Out and about – again.

Well, that’s one task almost completed. I have finished writing the Church Newsletter and have now sent it off to my two proof readers, one of which is Annabell. Once they come back to me and I make the corrections, I will send out the Newsletter by email to those who have it and by […]



Cultana::  This is one of the Australian Army Play Pens. It is approximately 2100 square klms.  I have shown these three photographs on the way to the lighthouse to illustrate that apart from  the road and the front of my car, everything you see is part of the Army Play Pen. Driving to the Port […]


Benji and me – out and about

Friday and after church I took Benji down to the wetlands again. I was surprised to see workmen working on the cafe  construction area. I mean it was Good Friday and a Public Holiday. Odd – very!  Anyway, Benji was ok and we did well until the gravel section and I carried him over that […]