Cockatoo, Strange Flower and Ada Ryan Garden.

Friday April 8th.

Always My Boy!

Son John has just called me and let me know that he has had a close contact with a person who has tested positive to Covid-19, so he has to isolate until such time as he can organise to get tested himself. I guess that means we wont be seeing him this weekend. The covid cases continue to climb in South Australia and we are almost 7000 new cases per day, and the socialists want to remove masks next week and remove all restrictions. Civil rights groups are taking the  Government to court  for its imposition of mandatory vaccinations for certain job groups, police, teachers and school staff and retail staff. We are in a

This is our Cockatoo at the Gardens

situation one week before the end of term that schools are having to close down because there are not enough staff to cope with classes with so many teachers and support staff across the state  testing positive to covid. They are practtically  begging retired teachers to  return to teaching to help them out and get them over the crisis. Perhaps if someone  could give the socialists a good shake to waken them up to the fact that the previous government put the rules in place for a reason – to keep the people of South Australia safe. Up until now it has. Now with the continued increase in cases,  coupled with the removal of almost  all restrictions, SA is no longer the safe haven it was.  Thanks guys!!

Things are strange. As the rain and rainstorms continue to  bomb New South Wales and parts of Victoria with more flooding and  much “re-flooding” South Australia has warm, sunny 30c weather yesterday, 32 tomorrow and 34 on  Monday. After that we may have some rain, but not a lot. That’s good – a wee drop of rain is good for the garden.

On the subject of gardens, I have been taking Benji to the Ada Ryan Gardens most days. In this lovely weather I would like to drive out to the lighthouse or Port Douglas, but we are thinking about  130 klms round trip.  I  filled the car up on Thursday and that set me back $117 so can’t do that too often and drive back and forth to Adelaide. However, the gardens are still looking good despite the fact that a lot of the flowers  have died, but it’s still a good walk  in the shade of the big trees.  It being, as I

Strange Flower

said, a warm, sunny day, there were several picnics at the gardens and there was also a jumping castle. The barbecue area was empty but there were long tables set up with food and drinks and lots  of coolers. The children seemed to be having a great time. Benji and I wandered away to the far side of the gardens and  stayed away from that area.. However, I think it is  good that the gardens are being used for what they were designed for more often.

The Boy and I comtinue our walks.In the morning we set off in a kind of half-light that brightens up fairly quickly and  it’s  saylight when we are on our way back.. The evening is dark all the way so I have reduced the distance and the overall time of our evening walk> I don’t think he is too bothered as long as we get out together.

Dogs, Birds and Word Press problems.

The run down to Adelaide was slow due to the roadworks  and the duplication of the main highway. The drive through Port Wakefield wasn’t all that much better with the bridge works and the access roads still being constructesd. However, what is in operation  is good and has certainly  cleared the deadly intersection that caused so many accidents – and a few deaths. All of this takes time so we are going to be stuck with these dalays and road closures for quite some time to come.  Once we reached the  city I was able to stop off at Officeworks and get Annabell the new computer that I promised her. We set the computer up in  the room for her to have a look at and yes, I did remember to bring a monitor, keyboard  and cables with me. It’s a Lenovo – 16gb Ram with a 512gb hard drive+ 2TB drive. I only took a small(ish) monitor down with us but once we get everything sorted out and set the things up, I will give her a much larger monitor. I did  get her to play with my laptop for a bit before a decision was made – laptop or desktop – and  she was not too comfortable on the laptop- more used to a keybnoard. So, a desktop (Tower) was the final decision..

We only arrived back late Wednesday afternoon and I have hardly had time to stop.  Everything has just been a mad rush since we got back. We also have a tentative date for the next day surgery of  Monday May 16th. Although this is the date we have been given, I’m not too sure about it as the day surgery is generally a Friday = but we’ll see.

We have been home for a week now and already I am starting to organise things for the  three days and the day surgery in May. Had a call from Canberra about a document they want signed. Seems the document is on its way, I get it read it, sign it and send it back  by return post. It has to be there by the 18th April and it’s not here yet. I think Canberra is unaware that the postal service in South Australia is run  by the Pony Express. The clocks went back on Sunday so we are back to normal time rather than daylight saving. Benji got a little bit anxious when he believed I should be serving him dinner, but I compromised and gave him his dinner a bit earlier than normal in the new time. I will slowly work it back to the new time..

Cockatoos – again.

