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Thursday Update

The car was taken to the repair shop for examination and the results are worse than I imagined. The damage is to the front panel, the bonnet, the front door, the rear door and the rear panel.  Just looking at at it, it seems like cosmetic repairs – not so. As I said there was […]


The week ends – with a bang, not a whimper..

Sunday 24th February It has been a very hectic week with all sorts of things happening, up to and including a funeral. However, we decided to have an exciting ending to this hectic week – tie it all up, so to speak.  This morning, after church we had a Management meeting. After the meeting we […]

Kangaroos and Living Plants

As far as we understand, the funeral will take place at the Church on Tuesday at 11am. That’s what we organised, however, her son, breezed in from London and would have preferred the funeral to have been on Thursday past so he could catch the weekend flight back to London.  Although I have  done all […]


Going Nowhere

Left home Friday morning – a bit later than usual – and headed off to Adelaide. I made sure that everything was set up for Annabell before I left. The drive down was uneventful until just outside Port Wakefield where a serious  crash had blocked part of the highway. My lane was clear – but […]