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Monday is Washing Day!

Been a sort of busy day. I finally cleared the remains of the cement block and have started to put the new Hills Hoist clothes line system into place. In the morning I will  clean the area out and cement it into place. Once it has time to cure and settle I’ll  start to bring […]

Going Forward

No further work done  in the garden today as I was called into work. I hope to be able to continue on Thursday but if I get called in tomorrow I will do it on Friday. I have left instructions that I do  not get called in  on a Friday, so at least I know […]

It Begins!

The test results yesterday were  clear and the infection is starting to clear up, so the  doctor being so cautious was justified. I don’t think either of us could go through the MRSA period again.  I have just come back from Adelaide and I should not have to go back down again until June. The […]

Moving forward – slowly.

I got the edging but won’t be able to do much on Monday. I have to take herself to the doctor to get the results of her tests. We expect everything to be clear and the tests are just her doctor being cautious. We don’t want to have a repeat of the Staph infection that […]


For most of the night it has been raining. The sun is out but the ground is soggy. No edging today. By the time I returned from hospital (herself for tests) I thought it best to lave the place to dry out before I start working in the area.. It’s unbelievable but true that Wet […]

Moving Forward

The way this house is situated it would be difficult to get a forklift under the carport let alone a machine that can till the soil. I would have difficulty finding space for 5 hens, let alone 30.  Some of the sites that I have visited on the assumption that I might learn something  are […]

All Change!!

As it happens I will not be going to Adelaide after all.  The business that needs to be done is no longer important enough to warrant a 500 mile round  trip to Adelaide so it’s been cancelled.  I was going to go down with him but there you are. Now I’ll have to stay and work if […]