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The May Travels – coming home.

After a good shower, coffee and breakfast I set off from Tailem Bend. It was close to 7am before I got on the road and I couldn’t help reflecting that had I been in Adelaide I would have been leaving  Port Wakefield by this time. Anyway, the first little while the weather was not too […]


The May Travels

Sunday: Annabell is much better today. The antibiotic kicked in and she is a lot better than she was last night. She has to take the second antibiotic this evening and we will go see the doctor tomorrow. I am feeling much more relaxed than I was  yesterday. When we returned from the hospital I […]


Thank Goodness Its Friday

Once Dougal went home, the times walking were a little more comfortable and less frustrating. Dougal is a barker  and tends to go gaga if he hears another bark or, indeed, any noise. It does not make for a really enjoyable  walk with him dragging and pulling. Benji, on the other hand is sort of […]