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Toward the Final Curtain S

Time Trials

I have tried to join the Photography Club and although I have been on two outings with them, things seemed to have conspired against me and I have not – as yet – managed to

Splash & Bounce

attend a meeting and make everything official. I enjoy photography although I will be the first to admit that I am not all that good at it – but I would like to be. The two outings I have been were at the Ada Ryan Gardens and Foreshore – looking at contrasts and shapes, and the Cyclist Time Trials for which I had to get a new SD Card- a 64GB Extreme Pro for  action photographs. I was shown on the day how to adjust the camera settings for movement. I’m getting there.. Probably not be a John Marsh or a Samantha Grant, but getting better – slowly. Hopefully, provided nothing goes awry, I should be able to make the next meeting, pay the fee and be a member.

As I said the other day Autumn arrived with a 35c day but the weather has gone downhill since then and today it’s raining and quite cool. Not a day for going out and about although it did stay dry when I was out with the dogs this morning.  I have been organising a Fundraising event for the RFDS on this coming Saturday (7th) I have one team whilst another team is  at a Football Match at Bennett Oval . Generally I would be at the football but this was a last minute request from one of our Hardware Stores and we need to look after them. A big, main stream Football Match between two main stream football teams only comes once in a blue moon, but the hardware stores are here  all the time.. We have a good reputation with them and I don’t believe

One of the Bouncy Castles
The last rider

that we should risk that.

Have been back to hospital these last few days – not for Annabell. Thank you for your concerns, Annabell is well. No, one of our “older” congregation members had a serious fall. Generally when one mentions  a fall in relation to age the next words  refer to hips, or spine, but not this time. This time it seems she has  broken her collar bone and her arm. We are waiting for a bed to be available at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the RFDS will be called in to transport her to Adelaide. The only surgeon we have here is not able to do anything so she needs specialist care and surgery in Adelaide.

Dougal and Benji

On 19th March I head off to Adelaide for two days and part of the visit will be to the RFDS Central

Benji at the back gate

Operations HQ. I have to meet with some people and collect some things and bring them up here. Nothing special, really, I just happened to be going to Adelaide anyway, so I said I would drop over to the Airport and pick the things up. I will be taking my camera with me so it will give me ample time to play with it over the two days.  Someone put a photograph  of the lighthouse on line, , only they went out late at night and took a terrific photograph of the lighthouse in the dark with the top of the lighthouse lit up. I took some photographs of the dogs, which I thought came out quite well. The reason for the closed gate is that Benji pays no attention to the dogs on the other side of the fence, but Dougal does and that starts a barking match,  When Dougal comes I close the gate and restrict movement from the different areas.

I took the dogs to the wetlands today with the  intention of feeding the geese. Took  a fair amount of birdseed with me but to no avail, the geese were gone. I looked at different areas but no sign of them, which was a bit sad. I hope they come back next season. If the Council are so concerned with tourists visiting the town, they should spend some money to upgrade the wetlands – particularly the toilets, which are not very nice. Anyway, here we are in Autumn (Fall) but although it is ( as Monica suggested )” Dark o’Clock ” even now our clocks do not go back until 5th April so we are in morning darkness for the next  few months.


Toward the Final Curtain R

The Area Hospital

We have not had to visit doctor, clinic or the hospital for the last nine days, which is good. Annabell is still tired and somewhat lethargic, but generally brightens up as the day progresses. She is really not a morning person at the best of times. When  it gets light in the morning, I go out to the garage armed with, mobile phone, house phone (cordless) and  the bell. This way

Built 1883 and manned for 90 years.

the ringing of any one of the  three wont waken her. Before I do that, however, I fill the kettle and set out her breakfast.

It is now thirteen days since Dougal came for a visit. I understand that there is still some serious concerns over Sam’s health. The RFDS were brought in and Sam was moved to the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The initial understanding is that a cut he ignored went septic and he had blood poisoning. However, what I heard recently is that  a tumor was found in his heart – next to his pacemaker. The family were called to the RAH to discuss the situation and the fact that Sam is not  strong enough to undergo surgery. So they are down there and I have Dougal – for how long is anyone’s guess. Not that Dougal is any problem. We look after him, but I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for him – he is here and not knowing where his people are. At the moment he is  “sleeping” beside me, next to the desk.

One of the wading pools

I was looking for places to go for a day trip and someone suggested Warren Gorge about 170 klms. North-East from here. I was shown some photographs and I thought that would be a nice drive. So I checked it out only to discover that it is wholly within the boundary of the  National Park, which does not allow dogs. The idea was – after Dougal goes home – to take Benji on a day trip. I would pack food, water, some extra treats, the gas burner, coffee and sweetener and generally have a picnic – me and the Benji. However, since I  Warren Gorge is out for the moment, I will most likely take Benji and Dougla for a picnic to the Lighthouse – which is only 50 klms. away – and leave Warren Gorge for some other time. Today being the last day of summer, it was a really nice day to take a trip to the lighthouse. I have to say though, I was a bit disappointed that the water tap that was attached to the

Benji & Dougal at the Lighthouse

wall of the  facilities block, has been removed and I for

got to take a bottle of water with me, so I didn’t have a drink either. Anyway, we wandered around for a bit then started for home, although I did take a run along Cuttlefish Drive to check if Council had upgraded the facilities – like the wetlands- not a lot.

