Thursday Update

The damage is mainly at the bottom of the door on the inside.

The car was taken to the repair shop for examination and the results are worse than I imagined. The damage is to the front panel, the bonnet, the front door, the rear door and the rear panel.  Just looking at at it, it seems like cosmetic repairs – not so. As I said there was a big tow bar on the car that hit me and that is where the problem is. The towbar has gone through the bottom of the passenger door and damaged the frame. With the frame compromised the car has to be written off.  The insurance Co. will pay the book price of the car. Now, I have had this car for a long time, it is a Ford Falcon Futura Classic, regularly service, well looked after and well cared for. but all that counts for nothing and what I will get paid out is only fraction of what the car is really worth. Oh well, welcome to the real world. At the moment I can drive the car but that will end as soon as the report by the Repair Garage is accepted by the Insurance Co. and the car has to be handed over  and the registration plates removed ——-and the cheque is in the bank. Once that is completed – hopefully soon – I will head off to Adelaide and look for another car. And yes, I could get one here, but Adelaide will be cheaper – larger volume of car sales so cheaper prices.

The week ends – with a bang, not a whimper..

Sunday 24th February

This is only part of the overall damage

It has been a very hectic week with all sorts of things happening, up to and including a funeral. However, we decided to have an exciting ending to this hectic week – tie it all up, so to speak.  This morning, after church we had a Management meeting. After the meeting we closed up and I took Annabell to the shopping center. She felt the  item that she particularly wanted was cheaper at the smaller chopping center on the way home, so after leaving the main shopping center we headed there. She got what she wanted and we got back in the car and started to drive off. Just at that moment a vehicle decided to back out without paying attention and crashed into me. On an American car this would be the driver side, here it’s the passenger side. She backed out at a fair trot so there was extensive damage to the car, however, much more serious was the fact that Annabell was trapped in the car  since the  door had been pushed in and could not be opened. The police , fire brigade ( I’ll explain that) and an ambulance were called. There was a delay before the Fire Brigade arrived but the  Medics tried to assess Annabell  but could not until we got the door open and her out.

After Annabell was out.

Anyway they got her out and she was placed on a gurney and taken into the Ambulance. Once she had been assessed they called their supervisor in Adelaide and outlined the  situation. Her suggestion was that she should be taken to the hospital for examination – just to be safe.. The police took all the details then both the other driver and myself were tested   for alcohol and then drugs.  The damage also included  damage to the rear tyre, so that had to be attended to in order to make the vehicle safe

Once all the legal details were attended to I  spoke to the attending officers and they told me that I could drive the car home – but no further, so, I have no car. Fire Brigade. What you see is the normal  fire engine that would attend a fire, however, out of the picture is the Big Emergency Unit with all the major and heavy equipment. This was a  Shopping Center car crash and there is always the possibility of leaking fuel, a possible fire and so on. So in the case of an incident in a car park the Emergency Unit comes to assess the situation. The other car had a big towbar and most of the damage was done with the towbar. In essence, the whole side of the car will have to be replaced. Somehow I have the feeling that this could take a while to get sorted out.

Just asked Annabell if she had a good day? She said yes – it was interesting and she met some really nice paramedics.  “How About you?  “Yes I too had a good day, chatted to some friendly police officers and a couple of Firemen. So yes, it was an interesting day”. Well, no point in fretting about things you can’t change   :o)


Kangaroos and Living Plants

As far as we understand, the funeral will take place at the Church on Tuesday at 11am. That’s what we organised, however, her son, breezed in from London and would have preferred the funeral to have been on Thursday past so he could catch the weekend flight back to London.  Although I have  done all the work –  the Order of Service just needs the nod and I can start printing, collating and have it ready for Tuesday, I am advised that there may well be changes  and not to print just yet. There is a meeting with the son on Sunday  and if he decided to change things to

The small park around the corner

what he wants, it doesn’t leave me a lot of time to get everything organized, printed, collated and out. No pressure, yesterday will be fine. :o)

Ina is back in hospital and  we had a phone call to ask if we would look after Dougal for a few weeks, I was out  but Annabell said that it would be fine. The daughter has been staying for a bit but we will get  Dougal when she goes home sometime next week. Don’t mind really, Dougal is no trouble at all. He and Benji get on fairly well and Benji doesn’t seem to mind Dougal sharing his toys. The only thing Benji gets cranky about is the sleeping arrangements. Dougal occupied the place next to me and Benji got cranky about that and made certain  Dougal understands who sleeps where in future.

