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Wordless Wednesday


Benji, Trees and Firefox

Sunday; and for the first time since  we adopted Benji, we had a family dinner. This meant that for the first time the two girls were here with Andrew, Trish and, of course, John. I was a bit concerned about how Benji would react to the girls and how the girls would take to Benji. […]

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday ( Rest day)

Settling in: New home: New family.

Tuesday and  things are settling down. Benji has settled in well and  has the full run of the house and the yards. We have been out walking but the harness I have is just a bit tight so I will see about getting a new one today.  This has been the October Long Weekend, with […]

Wordless Wednesday

Catherine, Road Trip and Introducing Benji

The drive to Adelaide was uneventful. I took Catherine shopping – mainly to the duty free and then along Rundle Mall before heading off to the hotel. I was staying – she was not. The car came for her at 19:45 and her flight was at 21:45. I did not go to the airport with […]