RFDS and a quiet week

DSC01444I planted them, fed them and the rain watered them – I have neither looked at them nor gave them any attention since. Well, they are still alive, so I suppose that’s something. I’ll wait and see what happens. They are arid lands plants so they should be able to survive although I have my doubts about this soil of mine. I am beginning to think that the previous owners made the soil sterile because there were no plants or grass or anything green when we bought the place – just horrible dirty black  redgum chips everywhere and lots of concrete. The area that I have  “rescued” was one of the areas that had the redgum chips and no plants

I did send in an apology for this weekend.  think I have done enough travelling for the moment and I will be in Adelaide for the last week of this month. A week away from home and I would like to have one of my dogs with me but I’m sure Herself will look after them. It would be nice company but I don’t think the hotel would be all that impressed. Well, ok – it’s not the other side of the planet,  only 280 miles away, but still and all – I’m your actual ” Homie”  and although I do not mind the  occasional trips to the city, five days is pushing it a bit  :o)

Today (Thursday) I am at the Airport for a Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Open Day.  One of the medical aircraft will be flying in and  guests will be shown around the aircraft, talk to medical personnel,   and have  lunch. Our  support group here have raised $125,000 over the last four years, which is enough to equip an aircraft with the necessary medical equipment. I think we have done well for such a small group of people. It is the 85th Anniversary of the Service and there will be a presentation with invited guests including the Mayor and members of the council.  Other than this, a quiet week, for which I am thankful.DSC01422

The dogs are well  and the little man has been incredibly energetic these last few days. We have been out for walks and I have not had to carry him once. Although I think the morning is the best time of day for him. Alan is back in hospital again and from what I hear, not too good.

As it happens I will most likely be seven days away. The scheduled by-monthly conference takes place on Saturday 1st. June, so it seems to me to be somewhat pointless to drive 280 miles home on Thursday to drive 280 miles back again on the Friday, then drive 280 miles home on the Saturday afternoon – 840 miles driving for no really good reason – not to mention the fuel costs.

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