It Begins!

The test results yesterday were  clear and the infection is starting to clear up, so the  doctor being so cautious was justified. I don’t think either of us could go through the MRSA period again.  I have just come back from Adelaide and I should not have to go back down again until June. The next meeting will be held  in Port Augusta which is only fifty miles away – leave in the morning and be back sometime shortly after lunch. It’s less than an hour away.

This afternoon I will rip out the old metal edging and start to lay the new treated pine sleepers. – Ok I have ripped out the old edging and started to dig in the new edging. I have 22 meters to do and  I have managed 7.5 meters. The reason for the little work is that I didn’t start until min afternoon, by which time it was hot out there. Besides a 2.4 meter, 50cm thick block of pine is a tad on the heavy side in this heat.  The 7 meters about 1.5 feet to go - but I have it worried.laid was as much as I could do before the heat started to get to me. Still, it could be worse – high summer heat is around 40c. It’s 32c at the moment.  I did manage to attack the cement block  for a little while yesterday and I can start to see some movement. I haven’t got it out yet – but I have it worried…

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