Dogs, rain and Weather Presenters.

The Maltese Terrorist

Some time go I remember reading a page in which Wednesday was always referred to as ” Wet Wednesday” and I stared to look at a Wednesday here. I was  amused to find that it generally  is not the best day of the week as regards to weather. For us it means that by Wednesday the rotten weather off the West Australian coast has made its way across country and is now here. In essence, we look at Perth and that gives some kind of idea what our weather will be like in a couple of days. Anyway, it’s Wednesday and it’s raining. Was a nice day yesterday too but unfortunately, I was working.

I was asked if I was interested in a Kindle Fire and at first I was but having looked into it, I believe I will stick with my Kindle Touch manly because it is not tiring on the eyes even if you have been reading for a while – which I do.

One of the pages I follow said that she had her first harvest despite the fact that half of her garden has been under water for a bit.  Her area in England has just had so much rain. We have not been quite that bad  but we too had had more than our fair share. I would be more than happy to give  one part of our rain share to Ethiopia, or some place like that, yet on the news last night they said that we can “look forward” to about 50mm over the next few days “”and we certainly need the rain””. I  have always had doubts about the sanity of the Channel 7  presenters.

The dogs have been in early these last few nights. I  think it’s been as cold for them as it has been for us and there is still a full month of winter yet to go. My little man could do with a bath but it’s too cold at the moment so I  will leave him for the time being. Because of the rain and the dampness we have not been out walking as often as I would like so I guess, like humans, they put on a bit of weight over the winter. Both of the dogs have been with me for ten years now and I still get surprised with their antics at times, but I think that’s what living with dogs is all about.

Do you have to point that thing at me?

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