Not friendly – definitely not friendly

The Maltese Terrorist

Last week  the weather was lovely and I was working outside again. It came as something of a shock to the system when the weather took a severe turn for the worse and brought it storms, rain, hail and cold. Definitely not friendly weather.  In fact it was so cold it snowed in the Adelaide hills and the northern Flinders ranges. Further to the east communities were cut off  by heavy snow falls. And just in case you are wondering, this is Australia and this is mid-spring. Thursday was really bad and then on Friday, the front cleared away, the sun came out and it was warm and sunny again. It’s been a very busy week – Monday I was working in the garden at the new clothes line area – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  I have already mentioned, Friday I had to drive to Port Lincoln  –  about 165 miles east of here. We, my son and I, went down there to pick up his new mobile (cell) phone. The closest office of the company he is contracted with  (as am I) is in Port Lincoln. Saturday I was at the Civic Park all day  running a fundraising event for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. On the following Tuesday I was again fundraising at a Government Sponsored Jobs and Skills Expo. The Gov. wanted the food to be free so they asked us to put on a Barbecue and they would pay for everything, plus give us a fee for the day.  It was a great event, well attended and we were very busy.

When I came home I was told by my wife that one of our dear friends had died in Adelaide. On Wednesday I  organised things that I needed to do,packed the case and set off to  – picking up a dog to take down to be taken to his new mummy and her “forever” home.  The poor foster mummy was all tears as we settled her  (the dog that is) into the car.  Five hours later, with two walks and pit stops and a drink, we arrived at  the area where we were to meet and I handed the dog over to her new mummy.  The dog was happy  and the new owner looked very happy, so I think they will get on well together. The dogs name was Violet and she was a real sweety.

Do you have to point that thing at me?

The funeral was on Friday morning and after lunch I started heading back home. I was home just before 6pm. The following morning I was on the move again, this time 80 klms to Port Augusta for a meeting, which lasted until 1:30. I had the rest of the day to myself – wasn’t that nice?  All being well I should not have to be moving again until early December and a meeting in Seacliff – about 450 klms away.   I am starting to get just a tad worried about the ‘Terrorist”. My wife said that last time I left he went into his house and didn’t move out for two days and just refused to eat. When I came back I took his dinner and sat down on the floor with him until he had finished it. He worries me at times.  Fierce – heck no in order to be fierce you have to have teeth and he has none. He is a rescue dog who we believe was abused and although the vet did what he could , we just could not save his teeth and they were removed.  He generally eats pretty well but for some reason this last while back he seems to mope when I go out of town. He has our other dog and the family but it seems that’s not enough at times. The odd thing was that after his teeth were removed and he started to recover he took on a new lease of life. Probably  the result of not being poisoned by rotting teeth.

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