Currently there are two Cancer Council Lodges – Flinders Lodge and Greenhill Lodge. Annabell and I stay in Flinders Lodge and that’s where I will book for the May trip. This will probably be for the last time since both lodges have been sold to developers and are currently leased back to the Cancer Council. However, the new Multi-story Lodge should be ready for August/September so that will be interesting. I  will be sad when Flinders Lodge closes since I will miss the nightly visit by the Sulpher Crested Cockatoos.

Not sure about that :o)

At the moment it is unsure what will happen with respect to the Commissioner to the State Assembly and the Presbytery. I have been doing this for so long and part of the reason for that is that there is no one else. We don’t have the qualified person to take over. If we fail to fill the position, then Assembly will appoint one of its members to act on our behalf and that person may not have our interests at heart. The position itself is not too great a burden  nor do I mind the driving to Adelaide and back five times a year, but each  trip means two days away from Annabell. That’s what bothers me. It is amazing how your mind-set changes. I am like a yuppie  ( I said “Like”)  I cannot go anywhere without my mobile (cell) phone. I have turned the car round and gone back home because I forgot to lift the phone If I go outside to work, my phone goes with me. If Annabell gets into trouble and calls me I need to get back as quickly as possible. This is why I stopped going to the Wetlands in the morning. My reason tells me that if Annaberll had another seizure. she would not be able to use the phone, I realise this, but it’s not changing what I do or how I think. All very strange.

I am trying to respond to posts but we have gone back  to “your WordPress account has expired” then it deletes what I have written.  So, please understand that I am not ignoring anyone. Not all posts so it’s like being blocked from certain posts. Decidedly strange.


Out and About Again

The birds in the main cage

Benji and I are still wandering through the Ada Ryan Gardens.  I  am getting some questions about how I took the photographs of the birds in the Aviary  when the bars are so small – was I allowed inside the  unit just to photograph the birds?  The answer is no, I was not and like all other people I took my photograph outside  the cages. However, there is a way of  by-passing the small squares of the cage and producing a decent photograph.  I have to say that the gardens are looking really good, well kept and looked after. However, I did notify the council about the lack of “doggie

Have no idea what these flowers are but I liked them.

bags” in the main dispenser and the fact that I had to drive to the foreshore and get a few bags from there, then drive back again. Council were good and responded quickly and the  dispenser was refilled. Well, it stands to reason that they would because the Gardens are popular but I have to say that there are people who are  not so considerate of others and refuse to clean up after their dogs. Anyway, went down to the gardens with Benji this afternoon and true to their word, the dispenser is all filled up.

It was an interesting afternoon in that I did not realise that there was a free concert on in the foreshore park and the place was packed – lots of children – not the place for a Benji, so we retreated back to the gardens where it was quiet . Summer here just didn’t happen but

Don’t know what this is.

autumn is proving to be really much nicer. The temperatures have been good with just enough  rain to keep things watered and fresh. The only fly is that we have had a State Election and the Socialists won. This means that for the next four years of non-events we will have the Socialists claiming that they were left such a mess by the previous government that they couldn’t keep any of the  promises they made. And in order to fix the mess they left we have to impose new taxes although we said we wouldn’t. Same old, Same old… They have a reputation of continual and reckless spending – some of which our great grand-children will be living with.

Today ( Monday) was shopping day and since Annabell was still not the best, we went shopping in the morning so she could get home and rest. Once all was done and I made lunch I took Benji out for a drive. We drove out to Iron Baron, which used to be a mining settlement.  It was a good 50+ klms from town  and had a good camping ground. I sometimes  went out there and spent the night – usually a Friday night when the  Club was open. Since those days,  the mining operation  ceased, the people moved out. In 2011,  before BHP reopened the mine, the township, school, houses,  sport courts, swimming pool and the Community Club, were all bulldozed –

Once there were houses here

nothing, not even rubble, remains. Everything was dumped in a large pit at the far side on the mine. People who work at the mine are brought in by bus, or drive in their own cars – 55klms from Whyalla, 48 Klms from Iron Knob – another small mining town.  There is a series of  continious hills of various sizes that begin about 40 miles from here and run  for about 50 miles. They are very

With mum a few years ago.

rich in Iron Ore and there are several mines in that area. These are where Andrew heads for when he is on call – most of the time. I have a photograph of my mum somewhere when she was about 17 and ready for tennis,. – probably around 1929/1930

