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Elections, MPs and visiting dogs.

Last week we had an election and to put it bluntly – it was a schnozzle. In order to govern – in South Australia –  a party must have 24 seats to give it a working majority. We ended up with  Labor 23 – Liberal 22 and Independents 2. There was still postal votes to […]

Chienne and The Man

Her name (Chienne)  means several things but I prefer the term “Female Dog”  Unlike the Man, Chi was not adopted or rescued, Chi was bought by me – well, actually both of us – from a Pet Shop. Now  when you have calmed down and brought your arms back to your side after throwing them […]

Cell phones, Flowers and Teddy Bears

Aren’t mobile (Cell) phones wonderful. During the trip back  home I was able to call herself and get her to have a taxi waiting for me when the coach arrived at the terminal. Thus, I was home at 11:50 – before midnight  :o) Apart from the  crazy idea of walking through Adelaide, I was fairly […]

Coaches, Meetings and Rundle Mall

The Hibiscus that I planted the other week is doing well although I suspect the cooler weather has a lot to do with it.  Still, it’s all good and I look forward to some flowers. I was informed that the Sturt’s Desert Pea has to  be replanted each year – howeffer – it seems that […]

Barbecue, dogs and movies

Saturday and I spent the morning  helping to run a fundraising Barbecue for the RFDS. We were only there about three hours and managed to  raise about $340, which is not  bad. Herself had a good night last night  and after I laid out her breakfast I  set off to the BBQ. I did call […]

Hospitals. Canberra and Gooseberry Bushes

Over the last week or so  things have not been so well for some of the people I receive mail from – some of the posts I follow  – and this  distresses me because  I look on you all as extended friends and I find it all the more sad where animals, dogs or cats, […]