What we do have this weekend is the “Splash & Bounce” children’s playground. These are bouncy castles and  splashing ponds for children -they are  bigger than anything I have ever seen and they take up most of Civic Park. I thought the entry fee was a bit “pricey” in that it was $30 per child for a three hour visit. Adults are free since they are not allowed to go on to the bouncy castles or the wading pools. I also noticed that shade areas had been set up, which is good because there is no shade in Civic Park. The dogs were not with me when I went to Civic Park and I suppose, really, considering what is on offer and the range of equipment available, perhaps the cost is not as “pricey”as I suggested – not too sure

One of the larger splash and bounce castles.

about that. However, despite my misgivings about price structure, I think this was a great success and from what I saw the children were having a great time. Well that’s that! Summer is “officially” over and today (Sunday 1st March) is the first day of Autumn (Fall)  It’s been the most waste of time summer that I can remember. Half the time too hot to do anything and the other half trying to  recover from the extreme heat. February has always been the hottest month of summer but not this year – this year February came  early with the bushfires. It is a summer that will long be remembered but for all the wrong reasons.

Toward the Final Curtain Q

Part of Victoria Square, Adelaide

I have been away since Friday attending a meeting of the Presbytery. It was announced to the meeting that a former Moderator, who last attended a meeting ( hale and hearty I might add) in August of 2019. had died. There was no indication of what was to come when he attended in August of last year. In the November meeting we were informed that he was ill and then the news that it was an aggressive brain cancer. He stabilized over Christmas and New Year but at the beginning of this month (February) he was rushed into hospital as the cancer had become more aggressive.  Sadly, it was terminal and he died on 13th February. We expect his funeral to be sometime this week, so I may be heading off to Adelaide again. Ok well that’s Plan A but I have the feeling that I may have to activate Plan B, which is to submit an apology and stay here instead.

When I got home on Saturday evening I  said my “hello” to Benji and then got Annabell in the car and up to the Emergency Dept at the Hospital. She had been unwell all day and was in some discomfort. She has an UTI and was in a bit of pain. She was seen to fairly quickly and after some tests and samples, she was given medication to last her until today. I have made the appointment with the doctor so we’ll see what happens, but this is happening much too often and we really have to get to the cause of the problem. Why did I have to

They are still around.

take her to hospital??? Because she put up with the discomfort all day and never called anyone, not even one of the boys. They could have had her up at the hospital  during the day . But she said, she didn’t want to cause a concern so she suffered until I got home. She worries me!! At the moment she is sleeping. She got up and showered early in case we were able to get a very early appointment. However as it is an afternoon appointment, she has gone for a rest and a bit of a sleep. We have spent the last week either at the doctor,  the clinic for blood tests or the hospital for particular medication. We have the weekend off and we start again first thing on Monday morning. Since I wrote all that a week ago, we have spent most of the week travelling back and forth to doctors, blood tests and hospital.  It seems her potassium levels were off the chart and that really concerned the doctor so we have spent the week working on getting that back down to normal. I was unaware of the

The Area Hospital

dangers of high potassium – I’m not anymore!! Tomorrow is, as I said, Monday again and we start a new week and see what that brings

Prior to leaving for Adelaide I  listened to the weather forecast which was for rain, thunderstorms and possibly hail for Adelaide, so I put a raincoat on the back seat. The drive down to Port Wakefield was great – traffic was light and the weather was good. The weather in Adelaide was excellent, about 33c and no sign of any rain. When you go to a foreign country there are always somethings you miss from the “Old Country” For us Scottish people it is the very simple things in life – Scotch Pies, Potato Scones, Ayrshire Bacon, and Lorne  Sausages, Irn Bru and Lees Macaroon Bars  Well, there is a butcher that does make these but he is miles away from the centre of Adelaide. However, having contacted him I was told that he supplies Continental Foods in Salisbury Shopping Centre and the same company in Ingle Farm Shopping Centre  both of which are within easy reach. From where I was, Salisbury was closer – and yes, I got everything I wanted and packed it into a Cooler with Ice Blocks. Continental Foods, so I was also able to get Lees Macaroon Bars – mind you, just about had to take out a bank loan for them.

I did not get to the funeral. It had been organised for Saturday – a private family funeral and a Memorial Service in the afternoon.  Apart from the fact that I needed to get home for the service on Sunday. I had arrangements this week and next week with the RFDS, I also wanted to be here just in case we had to go to the hospital again.  Sad I was not able to attend, but these things do happen.