Yesterday was a really nice day for the Iron Baron drive. Today is cool to mild with some rain – not a lot and not really rain, more “drizzle” than actual rain. As long as it stays dry for the drive to Adelaide on Monday coming, I don’t mind too much . We don’t think the visit to Flinders Medical will be anything other than a consultation and an exam and to make arrangements for the next day surgery. At least, that’s what we expect, but you never know…

Peaceful Odds and Ends

Lismore New South Wales

The Eastern States, particularly Queensland and New South Wales  have been suffering the brunt of Mother Nature’s fury and  it is still raining. Dams are now overflowing adding to the already flooded areas. Some places  where the water had receded and clean-up had started, are now flooded again. Once again there is the blame game and  heated discussions on  flood plains and building houses. From what I remember from geography, large tracts of the Australian Landmass  are classified as “Flood Plains”  including this area  where we currently live.           Why don’t we flood? Well, the levy bank, an extensive storm-water drainage system    and the fact that there are no creeks nor rivers in this area all helps. South Australia is the driest State in Australia.

Thus far we have spent much of this week back and forward to hospitals and spent from 9am to 11:15 am in hospital for tests

Still my boy.

and a consultation. To be fair they were not all for Annabell – one was mine. I had to go for a blood test that required fasting – generally not a concern. However, this time: Annabell had to be at the hospital a 9am for an ECG. Anyway let’s go back a few steps.  My  test required fasting, so I  did not eat after 7pm last night (Wednesday) At 7:30 I was at the camera group meeting, returning home around 9pm. I did some work on the computer for a while.  This morning (Thursday) went out with Benji at 6am, made Annabell’s breakfast then brought my dairy up to date. Left home at 8;30 and took her for her test at 9am. The results of the ECG  were taken to Mr. Alam, the Cardiologist. Then it was my turn.  All in we spent about three hours  at the hospital.  I was just a tad hungry having had nothing to eat since last night, so we stopped off at Hungry Jacks (Burger King in the USA) before going home – and yes, we did get something for the boy. He is still looking after his Mum. We go out for our walk in the morning and when we get back, he waits for me to give him his  breakfast treat and that’s the last I see of him. He goes into Annabell’s room and stays, looking after her until such time as she awakes and gets up.

Monday and today (Tuesday) have been relatively quiet. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head back to the hospital for an EEG and that’s us clear until next Monday when we head off to drive the 477 klms. to Adelaide and her appointment at Flinders on Tuesday. In better times we could have left Tuesday morning and still be in time for the appointment on Tuesday afternoon, but watching the news on Monday night and the traffic backed up for  nearly 10 Port Wakefield because of the roadworks, Monday is the safer bet.

Much of the flooding  in the Eastern States has started to recede but it is still raining.  Certainly not as bad as it was to create the flooding in the first place, but still rain. We

Outside of town. Not much to see.

here in South Australia have had no rain worth talking about although, as a State.  we are still recovering and repairing the damage caused  by our rainstorms a few months ago.  This weekend is the weekend of the State Election, so we have letterboxes full of election   stuff, much of which is taken from the letterbox directly to the recycle bin.

The weather here has been in the mid 30s for much of the last  few days. I still take Benji out and we still go to the Ada Ryan Gardens. As I said before the trees are large and thus the  shade is good for a walk even on the hottest days and there is a dog  watering place as well as a water fountain. The council has provided and maintains the free  barbecues, so at times it can be a

Another pot plant

popular place for a fun family outing.  Once in dim dark days beyond recall, we held Sunday School picnics and outings there – we had games, adventure puzzles, food and drink for adults and children, things that the children had to go and find – and always an adult or two went along with them so they were not alone. They were great, fun filled days. Sadly they are now gone and we have no children at all in the church and,  as I said before, we are in decline. and I  think we only have a few more years before we will close altogether. Annabell was the last Secretary of the Women’s Association, which we had to close  due to lack of ladies to take up office positions.

The family still comer for dinner on a Sunday evening. Thus I have my work cut out. Annabell assists ( changed days she assists me instead of me assisting her) and we get through the evening. Connor (Grandson) can be a bit of a pain at times but that’s what children do As I said, I have not poisoned anyone  – yet…


Gardens, Birds and an Ark.

This Meeting is now in Session!

