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Australia – Frying tonight!!

Thursday 24th Jan. This morning I took Benji out for his walk at 05:30. I thought I might as well, I was awake anyway. Actually, I had been awake since 3;40 – it was a very hot, sticky night and I didn’t sleep too well.  We saw quite a few Kangaroos and when I got […]


We have the Power — Oh no you don’t !!!

Well, we have now – otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. The power went off without warning at 3:01 yesterday (Sunday) 1st SMS  4:30       SA Power Network: Power will be restored at 6pm 2nd. SMS   6:16     SA Power Networks: Power will be restored at about 8pm. 3rd SMS   9:00       SA […]

Heatwaves and temperature crashes.

The highest temperature recorded in the town’s history, was how the temperature of Port Augusta was described. The  “Official Temperature”was recorded as 48.9c but the temperature monitor in the center of the town recorded 52.6c. Here, my monitor recorded a temperature of 43c as did the monitor of a friend in another part of town, […]


This is unexpected – what do I do now?