Lakes, Parks and Forest Fires.

Glenmaggie Area

I finally spoke to the people at the garden centre to try and identify the tree outside the house and  it would appear to be a “Paperbark”, so called because  the bark peels off like sheets of paper.  I decided to consult the  Garden Shop people after someone suggested that rather than a tree it could be one leg of a giant ogre with severe dermatitis. I considered this and became concerned that it could be something that’s escaped from the Forest of Fangorn and just on the remote possibility that this might be so, I thought I had better be nice to it. I have problems enough without a  bunch of irritated ents  throwing socking great boulders everywhere. This  could upset the neighbours, not to mention frighten the horses.

I did hope by this time I would know what I was doing for the remainder of the week – going to Adelaide or not – but things are not going according to plan. Ok,  they may be going to some plan – just not mine.  I had a virus in my  office PC and I lost a lot of my files. I decided that it was probably time I-upgraded the PC anyway. This computer I am currently using is a MacBook – so no virus here. However, there are just some things I cannot view on here even with a parallels system. ( running Windows on a Mac) The temperature is heating up again and I have no intentions of wandering around the streets of Adelaide in a 43c day when I don’t have to.  Herself has suggested that I delay it until next Monday and go down then. I was thinking about Friday but I have a dental appointment – and since it is the last one so I feel I should be there rather than re-schedule.

The weather climbed to 44c here yesterday after building up for several days. The dogs were  inside for most of that time. We just make sure that hey are cool and have plenty of water. Apart from beds, I have water containers all over the place. At the moment there are two major fires burning out of control – one in the  Bundaleer Forest, some 160 klms from here and the other in South-eastern Victoria. This is the more serious one and the residents of the town of Glenmaggie have been told that it is now too late to leave since the fire front is moving too quickly. Glenmaggie is a small town (pop. 450) on the shore of Lake Gelnmaggie . The Bundaleer Forest  here in South Australia,  is one of the oldest National Parks in Australia and it is believed to be one of the most beautiful.  There are over 250 firefighters, 50 water tankers and three water bombers fighting that one.