It’s not that I don’t want to write, the  problem is that I have been doing nothing to write about. Well, that’s not really true as you can imagine, but I rather suspect that  you really don’t want  continual posts discussing the health and well-being of Annabell. I have not been going anywhere – except to hospitals and doctor clinics, –  so I have not a lot to write about.  I have kept up my  daily walks with Benji and they are going well. We are still covering  around 33-37 miles (50 – 60 klms) per week. I have made  what turned out to be a major change in  the  walking system – i.e. the position of the Fitbit.

After  the attack on Benji  in Easter 2021, followed by his operation,  I was using the stroller, I complained to my son that  I was annoyed because using the stroller meant that my arm was not moving so the Fitbit did not register steps. My son  suggested that I strap the thing around my ankle. I was a bit sceptical , but I tried it and it worked. However as soon as I came back home and put the stroller away, I changed back to my wrist  and I never really investigated it. About a couple of weeks ago I decided to investigate the results of having it on my ankle and found that in a week I had increased my steps and my distance overall.  I went from 87,000 steps per week on the wrist to 106,000 steps per week on the ankle. But then, there have been a number of doctor and hospital visits this last week and that built up the steps, so it’s not all due to the change of the Fitbit.

Benji at the Gardens
Ada Ryan Gardens








There have been serious floods in New South Wales and in Queensland. We have friends in Lismore – which was badly hit. The MacDonald’s own a vehicle workshop and garage and with the impending flood they cleared out the workshop and the office. However, there were two cars that could not be moved, so, they got them onto the car lift and raised it to full. They had predicted a 12 metre flood but what they got was 15 metres. It’s still raining and flooding because the  ground is so  waterlogged the rain has nowhere to go. There was some flooding in Adelaide, but nothing on the scale of inter-state. There is more rain predicted this weekend and parts of Sydney are on alert. Concern has been expressed with respect to the flooding and the fact that a good percentage of the houses in parts of Australia and built of what  once was and is starting to be again – a flood-plain. Annabell agreed about not building on a floodplain until I pointed out that this is where are and that is why there is a large levy-bank running the entire length of the town. In fact, when we had the heavy rain for a few days a month or so ago, the water was backed up behind the levy bank and children ( mostly teenagers)  were  using surf boards to play around in the water.

Summer – such as it was – has ended and we are now into Autumn (Fall)   and here we are in day  5  already. Out of all of this there is a sort of silver lining. The  continual rain has filled all the dams and the water catchment area are over-flowing which means that if after this we go into drought  (probably) we will have more than

This cheeky pose is still my favourite.

enough water stored up to cope better than we did last time, so we can keep the restrictions down to a minimum.

Update on Annabell: She is  reasonably well at the moment. She still gets  very tired and  mornings are not the best time of the day. It is  three months today since she had the seizure and we still don’t know what caused it. All the tests thus far are fairly good but her doctors are still doing tests to try and find out the cause. In  two weeks we head back down to Adelaide for consults at Flinders Medical. She has complaining that her computer is playing up so I will use the time down

A life on the Ocean Wave

there in Adelaide to see about a new computer for her. The current one I think  we got from Noah when he had finished navigating the Ark.

Ripples of Random Ramblings

Cockatoos – again.

Days seem to merge into one another and there are times when I am really not sure of what day it is.  Fortunately I have my trusty Filofax to keep me sane. I really do need my diary/organizer, for my appointments and to keep track of all  Annabell’s medical appointments. Annabell refers to it as “John’s Brain” and up to a point she is right. Someone suggested that it would be serious if it was lost.

Emus at the Flinders Ranges

Well, yes and no.. it would be irritating, upsetting, no doubt about that, but not as serious as one would imagine. At the end of the each day I transfer  the contents of the day into  Microsoft Outlook and at the end of each  print everything off so that I have a bound hard copy. Between one thing and another, I have only just  printed off and bound  2021. Normally I would have all this completed but December and January were “interesting” months to say the least.  The garden? Well it was good of you to ask – the flowers are dead but the weeds are doing very nicely, thank you. Getting someone (son) to look after Benji is one thing, but to also do the gardening, is pushing things just a touch  :o)  Never mind, I wasn’t happy with a few things anyway and over the  Autumn (Fall)  I should have the opportunity to rearrange things  differently.  LOL – then it will be time to go back to Adelaide again for the next round…….Ah well, there is always winter. Actually, the only thing that has survived is the Mulberry Bush

We returned from Four days in Adelaide   I partly unpacked, repacked and on Thursday sent off back to Adelaide for a Church Conference, The delays were pretty much the same as they were when we drove down last week. The interesting thing is that the delays were a lot less on the return journey this afternoon (Saturday 12th)

Now, that is a worry.

and I made good time.  Benji was at the door waiting for me and  it took me a while before I could even get near Annabell  :o)  For the rest of the afternoon he watched me like a hawk each time I went out to the car go fetch in my bags. It took him a while but he settled down. Later on after things settled I took him to the Ada Ryan Gardens for a walk.

