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Traveling again / warm to cold weather

The drive to Adelaide was uneventful – a good drive in warm to hot weather. The car played up a little bit but then it seemed to sort itself out and was ok for much of the weekend. I did get to the new Pet Supply Shop that I had seen on my last visit and I did manage to get a collapsible silicone water bowl for Benji. This can stay in my bag for when we go out and the weather is warm and he needs a drink. I hope we get use of  it because considering the cost, we need to get lots of water in it. Generally, when I am heading to Mount Gambier, I stay in

Grain Silos at Coonalpyn

Adelaide at South Terrace, but due to a change it times I decided to push through to Murray Bridge and stayed there for the night.  The meeting didn’t start until 12 noon so in essence I had  four hours to get from Murray Bridge to Mount Gambier – too easy  ( HA!!)   The problem is that the GPS told me one thing – like the distance and the time needed to get there, what it does not tell me is road conditions, small towns all along the way that require speed reductions, fuel stop, and I got there in time to grab a drink before the meeting began.  This is the first time I have tried going via Murray Bridge  and I found it stressful to worry about time whilst driving. I should spend time thinking about the meeting- not the time it’s taking me to drive there. You are probably thinking that I am going senile in that I have driven to Mount Gambier often enough in the last few years, I should know all these little places.   Yes – that’s very true, but then I was driving to  Mount Gambier  and it  wasn’t an issue – this time I was driving to a timetable and that was an issue because these places were causing me to slow down and that was taking up time. Anyway, that’s it for M.G until May of 2018. The next meeting will be in Adelaide in February.

The Remembrance Service at the Memorial was quite different this year in that it was attended by over 200 Officer Cadets from the Defense Force Academy who are here to  complete live exercises as the final set of exercises before they return to Canberra for their final exams. I was not at the service, but I was told all about it when I arrived back home.

A number of farming towns have organised an artist to paint their grain silos. Coonalpyn was the first in South Australia and depicts the youth of the town. Other areas are taking this idea up but as far as I am aware it is not a cheap option and there’s not a lot of change from $85,000.

Relaxing on the swing.

Yogi has settled in back at home. I spoke to  Jim and he tells me that Yogi was just a bit stressed. Odd because he’s been here a few times and he has always been fine. But he is getting older and that could be a factor, but he and Benji get on well together.  Last time he was here, the WaWa was still with us, so perhaps he missed the WaWa. On the subject of the WaWa – never heard a  word from Sooah after she and her husband left with the dog.

Since I came back from Mount Gambier the weather has been cold, wet and windy – wind not so much, but definitely  cold and wet. We had a good week of really nice warm weather but that’s well and truly gone for the time being.   I know you can have an “Indian Summer” but can you have an “Indian Winter”?   The Cadets are out and about and yesterday evening I  was blocked from going on my walk with Benji and had to come back and go a different way – they were undertaking an exercise. I understand there was a “car explosion”and the  “Army”was deployed to secure the area – not that we got to see much because the area was blocked off.

This afternoon I have an appointment with my Cardiologist , so that should take a good part of the afternoon – drive to the hospital, have ECG, wait , wait, go, ten minutes with  himself, leave, take Annabell to library.  Quiet afternoon, really. Not that I could do much outside – too  cold. Still summer and warm weather can’t be too far away.





This is so true..


On the road again…

I think my email box is smoking.

It’s been a very busy week between RFDS Minutes, arranging fundraising, writing up applications on behalf of the RFDS (Standard forms)  and getting them into council, mail flooding in from Mount Gambier, Church Insurance Papers from Queensland, mail from Queensland. Over and above tree branches threatening to come down, unable to get tree people to come out, and more mail from Queensland. I know “What’s this got to do with anything?” you ask, well nothing, really other than to illustrate that between all these things, the last draft, which should never have been posted, was. It was only a draft, that’s why there was no heading.  All I can say is that I must have pushed the publish button instead of the  Save Draft button. Half of this mail has nothing to do with me – it’s all  Treasurer mail that should go elsewhere, but it all gets sent to me. (long story)

The last two days have been days of high winds and the branches have remained in place. Still having difficulty getting getting anyone to come and have a look. Part of the reason that some of the tree and garden people have opted to not do this is that the new government fees and regulations make things difficult for the small operator. At the moment there is still

Not great but it gives you an idea of my daily walk at the moment

wind but it is light and not cold so the branches are quite safe for the time being. In my morning walks we see Kangaroos almost every day, but unlike Victorian Kangaroos, ours are pretty skittish. I turn a bend and there are four in front of me just standing there about 10 – 12 feet away. I slowly put my hand inside my jacket and bring out my phone. I slowly set it and all this while the Roos are standing watching me, but they don’t move. I slowly raise the camera to my eye —– and they are off. It’s so frustrating and the photographs I

Not a movement this time.

do get are not good or clear. I can understand their taking off if Benji barked at them, but he does not and I don’t threaten them in any way.  THEN….. just to show everyone that I tell fibs – the Roos, actually  stood still this morning (Saturday) and I was able to take a few not too bad photographs. We continued on our walk and got to the end, turned and started for home, the Roos lifted their heads but never moved as we walk away.

The new owners of Arrium – GFG Liberty Alliance – have announced a $750 Million spend over the next five years to start to bring the plant and equipment up to world standard. Finally, the State Government have announced that construction of the by-pass lanes on the Eyre highway will start in January. Of course, they did say that it would start in September, but that never happened, so I will wait and see what happens this time.

This weekend I set off to Mount Gambier. It had been my intention to stay overnight at Tailem Bend, but everything there is booked out for  a large wedding – well it’s not a big place. So  I ended up booking a hotel in Murray Bridge – only twenty minutes of a difference. This is Remembrance Weekend and the meeting is being held on Remembrance  Day. I will not make it back in time for our service, so provided Elizabeth are doing a service I’ll go over Elizabeth and then head home from there. I should be home sometime Sunday afternoon.  The

Yogi – Our friend’s dog

mornings are still a bit cool here,  but according to the weather people this weekend should be warm to very warm – 32c Friday ; 34c Saturday and 35c Sunday. Should be a nice weekend.  Yogi is still here but he should be going back home tomorrow. He’s no trouble at all and as I said, he and Benji get on well together and walking both of them in the morning is quite fun.






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If the Titanic Sank in 2016