wait for the next appointments – four years hence – perhaps even longer  :o) I expect so because if everything is ok, then we don’t foresee any concerns and should not have to go back again. What we are going down for is the follow up on the original operation – nothing to do with the Staph infection. That’s gone (says he with hope in his heart!)