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The Sands of Time

Today is Sunday 27th December – four more days and we reach the year’s end. I suspect the year may not be the only thing that will end in four days. I love my dog to bits and I would not change him for anything but I do miss Chienne and I expect that in the […]

Wordless Wednesday

Computers and Bushfires

Hmm.. As I suspected my BSL was  much higher than it should be. I got a lecture about health and chocolate so he upped my medication to give the insulin a better chance of controlling things. That’s how it will be for the next six weeks then back again to ensure that I have behaved […]

Wordless Wednesday

Funeral, Legend, Temperatures

It is like an old worn record that everyone is tired of hearing – I still have a limited mail service. At the moment I am using my ISP web mail which is very limited in what I can do. I  installed MS Office 2016 which did not have Outlook. So I asked the local […]

Wednesday – with words!

Home and Away

France,  and Paris in particular, are recovering from the recent atrocities inflicted on that beautiful city and people are returning to normal life and revisiting the places they once felt safe in. One restaurant owner said that all traces of the  damage had been erased and the place repainted and customers, albeit slowly, are coming […]