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Gracie, The Man and a bit of a bug.

That was a struggle and even the two of us could not control him. He fought and clawed us every single moment, screamed and yelped in herself’s ear until we finally released him – half done.  What was this traumatic experience we subjected The Man to ???  We gave him a bath – or tried […]

Watching grass and Conference woes.

The Man’s health  is declining but he is not making it any easier to help him. He resists every attempt to be nice to him and help him. I have stopped taking him out with me because I have to watch him like a Hawk – not for his benefit but for mine. He cannot […]

Holes in the Garden and the Man

Two trips to Adelaide in two successive weeks – one this Wednesday and the other the following Friday. I have one run to Elizabeth in November for the Commission and one in December for the  Conference and that will be me for the year. I don’t have to move out of town until next February. […]

Clan gatherings, gardens and vacations

Today is a day of extreme fire danger – hot temperatures coupled with a high wind – gusting at 90-110 kph. It’s just gone 06:30 and already  can hear it outside. Yesterday I bought the material for the retaining wall along the back fence. There’s not a lot I can really do with this area […]