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Could we start again, please?

At the start of the week we were breaking records for heat, and sending out bushfire warnings  by Thursday we were breaking new records – for rain. Talk about a weird week. It’s Saturday 8am and we have just had yet another downpour. At least there is one consolation and that is that both of […]

Fire, Floods – it’s a weird place!

The temperature shot up to 44c again and is expected to stay high until the weekend. The dogs are  curled up asleep  under the air-conditioner. I said that I had gone into a stationery shop called Kikki.k to get some things for a friend but what I didn’t say is that I left my Scanda […]

Parole, Fires and Roundabouts

So Schapelle Corby is to be released on parole. I have always believed in her innocence  and it may well be that I am just Naive, I really hope that I am not proven wrong. Since the very beginning I have always felt that she  was not guilty and that her father and brother had […]

Adelaide, Driving and Bushfires

Friday Adelaide: The run down to Adelaide was quiet and uneventful. The temperature was  38c and it was hard to get out of the air – conditioned car at times  :o) I managed to get all the things I wanted done and was able to get repairs to my Filofax. It’s close to 25 years […]

Specialists, high heat and driving again.

As I suspected the doctor wont do anything much until he gets the report from the Specialist. He did talk about sending her to see another  Specialist at the RAH –  This person is a Kidney Specialist and it is believed that the amount of drugs they  put into her system to fight the MRSA […]

Medical Tests and another Road Trip

Australia’s National Highway 1 was created in 1955 and is the longest National Highway in the world. It circumnavigates Australia, linking all the mainland Capital Cities together. It is some  14,500 klms. long, the nearest being the Trans-Siberian Highway followed by the Trans-Canada Highway.  We are not part of the National Highway Grid. We join […]