Moving Forward

The way this house is situated it would be difficult to get a forklift under the carport let alone a machine that can till the soil. I would have difficulty finding space for 5 hens, let alone 30.  Some of the sites that I have visited on the assumption that I might learn something  are all interesting and very readable, but they are farms and mini-farms and not related to the trials and tribulations of a suburban garden. The previous owner of this house had a thing about the soil – he intensely disliked it. I say that because  everything is either covered in concrete or tiled brick.

As a consolation prize my son called up and offered to take us out to lunch at Cafe Primo in Port Augusta. Unfortunately Herself has to chair a meeting so Andrew and I are going on our own. And no, we can’t postpone since he heads off up north in the morning and we won’t see him again for another ten days. I’ll take the opportunity to drop into Stratoc – Port Augusta and have a look for the pine sleepers that I want. Can’t get them if they have but at least I’ll know one way or the other. When I come back I’ll start to worry that cement block again.

There we are – the hardware shop has the timber pine sleepers back in so I can load up the trailer tomorrow and get started at the weekend. That saves me a trip back through to Port Augusta. By the middle of next week I should have all the edging done and be reach for the treated chips. I’ not sure what I ant to do with the inside section. I was thinking roses, but I may not go that way. I did have a look at some flowers in the new garden catalogue but it remains to be seen if we ever get them here.

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