Nothing stays still for too long.  I am currently talking to Annabell and  expressed my belief that my time as Commissioner to the Presbytery and the General Assembly is coming to an end. This, whilst personal on my part, also effects the church and that’s why I have to take Annabell into account before I make any decision.   Like many Traditional Churches we are in decline, a decline that has been accelerating since the onset of Covid. When I was with Annabell in Adelaide,  the Sunday Service here  had a congregation of 11.  Other churches are also suffering and my information is that the L.D.S. ( Mormons)  which was once a full and active

One of my pot plants

organisation was reduced to 6 members. As the  pandemic decreases we may see an increase in  congregation size as people feel more confident about going out and being with other people. The other problem is that the rules for South Australia require masks indoors and even when singing :  I know that alone has deterred  some people from  attending service, so we may well see  things start to change as the  rules change.  Although, having said that,  I don’t see that happening any time soon. The Sign-in rules have changed for retail so perhaps  the new regulations due out next week will have some new changes in them – the  rules this week do not. There has been more rain and some outback roads are flooded again. The reason being is  that the ground is still waterlogged and the rain has nowhere to go. The police and others have warned drivers  not to drive through moving – over the road – water. It could be stronger than you think it is and the road,  underneath the water,  could be damaged. We are ok down here and the wetlands has benefited from all the extra rain.

Adelaide, Flinders Hospital, Flinders Lodge, Home.

Monday 7th Feb.

Flinders Medical Centre

After four days in Adelaide we arrived hack home yesterday afternoon. The drive down on Thursday was uneventful – the weather fine and the roadworks, irritating and time-consuming. The convoy system in a couple of places was interesting to say the least. The weather was good and we made several stops for refreshments and “comfort” stops for Annabell. We did a small detour to Spotlight for me. I wanted some things but due to the “back to school” sales just about everything I wanted was sold out.  By the time we arrived at

Yup = can agree there.

the Lodge Annabell was starting to “weary” so once booked in and settled into our room, I  got her into bed and let her rest for the rest of the day. We started out at 6:30  and with all the delays and diversions and convoys, it was well into the afternoon before we settled into the Lodge. I had intended to  go into Norwood Shopping centre  but decided against it and let her sleep instead. I pottered about on the laptop. It had been my intention to go to the  kitchen and cook dinner  for us but in the end I decided against it and ordered dinner.  The  Restaurant was closed  and the cooked meals were “take away” which was fine. Overall she had a quiet day and slept well. On Friday were up at 05:30. I had ordered a cab for 06:15 and we went out to the Flinders Hospital. Her appointment for her operation was 07:15, so after booking her and and seeing her settled in the waiting room. I  left and  went to the Marion Shopping Centre. Since the facilities are closed down at the hospital I have  breakfast at Marion. I stayed there from about 7:40 until about 11:30 and expecting her to be ready at about 12(ish) I made my way back to the hospital. I went to the area and was told that she was still in surgery —-Odd!! As it happened I did not collect her until  after 2pm.  When we got back to the Lodge I asked her what happened and she told me that there    were

One Cockatoo

problems in surgery and she did not get taken until almost 11am – so she sat in the waiting room from 7am to 11am. Can’t say I was very impressed about that. In other words, I was making my way back to the hospital and she was still sitting in the waiting room. Anyway, that’s us for three months – our next appointment sometime in May.

I left her resting for most of Friday then went down to the guest kitchen and cooked  dinner for us. There are tables

Three Cockatoos

and chairs in there so I set the able for us – she chatted – I cooked.. LOL it’s been nearly six weeks and I haven’t managed to poison anyone – yet…….

