Washing Day again

Over the weekend my son and I drove to Adelaide (478 klms) and went out to Ikea and Bunnings. John bought  some nice chests of drawers and I bought a walnut bench for my office. From Ikea we drove to Bunnings and I bought the 12 meters of green outdoor carpet that I wanted for the washing line area as well as a new timber doghouse. I also discovered that the new clothes line will not fit into the old system so it looks as if I am going to have to dig the old  section out of the ground and cement a new one in its place. This could take a while. Anyway  driving to Adelaide was not  an indulgence and I had to go to Adelaide  for a conference on Saturday morning, so we thought we might as well take the trailer and  kill two birds with one stone – so to speak. There is a service station and food place about halfway between Whyalla and Adelaide. It’s called  The Tin Man and it’s sort of an unofficial meeting place. On Saturday as John and I drove home we stopped at the Tin Man for fuel.  I was just paying for the fuel when my other son walked in. He and his friends were going down to Adelaide for a concert and the friends wanted to know if this was an arranged family reunion :o) Yes, all round it was an interesting weekend. I built the new house for Chienna last night and she seems to be accepting that although I think the little man has his eyes on it.

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