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The Bank and The Port

Today (Wednesday) after the ladies had gone, I drove Annabell  to Port Augusta. Since we were both going to be away for quite a few hours, I decided that we should take Benji with us. I felt he would enjoy the trip. Difficult to tell, really, since he curls up and goes to sleep. The […]


Out and about

It’s now into Autumn (Fall) and the days are still warm to very warm ( 28 – 37C) but it’s not too bad and we can still get out and about – just have to make sure the ground is not too hot. Message last week  suggested that I should be in Adelaide this weekend […]


Not my best days.

Every so often “one of those mornings” comes along. This morning was that morning. We went down to the church yesterday to photocopy the minutes of the Management Meeting ( Annabell is the Secretary)  and the Church Newsletter. Part of the way through that Annabell started feeling a bit unwell, so I took her home. […]