One of the things I love about the Flinders Lodge is that there is a park across the road and that park is home to a host of Golden Crested Cockatoos. In the evening when they gather they  start flying over here to the lodge. We are not supposed to feed them and I think I did mention that last time, but it is difficult when they are so lovely and looking to be hand fed. Well, ok – I broke the rules — again…

Saturday and I  waited until she was awake and had breakfast then  caught a but to Norwood Shopping Centre and did some needed shopping. During this time the hospital telephoned so I told the nurse where I was and  asked her- nicely – if she could call back to half an hour to give me time to get back. It being Saturday and busses  far between, I  took a taxi back to the lodge and waited for flinders to call back – which they did and spoke to Annabell.. Later on in the afternoon, I walked to Mile End – a bit away – to Bunnings.  Didn’;t see anything I wanted so I walked back to the Lodge. I cooked dinner for us and we settled down for the night. I pottered around on the laptop and she watched TV.

Sunday and back up at 5:30. Packed and loaded the car sorted everything out, tidied up the room and l=closed the door, leaving the keys in the room as instructed. By 6:30 we were on our wat home. We stopped for breakfast at Wakefield, then coffee at Port Pirie. We also made a stop at Port Augusta because I wanted some things from the

Still my Happy Boy!

shops. As it happened, they too were sold out because of the “Back to School” sales. About 50 minutes after that we were being attacked by a four legged brown monster who was more than happy to see his  peepel home – particularly his “mum”. So there you are, that was our trip to the Hospital at Adelaide. It’s a long drive down and back and means  accommodation for the two of us but that’s were the

“Innovations in Cancer” centre is. It’s not too bad and I can manage and I really don’t mind the driving.

If you look at the image with the single cockatoo and look to the left you will see a maroon car with a red sticker – that’s our car. Behind the head of the bird you will see an area with a white face – that’s the Guest Kitchen.

Floods, Hospital and Wetlands.

Some of the serious damage north of here

Today was a really good, warm day after the weather of the last  week.  The government has announced that restrictions are to be

Wetlands, before the storms.

lifted and sign-in  rules scrapped. Still no change on masks but that will probably be next.   Here in South Australia Covid cases continue to decline and we are now below 1400 cases a day with 246 in hospital. We had a telephone call from Flinders and we will be  going to Adelaide next Thursday for the Day Surgery on Friday. Flinders will call again on Tuesday with the final instructions. It is possible that she may have to see the doctor in person in which case we will leave on Wednesday but we wont know about that until Tuesday and I will be ready to leave on Wednesday if required.

In the post I wrote and sent off the other day,  I did mention that there was  major infrastructural damage to road and rail lines – this afternoon the State Government has declared a Major Emergency  to  deal with the structural damaged caused by the storms. Don’t know how this will work, but I expect it will give the State Govt. some extra powers to cope with what has happened. As I said I have never seen anything like this before. Yes we have had rain and a few storms but this beats all. We had another small storm in the early hours of this morning – nothing too great but loud – I know because it seemed to be right outside my window and  woke me up at 2am. By the time I got settled back down, I closed off the alarm clock, so no walk this morning. Since Benji was quite happy sleeping, I don’t think he was too fussed.

At the far end of Robinson Street, is the Pit which probably has some fancy name like “Strom Water Catchment Area” but it’s still a pit some 20 feet deep. This is not only filled to the brim but is overflowing.  We have storm water drains and the water from these  drain into a channel which in turns  drains into the Spencer Gulf – at least it does in this

The Pit.

area. In other areas the storm water  drains through garbage catchment filters

Life sure is tough!

into the Wetlands. And before you say anything, yes, there are notices everywhere  warning people to stay out of the water. This side of the fence is the end of the town and beyond is bushland, so the area of the pit is fenced off. If the boom had continued, this land would have been taken up and built on, but the Mining Boom ended and so did the house construction.

Anyway, it’s nice to simply have a day off and I don’t think either of us suffered.  Still we did go out on a few errands and he was quite happy sitting in the front seat of the car with his harness on. I said before he is most definitely not a “head out of the window” kind of dog and is quite happy to  curl up in the seat and watch  what I am doing and from time to time I reach across and scratch his head.  Annabell has not had such a good day. There are a couple of concerns but she is still improving and we take things a day at a time.    I  am ashamed and sad to say that I am really not the most patient of people but I am trying ( sometimes very trying!!)  Depending on how Annabell is, I may take Benji for a wander  around the Wetlands and take my camera with me.  I have not been out with the camera for some time, so  I think it’s overdue an outing and it has been a while since we were at the wetlands anyway.