We spent most of Monday afternoon at the church getting the place ready for the funeral.   I  printed, collated 120 copies and passed each pile over to Annabell for folding. She can’t do a lot but she was sitting down and could do that for me – I mean, she couldn’t help with moving furniture and re-arranging pews, but she could do the folding, a total of 120 x 2 double sided copies, so she was a great help in doing what she did

The funeral went well as well as funerals are and our little church was  full with close to 110 people – which is our maximum.l She joined the church in 1987 and was a Member of the Board of Management, Board Treasurer and Leader of the Sunday School. The children loved her and it was so very pleasing to see many of the former Sunday School  (grown up and married of course) there to say farewell.  It was one of the former Sunday School members who read the lesson. The service lasted over one hour mainly because the “in-thing”in Australia at the moment is to have a Power Point and that took up time. The committal at the Cemetery was relatively short and we returned to the church hall for lunch, which all the ladies of the church provided.

It still lives

I have been outside since the heatwave mourning dead plants, clearing up the mess and cleaning out the plant pots. In doing so I discovered that the age of miracles  hasn’t passed as the photograph will show. This was, to all accounts a dead plant and in among the dead and brown leaves was a hint of green, which I have worked with. It’s encouraging as we draw towards the last weekend of summer. The mess is not caused by dead plants but rather the piles of  boxes, bags of clothes and unwanted furniture that my niece decided she didn’t want to take back to Adelaide.  Some has gone and Lifeline will come and collect the remainder of the furniture on Monday. I’ll spend part of the weekend  sorting through the boxes and the bags. In a couple of weeks the boys are heading over to Melbourne for some concert. Andrew is staying in Melbourne for a few days but John is coming back to Adelaide. I said I would go down and pick him up. It’s only an overnight stay and gives me the opportunity to do some shopping for Annabell at Tea Tree Plaza or the Elizabeth Center. I have been thinking about a new camera and this might be an opportunity to have a look around.

Still no word about the specialist and the insulin stuff as yet and the earliest we can get to see the eye specialist is May

Going Nowhere

Traveling , just Traveling

Left home Friday morning – a bit later than usual – and headed off to Adelaide. I made sure that everything was set up for Annabell before I left. The drive down was uneventful until just outside Port Wakefield where a serious  crash had blocked part of the highway. My lane was clear – but slow and the other lane was backed up  from the intersection to Port Wakefield itself. This is where the Copper Coast Highway joins the Interstate Highway 1. It’s a bad  junction and has been the site of many accidents over the years.  Governments have  thrown money at the place in at attempt to  contain the flow of traffic but it’s still a problem and on holiday weekend is the site of a major bottleneck. The present government has proposed a solution and is willing to  fork out $90million to sort the problem. Most people believe that this also will not work until governments  do what needs to be done – build a new road that bypasses Port Wakefield altogether. But they wont do that. Despite being a  bottleneck, Port Wakefield heavily relies on the traffic for its survival. Because everything has to go through  PW,  there are more food outlets and service stations, bakery, repair shops than anywhere else and all the coaches coming from and going to the North, stop at PW ( BP Service Station)  for refreshments and a break. Therefore, despite all its problems, PW is a major supply and service center and a  bypass road that takes the traffic away would cause irreparable damage to the local economy and, to a lesser extent, the State Economy.

The remainder of the drive to Adelaide was quiet until Adelaide and city traffic. I managed to get most of the things Annabell wanted and did

The entrance to the hospital

some shopping for myself – mainly things from Officeworks for my diary – which – by the way is getting harder and harder to find. I think I said before that ordering things from the UK and the USA is getting too expensive because of the postage charges. Some time ago there were two outlets in Adelaide, but they have closed down.

The hot weather is coming back again for a bit but I don’t mind, it’s already done all the damage it can do and my plants are all dead. I did have a hope for a little while that it was only the outside leaves that had been burned by the sun and the plant and roots were still alive. I kept watering all the plants – even if they looked dead. Well, I now realize they are dead and no amount of water will  change that. So, the hot weather  kills the plants and the wind assaults us with 87,000 leaves.

RFDS Patient Transfer Whyalla

This has been a slightly frantic week with three fundraisers to organise, two unplanned medical appointments and a funeral to get ready for. Well, the hopes that my last two months as Secretary of the  Whyalla RFDS would be quite and trouble free, were always wishful thinking. The specialist in Adelaide has been unable to recommend any suitable medication for Annabell. There is another drug that she could take which would fit the bill, but the problem is that that has to be taken with a partner drug and the second drug is toxic for her. So, we both may have to go to Adelaide to visit a specialist who will teach us both how to administer insulin injections unless there is one visiting here. No idea when that will be. I may be an apology for the next church conference because Annabell  has an appointment to see the eye specialist and that’s when his next visit is.

Why “Going Nowhere”as the title?  Simply because Neil Sedaka’s song has been running through my head these last few weeks and that’s how I have been feeling sometimes – sort of running around in circles going nowhere. Well, I suppose it’s preferable to standing still and stagnating :o)

On the news this afternoon there was a major accident at the Highway 1 and the Copper Coast intersection this morning. Sadly two people were killed and a third one flown  by ambulance helicopter to Adelaide. Honestly this intersection really needs sorted out – soon..