Home – Feet up.

It was a very hectic time with meetings not only every day but several meetings per day in one instance. Added to this was the fact that on the Thursday when I left the temperature was hitting a  a hot 46c. On Wednesday we had 44c and I was out  doing things for the RFDS. […]

Wednesday again.



Heatwave, Flowers and Eagles

When the temperature hits the mid to high 40c it very rarely lasts for more than two days – three tops. But even those two days are enough to do a lot of damage. The north of the State, the Flinders Ranges and beyond change from arid lands into desert landscape. In the spring these […]


Warmish Day in old SA

Tomorrow I head off to Adelaide and a wonderful 42c, so shopping should be a load of fun.  When the arrangements were made there was no indication of this kind of temperature but regardless, my son ( with whom I am hitching a ride) has to go down anyway, so I didn’t want to appear […]