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Dogs, Beaches and Coffee Groups

The Second walk with the WaWa was better than the first one. This time she did take the lead.She has an extending leash  and every so often she would stop and look back as if to say “c’mon you two, keep up!”  I want to get rid of her collar and get a harness on […]

Road Trips, Vets and WaWa Walks

It is two years  since The Man died and I still miss him. Oh,  I love my Benji; he and I go  off on our own as often as we can and I wouldn’t part with him for the world. Still,  I miss The Man and he is never very far from my thoughts. And […]


Casablanca, Benji and a Road Trip.

The temperature over the last few days has started to climb a little and today (Wednesday) was 38c However it is not expected to get too hot for the next few days and  over the weekend. That being so, we might actually be able to get out.  Wherever we go out of town it is […]


Salt Lakes and Camels

After the week out and about with Benji it rained most of the day Sunday and almost all day Monday. Today (Tuesday) wasn’t too bad and we were able to get out to the beach this afternoon. I love  this since it’s a school day and the  beach is  empty – not a soul – […]