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Old dogs, Candles and Present Shopping

It’s getting to the close to publication time with the magazine and I have been very busy –  well this is the Christmas Edition and there are 20 pages in this edition. Added to this is the fact that as I have been doing this I have also been setting up the first edition for […]

Adelaide and Christmas Shopping

I said that the Thunder Shirt seemed not to be working for Chienne and whilst this does appear to be the case, I am not prepared to give up just yet.  I will try and work with her for a little while longer and see if we  can achieve some results. Who knows, it may […]

Bus trips and Thunder Shirts

This week has been a fairly quiet week. The conference in Adelaide was cancelled, but I still went down to Adelaide for the day. Last year I was to attend a Funeral in Adelaide and I wanted to go down and come back on the same day – something I will not do if I […]

Chienne, Angus and the Road’s End

WHEN I began writing this I really didn’t know what I wanted to achieve. I joined the old  My Place and wrote a blog on there for a few years. I didn’t have followers and in essence the weekly post was a way of talking to several friends who had moved away,  keeping them up […]

Gone: not here: departed.

I will be closing down this Apple comouter system presently. I am in the process of changing ov er to a new system which is causing me some problems.  I will be away for a few days and cannot devote time to  getting everything changed over. I can keep somethings bus this will be the […]

Fire, Dogs, Vets and Clothing

In a recent post I made mention of the major fluctuation of temperatures in this area. This week is a perfect example of what I was talking about. At the start of this week the temperature started to climb up and by Thursday it had reached 39+c. I had some friends that were about to […]

Dogs, Flowers and Fire Bans.

The weather has started to warm up a tad and the temperature today was 39c. but a cool change is on its way and it should cool down for  day or three before climbing back up again. The official Fire Season will being on 10th November and continue through until Mid-April. When I took the […]