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Travelling, cars and planes

First off – an apology to CDL for ever doubting her! I was asked this holiday weekend to help a friend in his back yard. They have just bought this house and the area along the back of the fence has gone wild – feral even. The previous owners planted  Bougainvillea, never cut it, never […]

The Butcher, the Baker and the Dog Ramp Maker

Golleee… First time at a new groomer and what does he do – well,  he pees on her!! Goodness me, I didn’t know where to look. I was so embarrassed. Still, she took it in good part, put him in the play-pen and mopped the floor, then washed her hands and arms. He was crying […]

The Vet, The Man and Medication

Well, back from Adelaide, glad to be back home ,  although I have to go back next week.. I got up this morning to find that Outlook Express strikes again and the mail I was reading over the last two days had simply vanished. It’s not in the trash box, it’s not in the junk […]