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Field Days. Shows and Hospitals

Mid-July and August are the traditional “Show or Field Days” period.  I think for America it would be about equal to the State / Local Fair. The Royal Adelaide Show is about on the same par as your State Fair.  We have just completed the Eyre Peninsula Field days in which we exhibited the  RFDS […]

Back from Adelaide again.

Adelaide (second time) was fun. The aircraft was due to land at 20:15 so I got there a little bit early. Now, in Adelaide airport, all the shops and the eating places and the coffee shop are all upstairs and in order to get to them one must go through security. I had the great […]

Home, for a while!

I have been working in my room for most of today and it is cold outside, so much so that I carried the Man’s bed from the other room into my room, where there is a fire. He is curled up and asleep. He sleeps a lot these days. In fact he spends most of […]

Laptops and Travelling people

John continues his holiday which is sounding more like General Patton’s March through Europe in 1944/45. Just reading his posts is tiring in itself  :o) He starts his last tour now which is a twelve day tour of Northern Europe. I am still in Adelaide at this very moment but I leave for home in […]